Our Struggles

This story and its idea belongs to the author Mistopia. All rights reserved.
October 10, 2017


1. One

There I sat, in the middle of a cave, in the middle of a cursed snowstorm, finding myself closer and closer to the crackling fire. I had been stranded in the storm for days… or had it been weeks? My tell of time was becoming unreliable. My mind kept wondering, and often I found myself thinking “Why? Why do I continue?” Then I kept finding myself answering my own question over and over again. “For her.” I would think. I wanted the snowstorm to pass so I could see my family again. Blaming myself for almost everything, why I was in the storm in the first place, my supplies that where very scarce, my confidence, I was losing sight of hope.

A few days earlier

    “So, mom, are you still going to Sedeveil?” Serenity frantically asked me. “Yes, Nity, I still am.” Nity was nickname I had given Serenity, my daughter, at a young age. “I still want to come.” Serenity pouted. I looked at her sternly. “But mom! Sedeveil is the most popular, gorgeous, biggest place in the whole Archtain! It's a must go place! Filled with so many different types of people!” “You’re not going Serenity. That is my final word.” Serenity slouched in her chair, giving up on trying to have me bring her along. Affina, my sister, walked into the room as I got up from the couch and grabbed a box to start packing for my trip. “Besides I'm not leaving for a couple of days. Maybe if you’re good I'll bring something back for you.” I told Serenity. “Hey Divine.” Affina greeted me. “Hi.” “Thanks again for agreeing to watch Serenity while I’m out.” I thanked her. 

“Don’t mention it! I love watching her.” Affina had pulled me aside and whispered in my ear, “I want to talk to you.” I nodded and we walked into a different room. “What is it?” I asked. “It’s about the case. People have been going missing all around Sedeveil.” “So?” “It’s not just everyday citizens who are up and going missing. It’s the lords who visit there.” “Well you won’t have to worry about me. I’ll be fine and you know it.” I told her. “I know you can defend yourself but I’m just worried, something doesn’t feel right about it. The lords that go missing disappear on their way there. I just don’t want something to happen to you Divine.” “I know.” “Just be careful, okay?” I nodded my head in agreement.
These words where the last I had spoken to my sister Affina. A few days later I had begun my way to Sedeveil. After I said goodbye I set off on the path to the biggest place in the Ruyi’el region. (The Ruyi’el region is our region.)
    As I walked along the path that lead through multiple forests, I had the strangest feeling that I wasn’t alone. But not the feeling of being watched. Like the feeling of a familiar friend. So I stopped in my tracks and called out to the woods, “Hello? Is someone there?” The sound of rustling bushes caught me off guard as I turned to a shivering bush. I slowly approached it when a bunny burst off into the distance. The bunny may have left, but I still couldn’t shake off the familiar feeling. 
    Bright, warm colors painted the sky as the warmth of the sun began to set. I reached my arms up, touching the low hanging leaves on the trees. I grabbed onto some of the branches and pulled them down, suddenly releasing them as I walked on, leaves would go flying and floating into the air. I took a breath and thought about my trip. I would usually think about my trip whenever I took one. But when I thought about it I couldn't help but have my mind wonder on about the missing lords. “Could that happen to me?” I asked myself aloud. “Nah, I'm to good for that. I’de know better.” I took another breath, looking into the distance I noticed the ground coming to an end. I took out the map my sister had given me and began to ponder. There where no cliffs anywhere on the map. “That's strange. There aren't any cliffs. Maybe I took a wrong path?” I looked at the sign that directed the path. It read, “this way to Sedeveil.” With an arrow pointing east. “I can't be lost.” I looked back at the cliff edge and slowly walked to the edge. I looked down the side of the mountain and knew the cliff hadn't been there long. I looked beyond the cliff to see a massive circle of cliffs. A hole was punched into the ground causing the earth to crack. Sending pieces of land into the ground. “That's not normal.” I said. “No it isn't.” Said a voice out of the blue. I turned around, tripping over my feet. I flailed my arms around trying not to fall back into the obis. The stranger cloaked in brown quickly turned and grabbed me and pulled me away from the cliffs edge. I fell to the ground when the mysterious cloaked person chuckled. I tried to began catching my breath. “T-thanks.” I gasped. “Your welcome, Divine.” They said. I looked at them interested. “How do you know-“ I was quickly interrupted by, “How do I know your name? That's easy. You told me.” “No I don't think I did. Well if you know who I am, at least tell me who you are.” “You already know.” They said as they grabbed the top of the cloak and took off the cloak. “Oh my god.” I said in shock. For the woman who stood before my eyes was none other than Rixy, the woman who reunited me with my sister when I was seven. 
    “Rixy?” I asked in shock. “Yup. Long time no see Divine.” I ran up to her and threw my arms around her. “It's so great to see you!” “It's good to see you to.” Rixy said to me as I let go of her. “Now what are you doing all the way out here? Not lost again, are you?” She asked me. I let out a relieving giggle. “No. I'm actually on my way to Sedeveil.” “What a coincidence. So am I.” I looked at Rixy with excitement and joy. “You should totally tag along with me.” I suggested in a silly manner. “Maybe I will. Oh! Is it ok if my other friends tag along too?” “Definitely. The more the merrier.” In a blink of an eye, Rixy grabbed my hand and was dragging me away from the cliff and into the woods. 

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