Would You Run Away?

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2017
  • Updated: 1 Nov 2017
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What would happen if a monster falls in love with a human? And the human loves him back, not knowing his darkest secret?


4. Chapter 4


       I was laying on my bed, sun beaming in my face, when I could smell something from the kitchen. At first, it smelled good. I could almost taste the smell. But, that didn't last for long. That sweet smelling aroma turned into something burned. The foul smell hurt my nose. I got out of bed and walked out.

     "Ahh!" Yoongi yelled before I got to the small kitchen. I looked to see what was wrong. On the counter in front of Yoongi, there was plate with food on it. It appeared to be pancakes with syrup on top. To the side, two burned eggs stared at the ceiling. 

     "Yoongi?" I said cautiously, making sure I didn't startle him. Yoongi jumped and looked at me. 

    "H- Hoseok!? Ah! D- don't look!" he yelled and stood in front of the counter. I sighed, but couldn't help it and laughed.

    "S- stop laughing! It's not funny! I... I really tried... I promise..." Yoongi mumbled. I walked over to Yoongi and put my hands on his shoulder, making him look at me.

   "I'm sorry, Yoongi. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. If it makes you feel any better, I'll be more than happy to eat... the food you made." I said and glanced at the counter. 

   "No! Don't eat it! Just leave it alone. I'll discard of it later." Yoongi said loudly. He looked down at the floor, embarrassed by his failed attempt to make breakfast. He had a light blush in his cheeks. A small pout was plastered on his face. 

      "All I wanted to do was make you something. You did so much for me. I thought... that I could do something for you. But I can't do anything as much as make you breakfast. I'm sorry." Yoongi apologized. I shook my head.

     "It's okay. I get the message that you want to do something for me. But, if you still want to do something, you can do it another day." I said and smiled at him. But Yoongi had a sad look on his face.

      "No. I... I'm leaving tonight. I can't just invade your personal space like this. I appreciate what you did for me. But, i have to leave. And I'm not coming back." Yoongi said and took off the apron that I didn't notice he was wearing. I started to panic.

     "Yyou're leaving? You can stay! I don't mind! I really enjoy your company!" I said, trying to convince him to stay. I didn't want him to leave. My heart was beating fast. I thought that I might have a heart attack. 

    "I'm sorry for leaving on such a short notice. But, I've stayed for too long. And I'm sure you have better friends. Why not hang out with them?" Yoongi said and started to put his jacket on. I felt really sad and angry at the same time.

    "Because I like you, okay? Is it really that hard to see!? All this time... all this time, I was wondering if you could see. I wanted you to know that I liked you. Ever since you knocked on my door, my whole world changed! You make me feel things I want to forget!" I yelled at Yoongi. He was facing away from me, so I couldn't see his reaction. But he wasn't moving. He was standing still. 

    "Forget those feelings, Hoseok. Because it's impossible to love me. No matter how I feel the same way, things will never work out between us. I'm sorry." he said without looking back. My eyes shot open at what he said. 

   "H- hold on... y- you l-like m-me too?" I managed to say through shock. I felt a speck of hope in my heart. I hoped that he would stay. That he wouldn't leave and be with me. But that hope left me when Yoongi spoke.

   "That doesn't matter. I'm leaving. I really am sorry." Yoongi said and started to walk. I ran after him and pulled him back. I pushed him against the door and looked him in the eye.

   "How could you say that!? You say you're sorry but then get ready to leave! And... you leave without even looking back!" I yelled at him. I had so many emotions going through me at the moment. I needed Yoongi to see that I need him. Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut.

   "I knew it was a mistake. The moment you dropped the roses. The moment I saw decided to run after you. I should've stayed away." Yoongi whispered. I let go of him and sat down on the floor. I put my head in my legs and folded my arms.

    "...Just go away..." I mumbled. I could feel tears coming down my cheek.

    "I'm sorry, Hoseok. But there are better people for you. I don't deserve you. You deserve a lot better than me." Yoongi said to me and slowly walked out the door. I sat in the empty room. My sobs were the only thing keeping me sane. I lifted my head and sniffed. I just stared at the floor with no emotion. People were walking past my door. But a few of them didn't leave. I ignored them, thinking that they'll leave. But they didn't

     "Get him!" I heard one of them say. I instantly looked up to see three men standing in front of me. Two of them grabbed me by my arms and dragged me up.

    "What the fuck? Let me go!" I yelled at them. I tried to pull away but their grip was too strong. And I didn't have much muscle on me. 

     "Now why would we do that? After all the trouble we spent finding you." the man who wasn't holding me said. I looked at him. He had a dark brown eyes and light brown hair. He was wearing a big smirk on his face. 

     "What do you want from me?" I asked them. They just laughed.

     "You are associated with Yoongi. We can't have anyone interfering him." the same guy said. My heart raced at the mention of him.

     "Not anymore! He left! And he's not coming back! Not... anymore." I said. But one of the guys put a handkerchief over my mouth. I lost sense of everything and fainted.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! I finally got a chapter updated! I was planning on posting the weekend... but... yeah! I'll try to post another one by Saturday or Sunday! OH YEAH! If you haven't already seen my mumble called "CO-AUTHOR" than I'll tell you about it. Once I'm done writing this story (Which will go on for a little while so don't worry), I was planning on writing another one! I still don't know what the book is going to be about but if you want to be a Co- Author, then please DM my IG! Tell me a lil about yourself and why you would like to be a Co Author! My IG is 'xm.bae'! PLEASE DM ME IF YOU HAVE ANY INTERESTING IDEAS AS WELL! Please and thank you!

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