Sadie's mum died last week.
Now, Sadie is moving to Paris to live with a guy she's been told was a
friend of her father's.
But the old secrets under her bed tell her a lot more about her mum and
Paris than Sadie intended to discover and now she's determined to find
out the truth.


2. 2

Terence picks up my surprisingly light suitcase and tows it away. "Whatcha got in here?" he askes in surprise as we walk towards the main airport. "It's as light as a feather. You realise you'll be staying in Paris a while, right?"

"Yep." I shrug. "I know. I just don't really need that much stuff." 

That's another lie. Before mum died, I used to pack, like, literally my whole wardrobe whenever I went away. But I'm not planning on staying with Terence that long. I don't care what anyone says. Frankie says I can stay with her again, like I did before I met Terence and that's fine by me. I've got all the essentials, anyway.

Terence glances down at me. He hesitates for a second, as though he's contemplating whether or not I'm lying. If he does know, though, he's not letting on. "Fair enough." he says, with a shrug equal to mine. "This way."


The airport's pretty crowded and all of the signs are in French, which, unfortunately for me, I'm pretty bad at. Terence and I are bundled through security, decided we're not illegal immigrants and then emerge in the main hall.

"Washroom?" Terence asks me and I just blink at him stupidly for a second like I have no idea what he's talking about.

He laughs. "Sorry. I guess I forget you're English. I'll try harder from now on." He jerks his head at a sign. "Bathroom's that way if ou need it."

"Sure." I say, mainly as an excuse to get away from Terence. I then go inside and lean heavily against the sink.

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