There are stories that are told throughout the world about Luigi Clearwater. There are also a lot of rumors and questions concerning his death. One of the most popular ones is: Did he really die? or is he still alive, hiding in the shadows? All of these questions and theories are unanswered. Although the people in the small town of WoodHeart are not at all bothered by these mind twisting thoughts for they know the truth. Luigi is still alive and has a family of his own. But knowing the truth and knowing the story are completely different things.


1. Chapter 1

    Payton lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling thinking about what she had been told that day at school. History was becoming too much for her at the moment. Only ten years ago the world had been overrun by an evil being. How strange it was to Payton to learn that, a year before her and her twin brother were born. But the strangest thing was the whole time the teacher was talking she was looking at Payton like she was expecting something. Expecting what? Payton had never been good at History, remembering all of those dates were not easy. And the rest of the time she didn’t even care about what happened in the past, as long as it didn’t happen again. Still her teacher made her feel like she should know something about this. Maybe I’ll ask Mom and Dad what they know when they get home. Payton thought.

    She often made a mental list of all the things she wanted to tell her parents whenever they were both home. Dad was often gone, but never for long periods of time. Usually two or three days. If he’s gone any longer Mom begins to worry. LIke now, Dad has been gone for five days and last night Mom was so stressed she forgot to make dinner. Honestly, she probably forgot about my brother and me. She only realized we were there when Zac fell asleep on the couch and began to snore.

    Payton rolled over and stared at the door she had the feeling that her Dad was coming home tonight. She didn’t know how she knew, she just did. Payton rolled off of her bed and crawled over to her squishy bean bag. She crawled face first into the fluff letting out a huge moan. Everyone seemed to think that her and her brother Zac were famous. She didn’t know why; Mom worked as a wedding dress designer and Dad said that he was an actor. An actor for what she didn’t know. He was never in any movies nor was he ever gone long enough to do anything film related. Theatre perhaps? Although that wouldn’t be an overnight career.

    Payton didn’t think too much about this. She stood and decided to go down stairs. Half way down the hall she heard her mother's voice, “What do you mean you don’t know?” She sounded panicked. Curious Payton put her ear to the door. She could just make out the voice on the telephone. “Something went wrong,” The phone said, “we’ve lost contact.” Mom whispered something under her breath.

“Were going to send in a team first thing tomorrow.” The phone promised.

    Mom was silent for a long time before she said “okay.” and hung up the phone. Payton heard the sound of her Mom sitting on her bed and muffled sobs found their way through the door. Payton lingered for a moment unsure whether to open the door and comfort her mother or slowly back away. Payton decided it would be best if she left Mom alone for the moment. Payton retreated to her room, where she stayed playing with her dolls, ‘til long after the sun went down.

    Payton didn’t stop playing with her dolls until around midnight. It wasn’t the first time she’d been lost in her own world, forgetting the one around her. Payton quietly put her dolls back so that she didn’t disturb Zac who was snoring in his room next door. Payton slipped into her nightgown and had finished organizing all her stuffed animals on the bed in a way so that no animal felt left out. Just as Payton was about to flick off the light she realized she didn’t have any water. So quietly she snuck out of her room and down the hall. Mom’s probably asleep by now Payton thought as she crept down the stairs. As quietly as possible Payton poured herself a glass of water. Then she tiptoed her way back up the steps. Payton was almost at the top of the stairs when she saw her Mom’s bedroom door open. Bathing the hallway in yellow lamp light.

    Quickly Payton pressed herself into the corner of the stairs hoping her mother wouldn’t see her. Slowly her mom came down the stairs. She was in her pajamas and had dark circles under her eyes. She looked like she hadn’t slept in days. Payton held her breath as her mom passed her. When it was safe to breathe again Payton realized that her mom had a strange energy coming off of her and Payton peered around the corner to watch her mother. The first thing she did was put on the kettle, then she walked over to the front door and turned back on the porch light. Then went back and finished her cup of tea. Payton watched as her Mom sat down at the kitchen table and sipped her tea. Rats! Now Payton would surely be caught if she tried to sneak up stairs. A yawn spread across Payton’s face and she sleepily sat down in the shadows of the stairs.

    Payton awoke with a start and immediately forgot where she was. It took a moment for her eyes to focus and when they did she noticed her mom at the table still. An empty mug and arms length away. Payton felt around for the glass of water she was holding, then took a drink. Her legs were asleep and the only thing Payton wanted to do was go to bed. She was about to stand up when she heard a sound at the door. Mom heard it too and her eyes got real big as she watched the knob of the door turn. Then Dad was standing there. Payton was rooted to the spot and sat there as tears sprang to her mother’s eyes. No one moved as Payton’s Dad locked the door and turned around. His face was cut open in several places and one eye was black. He waked with a slight limp into the kitchen. Clearly he was exhausted. Payton watched with concern, she’d never seen her Dad like this before. He stopped and looked at Mom suddenly realizing that she was in the kitchen. That’s when she stood, that’s when she ran to him, and that’s when Payton knew that something wasn’t right. Payton stood up silently, still clutching her half full glass of water and turned to go up the stairs.


    That stupid stair, Payton yelled in her head.

    “Payton, is that you?” Her Dad asked.

    Payton didn’t move a muscle.

    “Payton. Come here please.”

    Slowly Payton turned and headed back down the stairs. She kept her eyes on the floor and the class of water shook in her hands. She’d been caught. Payton stopped a few feet infront of her Mom and Dad. She kept her head down. Her Dad got down on one knee and took her face in his hands. Payton look up into his blind eyes and threw her arms around him in a hug. Completely forgetting that his face had been scared moments before.


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