Rare Blood

Vampire Knight. Zero X Female OC. OC replaces Yuki, but there is no Kaname drama involved... yet.


8. Bliss (Lemon!)

Zero winced slightly at the pain, but ignored it, knowing that this was what Rui needed. She drank from him for several minutes before pulling upward. Zero didn't feel weak; Rui hadn't taken enough to make him stumble. Sitting up, he lifted a finger and softly wiped his blood from Rui's mouth.

"I-  I'm so sorry Zero. I shouldn't have done that," she stuttered.

"It's okay. I'm not even weak. But there is something I'd like to do before we go to bed," Zero said.

"What is it?" Rui asked, confused.


Zero leaned forwards and softly kissed Rui on the lips. Rui stiffened, as it was unexpected to her. But she soon melted into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Zero. He did the same, and the pair blissfully made out on the edge of the bed. Zero lightly tapped Rui's lips with his tongue, asking for entrance. Rui opened her mouth slightly, giving him permission to enter. Their tongues danced, his caressing hers. Rui softly moaned in pleasure, making Zero grin into the kiss. Zero laid her back down on the bed, ensnaring Rui in his arms. He didn't try to take off her clothes, knowing she wasn't ready. Zero held her close, and the two fell asleep cuddling each other.

The next morning, Rui woke to find Zero still holding her. She smiled, and snuggled into Zero's bare chest. Because of this, she accidentally woke him up. Zero released Rui from her entrapment and got out of bed. Rui followed, and they both got ready for their first Night Class. They arrived just on the nick of time, the tardy bell ringing right as they sat down next to each other. Rui noticed that Kaname seemed just a tad irritated. He didn't make any rude comments, and his face remained completely monotone. But even so, one of the windows got a small crack without anything hitting it, and half of Wild's pencils were continuously breaking. After class, Rui went up to Kaname to ask him about it.

"Why would you think that I'm angry?" Kaname asked upon her inquiry.

"Well, unless windows can get cracks by themselves and Wild just has an extremely firm grip, you lost control of your powers," Rui said, busting him.

Kaname sighed. "Alright. I am a little on edge,"

"No shit, Sherlock. So, what about?"

"It's personal. I can't really tell you," Kaname said.

She rolled her eyes. "That's fine. It isn't my business anyways. I'll see you later, Kaname,"

Rui did want to know why Kaname was frustrated, but he didn't want her to know. It wasn't her decision, so Rui ran to catch up with Zero to walk back to the Moon Dormitory together.


"Hey. So, what were you talking to Kaname about?" Zero asked, curious.

"He seemed a little on edge, so I asked him why. He didn't tell me anything though, but that's fine," Rui answered.

"Yeah, I noticed the crack in the window and half of Wild's pencils breaking,"

They talked some more before each going to work on their homework. Rui was working on a bunch of Algebra problems while Zero worked on an essay. Once they were both done, It was late morning and both Rui and Zero were exhausted. Zero took a quick shower, Rui doing the same once he was done. Soon the couple were snuggling in bed, fast asleep.

The two got to sleep in the next night, happy that it was the weekend. A little before noon, Zero woke to find Rui doing schoolwork. Zero gave her a quick peck on the cheek before attending to his own pile of work. They only stopped to get food and bathroom breaks. But when the sun started to rise, they both rejoiced.

"Thank god, we can finally stop," Rui said.

"I know, right? I think we're getting more work than we were before!" Zero complained.

He turned towards her, kissing her roughly on the lips. Wrapping their arms around each other, they happily made out. After awhile, Zero pulled away. Rui saw him eyeing her collar hungrily, so she slowly pulled off her jacket and unbuttoned her shirt. Letting her top fall to the ground, Rui pulled Zero towards her. She laid down on their bed with Zero on top of her, looking into his eyes. Zero bent down and bit into her neck, getting a taste of her nectary blood. He only took a small amount, not wanting to weaken her for what was to come next. Wiping the blood off his mouth, Zero kissed and nibbled her neck. He made a path down to her breasts, asking Rui for permission to take off her bra. Rui nodded, and Zero unclipped the flimsy fabric easily.

Wanting to give her pleasure, Zero sucked on her right nipple while gently squeezing her left breast. Rui moaned in pleasure, asking for more. Soon he switched over to her left breast, wanting to give them equal attention. After a while, Rui pulled Zero up, kissing him softly. She pulled off his shirt and massaged his body. Her hands made their way down to his pants, unzipping and pulling them down. She pulled down his boxers and his erect length sprung out. Zero's eyes widened, suddenly subconscious. Rui smiled, and started to kiss him again. She softly stroked his member, eliciting loud groans from Zero. Rui leaned him against the headboard, sneaking down in between his legs. Spreading them, she licked the tip of Zero's length, causing him to shudder and moan in pleasure. Rui continued to lick, becoming addicted to the salty-sweet taste of his pre-cum. She started to put him in her mouth, sucking and licking everywhere. Zero was in pure ecstasy, not wanting to stop the feeling ever. Soon Rui's mouth was filled with Zero's cum. She swallowed as much as possible, loving the taste.

Rui had made Zero feel amazing, so he knew it was his turn to make her feel the same. Flipping them over so that Zero was on top, he pulled Rui's pants down. Rubbing her through her panties, he felt her soaking nether regions. After a while, he slid down Rui's lacy underwear. Zero stuck one, then two fingers inside of her, making her buck in pleasure. He slid in and out, rubbing the spots she would like. Zero slid down to her lower region, taking out his fingers and replacing them with his tongue. He licked every part of her insides, and Rui howled in ecstasy. He used his fingers to rub her vaginal area, and soon, she came. Zero swallowed her cum like Rui had before positioning himself near her entrance.

"Are you sure that you want this?" Zero asked.

Rui nodded, and Zero slowly pushed himself in. It was Rui's first time, but it barely hurt. The small amount of pain she felt was immediately drowned out by pure ecstasy. Soon she was okay for Zero to move, and he started slowly moving in and out. The both of them moaned in pleasure, but Rui needed more.

"Harder," Rui said in between pants.

"Sorry, what?" Zero teased.


"I can't understand you. What do you want me to do?'

Rui wanted, needed more from Zero. "Fuck me harder, Zero!" She whined.

Zero complied, and he started thrusting at an inhuman speed. The moans and groans from the two of them became full on screams of pleasure. Zero and Rui came at the same time, coming down from their highs in bliss. Zero rolled over, and the both of them fell asleep.

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