Old Farts

A group of old age pensioners meet up once a week to discuss their lives and reminisce about days gone by - read the comic antics of four of them.


2. 2




[ Dickie 73 years of age, is seen driving up the mall on a mobility scooter at top speed of 4 miles per hour almost knocking over another elderly gentleman coming out of a pound shop. Parking his scooter outside of Greggs Bakery and café he gets off the scooter then takes his walking stick and walks to a seat outside where there is an area specially allocated for people who would rather sit outside. Peter 71 years old, is already there and he’s sitting drinking a bottle of Oasis fruit juice.]




[Robert 70 years of age, wearing a pair of lyra shorts and cycle shorts pushes his Butler Mountain bike to the front of the café then removes his helmet and straps it to the handlebars. His dark tanned skin makes him look almost like foreigner. He is a very wealthy man, having once owned his own double-glazing firm. Now retired he spends the vast majority of his time in his own villa in Torrevieja in Alicante Spain.]



Robert: Right who’s having what, I’m going in to get the drinks?

Dickie: I’ll have a latte but get plenty of those brown sugars I take it home, it safes wor lass a fortune.


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