THE DESCENT - A FanFiction

THE DESCENT - A Fan-Fiction - After returning to the Root of THE DESCENT, it's not a strange occurrence to be seeing this more than twice. Although, the thought of her had never once crossed my mind. I now find myself writing this story after the events of 'WHAT IF?' And that is just the start of something that has no End. (Competition Entry) [Y] 15+


1. (CH. 1) The Shadow


“Late again? As usual; I didn’t have much hope in your passion to stay organised. I question whether you even wanted to be here in the first place.”

- A Man From Another World

Everything was exactly the same; her hair being as long as it used to be. Her eyes slightly glazed yet still having a frosty blueness in the hue. The only difference being this that this time round; she had lost the heart that sent patterns across a world that was willing to cooperate.

Whether there was a whisper in the dark, she never questioned anything. A creature stirring was not quite the image she had in her mind. Embedded whilst coated in thick layers of black sludge. A skeleton crippled to the bones; a skull that stood tall above an abdomen that was cemented in plaster.

“You once knew someone like me, I once told you that we used to hang by a fallen tree.” His voice was deep, and so was his words.

A little girl stood out from the shadows, her neat tidiness was the first thing that met his eye. She understood the situation as she acknowledged the existence of such a boy. He may have been deep, but his vision was blurry from the left eye to the right. Conjoined, that was what kept him focusing on her.

“It’s fine if you say nothing, I understand how tragic it is to lose someone you love.”

Silence filled the room, not even a mouse was stirring this time round. The boy held a silver-crested envelope with a signature formed on the top right corner. Scribbles, and a smiley face that someone had drawn for good measure. If happiness really was inside a small envelope; how could she have expected it to be so small?

Shuffling back, he brushed his thick layered hair back pushing it to the side of his left ear. “You know, sometimes I wonder why you ever agree to meet me up here.”

A slight smile appeared on her face for what felt like a very long time. His face lit up almost like he was expecting a smile from her this time round. She held the envelope out feeling a little shaken by the signature she had just read. The boy didn’t smile back, just red cheeks with a slight grin that didn’t last.

“Is that it? Is that all you are going to do with an envelope?” He sighed. “It’s not like its important or anything, right?”

The girl nodded not feeling so little anymore. Even her nodding was hesitant towards giving an actual response to the boy in red. Could it be that the darkness around her was devouring her confidence? Even so… It’s not like she ever expected an envelope in the first place.

Sitting down with his legs sprawled out across the thick dusty rug. Darkish green flowers with some of the creamiest roses they had ever seen. The boy didn’t believe in roses that could be that colour. Instead he nodded it off like it was nothing to him.

He held his hand out almost willing to take the envelope back off her. “Oh, come on! It’s not everyday someone as kind as me hands a beautiful girl like yourself an envelope.” He chuckled, “actually that sounded better in my head.”

Just as he was about to snatch the envelope out of her hands in disgust; a loud ticking sound ticked by as they both stared at each other. Although it was a sound, it wasn’t enough to kill the silence that led on before it.

“No bells this time round?” The boy asked. “Could it be that you don’t feel right about this visit?”

“Actually, I think you’ll find that she is feeling quite safe here.” Another voice crept in the room almost silent like an assassin.

The boy jolted backwards, shaking off the tingle that ran up his spine. Grabbing the envelope that the girl had dropped; he stood back up dusting himself down. Brushing his hair back as it folded like a thick quiff; he stared the girl in the eyes as the third shadow grew nearer.

“Fine. I get the whole silent approach, it makes sense.” He tried to smile, “but I don’t understand why you had to bring a third visitor to make me feel welcome.”

“Don’t ask her questions like that.” The figure stood out of the darkness holding nothing but a candle in both hands. “I heard shouting, is everything alright down here?”

The boy laughed as the candle had only lit up her face. “Everything is fine, ma’am, I didn’t expect a third visitor.”

She placed the candle between them as she hummed a familiar tune that sounded unearthly to anyone else in the world. “Almost like you expected a third visitor, am I right?”

The boy held out his play-pretend card that had a signature scribbled on the edge of the card. Holding it out feeling like she might be reassured by his presence. He revealed to her his name along with his age yet the two girls didn’t say a word.

“Ah, so you are the brat who made off with my mother’s jewellery?” A quick change of event followed after her words; “I don’t mean to startle you, kid. I just don’t think you should be here right now. Do you?”

“Actually, I feel like I’m welcome here.” He responded stepping on her foot to make a point.

The little girl didn’t say a word as she watched on in horror. Before the ticking had gotten louder, a slight delay followed after each tick no long after. Feeling on edge with the boy who stood on her toes. She picked up the envelope slapping it across his face with a smile.

“If you were to ever bother reading your own letters, maybe you wouldn’t feel so alone up here!” She screamed as she held the boy down near the lit candle.

The boy managed to push the girl off him. His name now revealed as; The Shadow. He may have believed in ghost stories, but The Shadow was just one of many myths to be spawned out of nothingness. The girl dug her claws into the rug as the boy grabbed both feet dragging her across the floor. Her jaw smacked off the solid ground as it grazed over leaving redness on her lips.

“If you think that I am afraid of a bitch like you? I think you might have misunderstood the reason why I came here in the first place.” He stood above her with his fists clenched.

She looked up as the shadow grew nearer, the little girl stood in his way without a word coming out of her mouth. He pushed her backwards as she fell back on top of the girl who had no name. That was until the boy grabbed her by the hair dragging her down the stairs.

“I hate it when someone has to spoil an evening of delights.” He grunted, “I’m sick of those who don’t stay in the shadows when told to.”

“Even mother would be sick of you. She wouldn’t look at you the same way I do.” Her voice faded down the steps into nothingness.

“IF YOU EVER TOLD HER THE TRUTH, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT SHE LOVES YOU!” A loud voice screamed from out of the darkness.

The clock’s ticking intensified with a screeching sound followed not long after the final chime. Still no bells ringing, it’s almost like the girl knew that the visitor was actually the one who would start a war with someone she once knew. As the candle light had started to dim, the little girl ran down the stairs without fearing the darkness. A dim light lit up many masks in the room, an archway with blooded hand prints wrapping around the railings. She could not believe that someone could be so violent on such a special day.

1??? – November 6th

“I’ve told you time and time again that whenever the lights go off; I become the main card. That’s without certainty that you stay out of the way.”

“I-I can’t believe you have been so selfish on such a special day.”

A masked individual stood over the top of the bleeding out girl. Whether it was just a nightmare is the tragic events that didn’t quite make sense. A short dream could have ended by now without the screams, but this boy didn’t want to leave the room in silence. He enjoyed the endless torment that his mother had once resisted. They both knew that no matter what happened to them, they would bring out the worse in each other.

“We were cut from the same tree; we breathed the same air, and you aren’t taller than you think.”

“Father chopped us down together, we fell down the branches without a sound. Can’t you remember our wood chuck father?”

“Not really… I don’t remember anything after yesterday.”

“Why so honest? You know that today isn’t even happening, right?”

The mask lit up in the dimly lit room, a deep claw mark across his left eye socket. The mask almost breathing alive, it’s like the mask itself was flesh cut from the same tree. The girl screamed as the boy held out a sharp tool near her left ankle. As he stepped back another masked figure appeared wheeling in a rack of instruments.

Smiling behind the mask; “I bled until the day we could meet again. Not until that day I promised myself that I wouldn’t rest until both pieces were sealed.”

The girl spoke out her final words before having her mouth sewn shut. “Fuck you!”

“Yes, I could have done that but that wouldn’t make me cut from the cloth.” – “That would make me a monster.” He shrugged his shoulders feeling pleased with himself.

“Behind our masks are faces that you may never see again.” The second voice spoke out. “And once you find out the truth? Well, it’s too late for that.”

The girl sunk her nails into his fleshy mask as metal spikes were pulled out from his left cheek. As she screamed in a mumble, her voice blocked by her own lips. Forced into silence, she couldn’t help but scream at the two creeps. The Shadow held her arms down as she tried with all her might to break free, the other boy sawn into her left side of her cheek bone. Cutting deeper blood drooled out almost synced with both of the boy’s thirst for pain.  

After what felt like a lifetime had passed, there was no longer a murmured scream; just silence filling the room with unpleasantness. The first mask was torn off by the second figure. Just as her eyes closed, she caught a glimpse of the boy who sawn into her face. Before the other was about to take a photo of the torture that had taken place and ended in silence. The Shadow held an envelope out to his friend.

“It’s not like you wanted to open this? It’s almost like I wanted you to open it.” The final candle light went out just as it began- in silence . . .

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