Would You Run Away?

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2017
  • Updated: 1 Nov 2017
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What would happen if a monster falls in love with a human? And the human loves him back, not knowing his darkest secret?


3. Chapter 3


     By the time we got to Hoseok's house, he was already asleep. I picked him up and took him inside. I quietly opened the door to his apartment and stepped inside. I put him on the bed, being mindful of the cups of coffee on the floor.  I removed his shoes and his socks. I rubbed his head and moved my arm. I stepped back, but Hoseok grabbed my arm.

    "Don't go. Not yet. Please stay." he said quietly. I gently moved Hoseok over and laid down next him. I looked him in the eyes. 

    "Don't stare at me, you're making me blush." he joked and covered his face. I laughed and moved his hands from his face. I smiled at him.

    "Goodnight, Hoseok." I said and waited for him to fall asleep.

     After a few hours, I made sure Hoseok fell asleep. I quietly opened the door and left. I was still angry at that bastard for hurting Hoseok. But why? Why did I care so much about him? Confusion and pain ran through me and my stomach started to hurt. I ran into the woods to make sure no one saw me. 

   My body hurt as it started to transform. My teeth got sharper. My nails grew longer. The sensitivity in my ears got stronger. I could hear the faintest breathing. My feet were so large that they ripped my shoes. Muscle and extra hair grew on my upper body. I got taller than I already was. Total summary: I looked like a monster. 

     "Aaoo!" I yelled into the night. The moon was staring at me in the face. I started to run through the woods, towards Min- Jun's house. I sprinted faster and faster as I thought of Hoseok. He made my heart beat. He made me feel things I can't. One of them being- love.

      I finally made it to the house. The same front view of the house taunted me. I ran behind the house, looking for a way in. I found a window that leads straight into the bedroom. I started to climb up the brick walls. I quietly got in and looked inside. In the bed in front of me, Min- Jun and his girlfriend were sleeping. Anger bubbled inside of me and dug my fist into his stomach. I waited for him to wake up in pain and shout. Soon enough, his eyes shot open and he screamed.

    "AAAHHH!" he yelled. He looked at me and screamed louder. His screams woke up the girl. She looked at me and screamed at well. Their shrieks hurt my head. I quickly slit the girls throat with my other hand. Her screams were cut off. The guy looked at me in horror.

   "P-please... d-don't kill m-me." he begged ashe started to cough up blood. laughed at his plead.

   "This is what you get for hurting my friend." I said and bit his neck. Blood spurt everywhere as I removed a chunk of flesh. I swallowed the meat and licked my lips. Although he tasted rotten, it was better than hurting good people. I cut open his stomach and ate his guts. I saved the heart for last. When I was full, I transformed back to human form. I removed the blood from my mouth. Thankfully, my clothes weren't as bad as I thought.

   The sky was a blushing red color. I smiled at myself with satisfaction. But that satisfaction went away when I heard my phone ring. I checked to see who it was. I frowned as I read the name.

   "What do you want, Dong- Woo?" I asked in a annoyed tone. 

   "I'm going to forget that you gave me that attitude. Anyways, the pack needs you back. We're having a feast tonight." Dong- Woo said with a mischievous tone. Having a feast with the pack was not a good thing. Unless you consider feasting upon a bunch of humans a good thing.

    "Count me out. I'm good for this time." I said and hung up the phone. The only people I would eat are those who have a bad deed. My mind traveled to Hoseok. I scrolled through my contact until I found his name. I hit 'call' and waited for him to pick up. I called a few times, but he didn't pick up. I got worried and I started to run towards his house. 

    Now that it was day time, people were moving in and out of places. I stumbled into the apartment building and ran to Hoseoks room. Without knocking, I barged in. 

    "Ahh!" Hoseok yelled at first. I put my hands up in defense.

   "It's just me! It's Yoongi!" I shouted, making sure Hoseok heard me. He stopped yelling and stared at me. He sighed and walked over to me.

   "You're finally back." he whispered into my ear and he hugged me. I hugged him back and smiled. I let go and moved back. Hoseok gave me a confused look.

    "W-why are your clothes ripped up like that? And why is there blood on them!?" Hoseok yelled in confusion. I panicked and looked at my clothes. I was so busy thinking about Hoseok that I didn't even check to make sure if there was any trail of Min- Jun on me. I tried to come up with an excuse.

     "Uhm. I- I went out... for... a walk. Yeah! And then these guys just come up to me and start forcing me to take out my wallet. I- I said no... and... they started to beat me up. And my wallets gone too." I said, trying to sound as convincing as possible. Hoseok sighed and grabbed my arm.

     "Well, I'm glad you're safe. Here, you can take a bath in here. I'm not working tomorrow, so I'll be here the whole day. You can stay if you want to." he said. I nodded my head. 

    "Thank you, Hoseok." I said and closed the bathroom door. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty. I filled the bath with water and removed my clothes. I stepped into the water and sat down. The water felt warm and nice. My head felt light and I thought I'd fall asleep. But I kept my head above the water and washed myself. 

    After I was done, I got out of the bath and wrapped a towel around my lower body. I ran my hand through my hair and left the bathroom.

    "Hoseok? I'm out. But I don't have any clothes." I said and walked into the living room. He wasn't there.

   "Huh? Oh! In here!" I heard him yell. I walked into his bedroom. Hoseok was standing in front of what I assumed was his closet. I walked in and Hoseok handed me some clothes.

    "These are some clothes that I don't wear anymore." he said and left the room. I closed the door and changed into the clothes. They were a little big on me, but they felt comfortable. I left the room and went back to the living room. Hoseok was playing with a string in his shirt, but looked at me when I sat down. 

    "Oh. Hey, they actually fit you all right. I was afraid that they wouldn't." he said and gave me a small smile. The same feeling of guilt grew. He didn't know what he was taking care of. He didn't know that I killed Min- Jun. He didn't know... who I was. 

    "Yeah... thanks. I really appreciate this. Even though it's only been a few weeks that we know each other, I'm glad that I met you." I said and smiled back. My eyes felt droopy and heavy. Guessing that Hoseok realised, he walked up to me.

    "Here. you can sleep in my bed. I'll manage on the floor." he said and guided me back to his room.

    "I couldn't! I mean, after all you've done for me, now you want me to sleep on your bed. No, you sleep on your bed, and I'll sleep on the floor." I suggested and pushed Hoseok to his bed.

    "Why would I let my guest sleep on the floor? Here." Hoseok said and got in the bed. He pulled me in next to him.

    "Huh? What are you doing?" I asked him as he made himself comfy.

   "What does it look like? We both are on the bed, no one is on the floor. It's a win- win." he said and smiled. I sighed and closed mt eyes. He was right. The bed was a lot more cozy than sleeping on dirt floors.

   "Goodnight, Yoongi." Hoseok said and turned the lights off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HEY GUYS AND GALS!!!!! IT"S MEEE!!! I BACK!!!! I'm sorry for taking so long to write this. I was lazy and didn't feel well. I might only be posting on the weekends. I write a little everyday and then post on the weekends. Please bear with me!!!!! I will try to make this a good story. Better then Why Us!! Which you should go read if you haven't already!!!! I tried my best with that! And please ignore any mistakes!!!! I tried to fix as many as I could find!!! Thank you!!!! See ya'll in the next chapter!!!! 

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