Oops! ➵ h.s a.u

"You're in a relationship with my best friend, Harry. My best friend is your girlfriend. We really should not be doing this."

"This is so wrong...- but at the same time...-"

"Nothing's ever felt so right."



Harry Styles Alternate Universe


7. Hi...


It's been some time, huh?

Well, for this next chapter (which I also publish on Wattpad, if anyone wants to know :) ) which is well underway, does have a certain... edge to it. 

Yes ! I am indeed talking about SMUT ! 

There will be a disclaimer for the people who don't want to read that kind of stuff, but I'm just saying... it's good for the story. 

So, be sure to tune in when the next chapter arrives, because it will be full of naked tattooed bodies and wishes for more and it's all very terrible, because they have a girl/best friend. Yes, it's going to be fun. 

Thanks for reading. 

- Cece





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