So Wrong but feels so right?..

Taylor dad just got married to Zach clayton's mom. They are home alone for a month. what will happen? read to find out.


1. warning

Hi. this is just a warning to tell you if you dont like things thats gonna happen dont read it. This is a Step sibling love relationship. if you wanna be in it let me know coz i need somebody to play Taylor's Fake best friend who is just her friend to get close to zach.

Taylor Ray:

17 years old 

loves to shop and watch Netflix shows like Bates motel and Riverdale

hates people who cant do their makeup. just plain annoying people

dances and sings but to shy to post a video of her doing it.

Her step mom Apryll Ray:

her dad  Adam Ray: 

her step brother Zach Clayton: 

let me know who wants to be the fake best friend! can be boy or girl!

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