Our Struggles

This story and its idea belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved.
October 10, 2017


2. Two

By the time we got to Rixy’s camp, the setting sun had already turned into dusk and darkness. “Rixy! Your back!” Two girls ran up to Rixy and greeted her as if she had been gone for days. One of the girls peered behind Rixy and straight at me. “Who is that?” Both girls asked. “Oh, guys this is Divine! Divine these are my two friends Whinne and Jessabelle.” I looked at the two girls and couldn't help but stare. Based on how they looked, which was completely different from each other, it would seem they don't get along. Jessabelle had long, straight brown hair. She had a lot of freckles and wore a brown strapped shirt, with long black pants. I turned and looked at Whinne. Whinne had wavy, dirty blond hair and had bluish-green eyes. She wore a beige dress that hung all the way down to her knees. “Is something wrong Divine?” Rixy asked me. “Huh? Oh! Sorry, just kinda let my mind wonder. Nice to meet you both.” “And you too.” Jessabelle and Whinne said together. 
Whinne turned to Rixy and asked, “So, Rixy, where were you?” She asked before Jessabelle added in, “You've been gone for the past two days. Got an explanation?” “Nope.” Rixy responded. ‘So she was missing.’ I thought to myself. “Has anything big happened while I was gone?” Rixy asked them. “Well… sorta.” Whinne started. “Scouts have been spotted by the cliffs in the woods, and we think they're starting to send out more and more scouts to check the area.” “Hmm.” Rixy hummed to herself in an unusual way. 
“Um, hello? Remember me?” I spoke aloud to remind them that they weren't alone. “I almost forgot about you!” Rixy said. “Touching. Well I really am curious about what's going on around here but I really have to get to Sedeveil.” “Are you crazy!?” Whinne grabbed my tight and slightly shook me around. “Why would  want to go there!? That's the heart of our problem!” She let go of me. “I agreed that I would take her there.” Rixy told the girls. “You what!?” “First off, I can make my own choices. Second, you can stop yelling. Third, you guys are coming too.” Whinne moped and slouched due to the news. Jessabelle seemed to not care, and I was getting more and more curious about Sedeveil.
“Alright, well I'll take first watch.” Jessabelle said as she sat down on a log. She reached over to her right and picked up two stones and started to hit them against the other. “Oh and we are getting low on food.” Whinne pointed out. “But there should be enough for tonight and only tonight if we include her.” She added. “Thank you Whinne.” Rixy said, she turned to me and told me, “You should get some rest.”
 Rixy pointed to a small gap between to large trees and told me that was where they would rest and then told me that I should rest until the food was ready. So I walked over to the little (emphasis on the little) tent and squeezed myself inside. I looked around and saw three sleeping bags and three pillows. That was it, and the sleeping bags were cramped together giving no space for sleep. “Yay.” I (un)excitedly said to myself. 
I sat down on the unsurfaced floor and began to think about the journey ahead. “You should probably tell your sister about the news.” Whinne said to me as she squeezed herself through the thin cracks between the trees and the tent. “Oh, Whinne, hey. What do you mean?” “Well I'm assuming that you're original plan wasn't what it is now. So maybe you should tell your sister the new plan so she doesn't go and worry.” Whinne suggested. “How did you know I had a sister?” I asked her. “Rixy. She use to talk about you a lot.” “Used to?” “Well yah. But like any good story, it's gotta end eventually.” Whinne told me. “And… the fact that you’re a firearm was really surprising when I first heard they were still alive.” Whinne looked at me deeply. As if she envied everything about me. “Well… sorta. When I had Serenity, I lost control of my power. Sort goes by my emotions. Sometimes when I re-active my power I can control it, but I can't control myself.” “So when you're in rage.” “Yah. Control of my power went to Serenity, and even though she hasn't come in touch with her gift yet, I know she will master it well.” I said ending the awkward moment. But the awkward silence went on.


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