Would You Run Away?

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2017
  • Updated: 1 Nov 2017
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What would happen if a monster falls in love with a human? And the human loves him back, not knowing his darkest secret?


1. Chapter 1


      After a long day, my pack decided that we should rest for midnight. I walked with one of the group members.

     "So, how many did you kill?" Jung- Min asked me. I glanced at him and frowned. I hadn't killed anyone today. I didn't want to.

    "Many. You?" I lied. I didn't want to seem weak in front of my pack. Since I was the youngest one, they would always pick on me.

    "Hmm. More than I can remember." Jung- Min said. I nodded my head and walked slower, hoping he would get tired of me and run away. 

    "Yoongi!" I heard someone yell. I looked back and saw one of my pack member. She was the only girl in the group other than my mother. 

    "Ah! Ha-Na!" I said with excitement. My heart raced as she came closer. If you can tell, I might have a slight crush on her. 

    "I finally caught up to you guys! How are you?" she said while gasping for air. 

    "I'm fi-" I was about to say when Dong- Woo interrupted me.

    "Ha- Na! Why are you talking to Yoongi?" he said while giving me a stare. 

    "Dong-Woo!" Ha-Na said happily. She went on her tiptoes and kissed Dong-Woo. My heart sank as I turned away. Ha-Na and Dong-Woo didn't notice me. 

    The rest of the pack were laying on the ground. They were leaning against the trees, resting until midnight. That's when we strike again. I walked out away from the group and stumbled across an opening. From here, you could see the human world. Everyone were talking to each other, having fun. It kind of made me jealous.

     I skimmed the area until my eyes landed on one person. He was holding a small bouquet of roses. Though he was smiling, he looked a little nervous. He twiddled with his thumbs for a few minutes. After a few moments, the guy was starting to look sad. He dropped the bouquet and wiped his eyes. A few people were staring at him as he ran away. My eyes followed him until he was only a speck. I looked back at the roses on the floor. At first, I chose to ignore, thinking that I'll never see that man again. But I found myself making my way out of the forest, onto the streets of the city. I picked up the flowers and stared at them. I looked in the direction the guy ran. I sniffed the flowers to get his scent. He smelled like candy. I started to run while keeping his scent. 

     After a few minutes of running, the scent stopped in front of a small apartment building. I opened the door and looked around. There were a bunch of people in the room. It was making me feel dizzy. All these different smells of the human, it was too strong. I ran into the nearest bathroom. I put the roses on the floor and bent over to throw up into the toilet. Once I was done, I flushed the toilet and washed my face. I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were a little red from irritation. 

    "Why did I want to come here again?" I asked myself as I picked up the flowers. The same smell of the candy filled my nose. But it wasn't too strong. It was light and easy on the nose. I smiled and exited the room. Now, the room was a little less full and I was able to walk around. I followed the scent of the candy and found myself in front of a door. 

    "Room 142? All right, here I go." I said and hesitantly ringed the bell. There wasn't any sound for a few seconds. I thought that he wasn't home and was about to turn around when the door opened. My heart started to beat quickly as I saw the familiar face from before. He was wearing a tight short sleeve which showed his abs. I tried not to blush and looked away.

   "Why do have those?" he asked me. He had a slightly deep voice. I looked down at the flowers and back up at him.

   "Oh, um. I s-saw what h-happened,um, and I just t-thought I m-might give these b-back." I said, trying my best not to look him in the eye. The man in front of me stared at me before speaking.

    "Would you like to come in?" he said. I looked at him in confusion.

   "M-me? You want me to c-come in?" I stuttered. 

   "Well, do you anyone else around?" he asked. I looked around and shook my head. He stepped aside a little for me to fit through. But the space was a little small. When I walked in, my body brushed past his. I kept my blush down and set the roses on the counter. The apartment was clean. There was a small bedroom at the end of the hallway. The bathroom was behind it. The kitchen was small and part of the living room. 

   "Please, make yourself comfortable." he said and sat down. I took a seat next to him. The same sweet smell filled my nose. 

   "I'm sorry, I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Jung Hoseok. You?" he said. 

  "M-Min Yoongi." I replied. 

  "Well, it was nice to meet you, Yoongi." he said and put his hand out. I shivered as I heard Hoseok say my name. I gave him a smile and shook his hand. I glanced at the time and saw that it was almost 11. 

   "Oh! Will you look at the time! I'm sorry I bothered you at such a late time!" I said and got up.

   "Huh? You're leaving already? Can't you stay a little longer?" Hoseok said while pouting. I grinned at his face. 

   "I'm sorry, I have to pick up my sister from my aunts." I lied. I didn't have a sister. The only females I knew were my mother and Ha- Na. 

   "Oh, okay. Well, it was nice talking to you. Thank you, Yoongi." Hoseok said and opened the door for me. I smiled at him and exited the room. I looked back to see if he wanted to say anything else. To my surprise, Hoseok looked sad. 

    "Here, let me borrow this quickly." I said and grabbed his phone from his pocket. I dialed my number into his phone and named myself 'LilYoongs.' I gave the phone back to Hoseok and winked.

   "LilYoongs? I like that. I'll call you later." he said and smiled. But this smile was bright. Like he actually meant it, as if he were really happy. He said 'bye' and closed the door. I turned away and sighed. Finally, I was able to breathe. The smell of candy left as I walked out the apartment. I looked back and up to the windows. Hoseok was standing there, waving as I saw him. I laughed and walked away, after waving back at him. 

    Once I was back into the forest, my pack was gone. I sat on the dirty floor and stretched. My head was aching from all those humans next to me. But I couldn't get Hoseok out of my head. A little smile formed on my lips as I closed my eyes. 

   "Look at this. The little baby of the group showed up." I heard someone say. I opened my eyes to see a tall man next to me. I recognized him as Dong- Woo. 

   "Tch. Leave me alone, Dong- Woo." I said in a cold manner. Dong- Woo grabbed me by the collar and brought me closer.

  "Excuse me? Are you giving me attitude? I am the alpha of this pack and you will respect me!" he said as he showed his sharp teeth. I looked straight at him and growled. Dong- Woo growled back and threw me back. My back hit a tree and I fell on the floor. Dong- Woo came up to me and sat on top of me. He started to punch my face. 

   "Dong- Woo! Stop this right now!" I heard my mother yell behind us. She ran up us and pushed Dong- Woo off of me. I pulled me up and stood in front of me. 

   "How dare you hit my son!" she yelled and looked at me. She ran her hand over my bruised eye and the pain instantly stopped. I smiled at her and she left. I looked at Dong- Woo, who was getting a scolding from Ha- Na. I smirked and left.

   "Being the baby of the group has it's perks." I said to myself. I went back to the opening where I saw Hoseok. I stared at the stars and fell asleep, hungry yet again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEY GUYS AND GALS!!! It's mee!!! I hope you liked the first chapter of this story!!! I really enjoyed making Why Us and I wanted to continue writing for you guys!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!!!!

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