Movellas Academy (Interactive)

Welcome to Movellas academy! An academic school full of drama, love, and mysteries! Everyone can be featured!


14. Introducing Lexi and Rebecca

Lexi Blunt is a 16-year old Junior. She is from Italy and has a twin brother named, Lucas Blunt. They’re both gingers. She is shy and quite at first, but opens up as soon as you get to know her. She is studious, funny, smart, easily falls into peer pressure, bubbly, kind, loyal, caring, and doesn’t trust people very easily. She is from Italy. Lexi does soccer and dance. She likes to dance, paint, read, write, play video games, clean, organize stuff, and cook. Her GPA is a 3.4. Her specialty subject is Drama or Art. Her father died when she was 10, which left her, and her brother with an evil step father who abused them daily. The Academy was their only way out, even if it meant bankruptcy. 


Rebecca Kaine is a 17-year-old senior. She is quite the boy magnet even though she's a humongous nerd. She's a shy, nerdy bookworm who keeps to herself most of the time. She does basketball, and cross country. She likes to read, write, etc. Her GPA is a 4.0 and she is good at everything. Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to cure cancer very much. The academy is a way to help her succeed her hopes and dreams. She's at the academy because in England they don't have any more classes for her that she hasn't already taken. She was getting bored at her old school. In school in England, she was bullied and teased for her red hair. At lunch, they used to throw food at her and call her names. She has an older sister whom she loves dearly and her parents are very kind and generous. 

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