Would You Run Away?

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2017
  • Updated: 1 Nov 2017
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What would happen if a monster falls in love with a human? And the human loves him back, not knowing his darkest secret?


5. Chapter 5


      I was slowly walking down the street from Hoseok's apartment. I looked back to look at it once more. The place looked peaceful. I almost wanted to go back and say I'm sorry once more. I wanted to stay with him, more than anything. But. if Hoseok finds out he's living with a monster, he'll hate me. Let alone love me anymore. 

     "Don't look back, Yoongi. Don't! You made the choice of leaving, you'll live with it." I said to myself. I looked away from Hoseok's window and walked away. I didn't want to change my mind and go back. I'm a monster, the same one you'd fear in the night. And Hoseok was a human, who you could befriend and not worry about. I was the moon and he was the light.

     "But... aren't they meant for each other?" I mentally asked myself. My eyes shot open and I glanced backwards. The apartment building felt like it was calling me towards it. Even though I wasn't moving, it felt like the building was getting bigger and bigger. My body felt hot and sweat trailed down my forehead. I shut my eyes for a second and reopened them. Everything was back to normal. But the guilt of leaving Hoseok got heavier. I ran back to the apartments. The day was still young so people were going in and out. I covered my nose from all those smells of the different humans. I walked to Hoseok's room. The door was open and the lights were on. I knocked on the door.

     "Hello? Hoseok? Listen, I really need to talk to you." I said loudly into the room. But I got no response. I walked in and went to his bedroom. Empty.

     "Hoseok!" I yelled for him. As I thought, silence. I tried to call his phone, but there wasn't any reply. I started to get worried and walked back to the living room. That's when I noticed a few different smells. It wasn't just one smell, not just Hoseok's. But... other werewolves. My heart started to race when I figured out that the strongest scent... was of Dong- Woo.

     He despised humans. He would do anything for a human meat on his plate. He especially went after the ones other werewolves got close to, as a reminder that we should never form a bond between them. My head felt light and I was about to faint. Dong-Woo could be gulping down Hoseoks heart for all I know! 

     I ran out of the room and didn't stop until I was in the woods. My pack was scattered around, resting for a few nights. I paced around the area in search of Dong- Woo. He was nowhere to be found. My heart sank and I tried to follow his scent. I ran in the direction my nose lead me. I didn't notice how deep I got into the woods until I couldn't keep up Dong- Woo's scent. I looked around the place to look for any sign of Hoseok. 

     "HOSEOK!" I yelled into the air. There was silence for a while. I heard a soft chuckling and I looked back and saw my one and only living foe. 

     "Well would you look at this. The humans saviour is here." Dong- Woo said. I glared at him and my hands turned into fists. Dong Woo noticed and smirked.

     "You think you can hurt me? With those petty paws."  he said. My blood boiled as he emphasized 'paws.' My vision went red and I could feel my head spinning. It felt like someone was beating my head with a bat over and over again. I tried to forget the pain but that made it worse. A ringing sound echoed in my ear. I put my hands over my ears, wanting the sound to go away. I felt my nails grow longer, my teeth get sharper, and my hearing sensitivity go up. All the sounds I could hear made me feel like I was going crazy.

     "Tch! This is a pain. I thought you'd feel guilty about what you did and find the guts to fight me. But I guess not." Dong Woo said in disappointment. I curled my fingers to make a shape of a hook. 

     "There's no point in fighting you. Cause all I have to do is kill you and get to Hoseok." I said and stepped closer to Dong Woo. He smiled and cracked his knuckles.

      "Now that's the Yoongi I know. Fight for Hoseok! But you'll never get him back!" Dong Woo yelled and ran to me. He pushed me with all of his force. But I stood where I was.

     "What? Is that all you've got?" I teased Dong Woo. He growled at me and scratched my face with his nails. A sharp pain shot through my cheeks. I touched my face and saw blood. 

     "You fight like a child." I said and grabbed his collar. He glared at me with pure bloodlust. I pushed him back, making him hit a tree. He slammed to the floor and started to cough up blood. Dong Woo instantly got up and put his fists up. 

      "How come you're so powerful now!? Last time I fought you, your mother came to fix you up! It doesn't make any sense!" Dong Woo yelled and wiped blood from his lip. I smirked to myself. 

      "So, the alpha of this pack is going to give up? Back away with his tail in between his legs?" I laughed. Dong Woo formed a fist with his hand. He jumped up and tried to punch him. But I dodged every time. When he tried again, I grabbed his fist and turned his arm sideways. A loud crack sound was heard.

      "AHHH!!! YOU LITTLE-" Dong Woo yelled. But before he could finish, I dug my hand into his chest, and ripped out his heart. Dong Woo fell to the floor, eyes wide open. I stared at the still beating heart. I squeezed it and the tainted heart turned to ashes. I looked up as the wind took the ashes with it, signaling my victory. I looked at the still body in front of me. I stepped over it and continued onward.

      "I will save Hoseok, even if it means killing a few of my own." I mumbled to myself and followed a faint smell of what could be the scent of Hoseok.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEY EVERYBODY!!! Here is Chapter 5!!!! Where I live, it's almost 12 am! But I wanted to publish this before I sleep!! Also, please make sure to take a look at my newest mumble titled "Q&A! MAYBE!" It talks about a few things! And please let me know if you want to be co author for my next movella after this! Read the directions on my other mumble! Please and thank you!!!!!

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