Shadows and Sickness

Everyone was too busy taking care of a sick persona to notice the person in the shadows, waiting to make the perfect appearance.


9. anxiety and depression

Patton's POV

 I looked over at Virgil and found him half asleep, but shock was still on his face.

"Who is he?" Virgil mumbled. I tried to keep it from Virge as long as I can. We all did. He wasn't supposed to know Dayal. Why did Dayal want Virge? What is his purpose? I looked at Roman and Logan and they looked at me. We didn't know what to do.

Virgil sighed. "Why can't I know?" I could tell he was starting to get irritated. Nobody said anything. He stood up.

"Where are you going?" I asked. Despite the events that has happened Virgil was still sick and had a fever. He needed to be taken care of.

"To my room," He mumbled without looking back. "No one will tell me anything anyway, so what's the bother of staying here." Virgil went back in his room and I got up to follow him. Roman grabbed my hand.

"Let's just let him cool down. He's just mad, but we can't tell him who Dayal is. It will tear Virgil apart knowing that information." I stopped and thought about it for a minute. "As much as I want to make sure he's okay too we have to give him some space."

"I guess. I don't want to make things worse for him." I sat on the couch.

"What are we going to do now?" Roman directed his question towards Logan. 

"I'm not exactly sure. I don't think this has happened before. But something I want to know is how Dayal could control Virgil's dreams." Logan looked at Roman.

"Well, I guess if he's strong enough he could get inside anyone's head, after all that's how depression starts. He probably attacked Virgil because he's the most vulnerable to those types of things, being Thomas' anxiety."

Logan nodded."That actually makes logical sense. There have been a lot of cases where depression and anxiety go hand in hand, so to speak."

 I didn't understand it. "But how did he even come back? I thought we completely destroyed him?" I asked. Logan and Roman both shrugged.

Logan hit his forehead with his hand. "I should've known" He started mumbling to himself.

"what is it?" Roman finally asked.

"Depression and Anxiety go really well together. So as long as you have anxiety you always have a chance of depression coming back and visa-versa." Logan explained to us.

"I know that," I replied. Logan looked at me.

"Well I didn't know Dayal would come back, but I did know that they went really well together." I explained.

"How did you know that?" Roman asked me. I shrugged.

"Why else do you think they are brothers?" I asked them. Roman and Logan both stared at me.

"They are what?" Roman asked. They looked shocked.

"What? Am I the only one that remembered that?" I looked at both of them.

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