Would You Run Away?

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2017
  • Updated: 1 Nov 2017
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What would happen if a monster falls in love with a human? And the human loves him back, not knowing his darkest secret?


6. Chapter 6


       My head throbbed as I opened my eyes. The room I was in was dark. Cold air swept past me and I shivered. When I tried to move my legs, I noticed that I was tied to a chair. Tension rose in me and I fidgeted, trying  to free myself. But the ropes that held me prisoner were too strong to untie. My eyes stung as tears ran down my cheek. My heart was racing and I couldn't breathe. Negative thoughts tangled up in my head. 

      "ANYONE! HELP!" I screamed, in hope that someone heard me. Someone did indeed hear me, but not to help.

     "Oh? Look who decided to wake up. Morning, sunshine." I heard someone say. The room was dark, but I knew someone was walking towards me from the sound of their footsteps. I held my breath, staying silent. 

     "You don't have to be shy in front of me, you know. I'm not going to hurt you, maybe." the stranger said. A cold hand found it's way to my neck. I kept myself from flinching. But I couldn't help my heart from beating so loudly.

     "You know, I can hear your heart. Every beat. Thump-thump, thump-thump, thump- thump." the guy said said, whispering as he leaned in closer. My head was spinning in confusion.

     "W- what do you mean? That's crazy... inhuman! You can't just hear someone's heartbeat!" I said. He just laughed. 

     "Well, I'm assuming that Yoongi didn't tell you then." the stranger said and moved away from me. Shock ran through me when I heard Yoongi's name. 

      "Yoongi? And tell me what?" I asked. I didn't expect an answer though. The guy came up to me again and showed his face in the moonlight. I could finally see what he looked like. He had black eyes that looked dry. They looked emotional less. His hair was tied back into a man bun. His lips wore a small smirk.

      "You are really stupid, aren't you? There was obviously a reason that Yoongi left you. And this is the reason why." the guy said. I gulped and stared at his eyes. He opened his mouth wide open. I gasped at what I saw. His teeth were all crooked and yellow. But very sharp. Two of his teeth pointed out like fangs. 

      "What the hell!? What the fuck? Is this some kind of joke!?" I yelled. The guy chuckled and grabbed my hair, pulling it, making me face him. He leaned in closer until our faces were centimeters away. 

      "Joke? Nah. This is reality. Your preciou little Yoongi is just the same. He's a monster, just like me." he said and lowered his head to my neck. I could feel his breath. 

      "W- what are y- you doing?" I said in panic. The guy just glanced at me and smiled. 

      "I'm having my dinner." he said. He leaned in closer and opened his mouth, revealing his glass like teeth. My eyes went wide and I tried to move back.

       "Get away from him, Bo- Yeon!" a familiar voice screamed. The guy I assume is 'Bo- Yeon', moved away fro me, closing his mouth. When he stepped aside, I saw who my 'knight in shining armor' was. My eyes went wide when I saw who it was.

       "Yoongi!?" I yelled. In front of me, Yoongi was staring at Bo- Yeon with fierce eyes. He was holding a small gem, about the size of a pinball. I felt lightheaded and Yoongi looked at me. His eyes went from those filled with anger, to those with a sadness. He looked at my hideous scar. I looked away from him. I didn't want to see him, but I was happy that I did.

      "You finally arrived, Yoongi. I was waiting for you. But you were taking too long and I was starving." Bo- Yeon said and walked behind me. Yoongi stepped forward. I sat still, not wanting to trigger anyone. 

      "Leave him alone. He has nothing to do with any of this." Yoongi said and walked closer. Bo- Yeon gave him an angry look and pointed at me with a knife.

      "He is the reason for all of this! You know that we can't have relationships with humans! So why break the rules and make our pack suffer!?" Bo- Yeon yelled. I flinched because of how loud he was. His voice still echoed in my ear. 

      "Alright! I admit it! I was being a fool when I met him! I was stupid to fall into his trap!" Yoongi yelled, but didn't look at me. My heart sank and I closed my eyes.

      "No! I won't accept it! Not until you kill him in front of me!" Bo- Yeon yelled. That caught my attention. I looked at Yoongi, who glanced at me and sighed.

      "I can't. No way is that happening." he finally said. Bo- Yeon chuckled and walked closer to me. 

      "I was actually hoping you'd say that." Bo- Yeon said. He held my head and tilted it, revealing more of my neck. Yoongi looked at him in shock. Bo- Yeon brought his mouth closer to my neck. I trembled as I saw his teeth come out of his gums. 

      "No! Stop!" Yoongi yelled and ran towards us. But before he got to me, I felt a sharp pain go through my neck.

      "AHH!" I shrieked in pain. My vision was going blurry and red. My neck was throbbing. It felt like my life was being sucked out of me. Yoongi stopped in front of me, staring at us in horror. His mouth was slightly agape. Tears glistened in his eyes. 

     I could still feel Bo- Yeon sucking on my neck. It fell like I was falling. Down a deep, deep hole. But it wasn't dark. It was all fuzzy but bright. There were a lot of sounds in my head. You could say... ecstasy? 

     "Bo- Yeon!" I heard Yoongi yell. My head began throbbing from the sounds in my head and Yoongi screaming. Footsteps could be heard running towards me. I felt Bo- Yeon's teeth get pulled out. The hallucinations suddenly ended. I was back to reality. I heard someone being pushed to a wall. I looked back as far as I could to see Yoongi punching Bo- Yeon. He was just smiling the whole time. Yoongi on the other hand, had a pissed look on his face.

     I recognised that expression. I remembered when I told him about Min- Jun. My head spun at the thought of him. I wanted to break down and cry, let myself loose. I looked away from Yoongi and shut my eyes. I could feel the hot tears roll down my face. 

     "H-eh! You can hurt me all you want, hyung! But your little slut is already gone! He's no longer human!" Bo- Yeon yelled between Yoongi punching him. I got lightheaded from that comment. 

     "What the fuck do you mean!? Not human!? Are you mad!?" I yelled in frustration. Yoongi stopped hitting Bo- Yeon, but didn't look at me. Bo- Yeon chuckled softly.

     "Not my place to say. Yoongi hyung will tell you everything. Won't you, hyung?" he said. Yoongi jumped up and kicked him, finally shutting him up, permanently. He turned his face to me and ran.

      "Yoongi!" I yelled as he sat in front of me. I didn't know if I was supposed to be happy or be confused. Yoongi quickly untied me. I instantly hugged him.

      "Hoseok! I'm so sorry! I- I didn't want this to happen to you!" Yoongi whispered into my ear, ruffling my hair. I moved my head far enough so that I was looking at him, but still had my arms around him. 

      "W- what do you mean? I-it's just a b-bite, right? W- whats happening?" I asked Yoongi and my head started to spin. Yoongi grabbed my face and looked me in the eye. His eyes were bloodshot red. 

      "I am really sorry..." he said and my vision went black.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HEY EVERYBODY!!!!! SORRY I HAVENT UPDATED IN A WHILE!!!!!! I was trying to find out how long i want this to continue and then decide what to do from there. But here it is! I will try to post another chapter either later today or tomorrow!!!!! HOPE YOU enjoyed reading this and see you guys in the next chapter!!!!!!

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