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18. Chapter 10: Friday Feat. Ms. Zynachya, Quinn, Landon, Luca, Eilidh, Rebecca, Chelsea, Lexi, Lucas, Wesley, and Layne.

It was Friday morning in Ms. Zynachya’s homeroom class. Most of the student’s turned in their assignment, while the unfortunate ones, didn’t. Zynachya was a single woman from Moscow Russia. She had her blonde hair in a tight bun, and her outfit on fleek.

            She did not like to be referred to as, “Professor” when she was only a homeroom teacher. Zynachya preferred to be called, “Ms.”

“Seems like most of you put quite a bit of effort in this assignment, while a select few didn’t.” She states, peering over the top her glasses at Lucas.

            Lucas waves his hand in confusion, he thought Eilidh did his assignment for him. In the front of the classroom, was Eilidh, Chelsea, and Luca. He noticed she wasn’t doing anything too serious, so he whipped out his Iphone 7 plus, and shot her a text.

Lucas: did u finish the assignment?

Eilidh: Yea, I did.

Lucas: Well…did u turn in mine?

Eilidh: Nope.

            Lucas shot Eilidh a dirty look from the back of the classroom. She didn’t notice it, but set her phone face down on her desk. Lexi peered over Lucas’s phone, and saw he was texting Eilidh.

“Lucas, did you really think she was going to do the assignment for you?” She asked, giving him the, “really?” look.

“Well isn’t that what she was supposed to do?”

“No. You had to write about each other, it was pretty clear when Ms. Zynachya explained it..”

“Whatever.” He replied, shutting off his own phone and placing it in his left pocket.

            Meanwhile, Quinn wasn’t really worried about failing, and neither was Landon. They worked pretty hard to ace the assignment, and even became better friends.

“Quinn, I have a confession…” Landon said with great worry in his eyes. He was afraid Quinn would take offence to what he was about to say.

“Ooh! Spill the tea…” She replied in a perky voice, flashing her dimples in a smile. Her elbows rested on her desk, propping her chin up.

Landon gulped.

“The truth is…I didn’t really like you very much before I met you..and neither did Luca.”

            Quinn crinkled her forehead and scrunched her nose in confusion. Why would someone not like her? She was pretty, honest, smart, and definitely not a liar. The only person she knew that didn’t like her, was Coco O’mailey. But, that’s a different story, the real question is, why did they not like her?

“Wait-what? I understand why you couldn’t have liked me that much..but Luca? What did I do to him?” She asked him.

“Well…He says your strange, and you give him a bad feeling. BUT DON’T GET MAD! I told him you were cool. So he might think different of you now..?” He assured with a hopeful look.

            Landon and Quinn both glanced over at Luca sitting at Chelsea and Eilidh’s table. He was smiling very brightly, and telling a story to the girls. Quinn realized she never acknowledged Luca, or even knew he existed, or even talked to him for that matter!

“Wow. He’s…” Landon interrupted her to finish her sentence, what he does usually.

“Cute? No homo.”

            She looked at him and tilted her head as if she were measuring his cuteness degree. Luca was cute. He had black messy hair, light skin, big bulging green eyes, an adorable smile with the biggest dimples.

“Okay, maybe he’s a little cute. I mean, look at him, wouldn’t you go gay for him?” Quinn asked Landon, leaving him in wonder,

            He was shook. Would he go gay for him? Was he gay? No, he wasn’t gay…or so he thought. He’s been hanging out with Fiona Meyers lately, so he’s not gay. They almost kissed, almost.

“Haha funny. I’m practically dating Fiona.” Landon reminded.

“Wait-the girl who’s a cat addict?”

“How did you know she likes cats?”

“Because she’s ALWAYS talking about them.” She said in an annoyed tone.      

            Quinn and Landon stared over at Luca. This time, Luca noticed from the corner of his eye, 2-sets of eyes stalking him. It was the girl he wasn’t sure about, and his best friend.

            Were they talking about him? Why were they looking at him? Did he have something in his teeth? He checked his teeth in his phone camera, they were pearly white, as always. Luca looked up at Chelsea and Eilidh with worry.

“Is there something wrong with my hair…or face..?”

            Eilidh laughed and shook her head. She always thought Luca was adorbs! Why would he think there was something wrong?

“No-nothing. What makes you think that?” Chelsea answered, calmly.

“’s nothing.” He said, dropping the awkward moment.

“Oh? Lies, why would you ask us for advice, when its, ‘nothing’?” Eilidh questioned, with confidence.

“Okay, it’s just…Quinn and Landon keep staring at me. I just figured there was something wrong.”

            Chelsea and Eilidh eye Landon and Quinn as they do the same. Eilidh examines them both for a minute, making Chelsea look like an idiot because she doesn’t know what’s going on. 1-minute later, came up with a conclusion.

“Quinn thinks your cute.” She said very straight forward.

            Luca’s eyes bulged. This could not be happening to him. She couldn’t think he was cute! He didn’t like her, that wouldn’t work out.

“No..she’s probably into-“ Luca glanced around the room and picked a random boy to replace him, “She’s probably into Wesley. He’s tall…. And..nerdy..?”

            Wesley Ronan sat in the middle of the classroom with Layne Shadowsnarl. They were having a conversation with Rebecca Kaine.

“What’s your opinion on the latest romance writing competition?” Rebecca asked to start up the conversation.

“I think it’s worth most people’s time I guess.” Wesley answered back in a calm tone.

            Layne laughed a bit. She really didn’t care much for “writing competitions” let alone, anything. She was more of a Netflix type of person.

“This conversation has gone from 1 to 1 and a half in a minute. You’re both making great progress!” She said sarcastically.

“Well, what do you think Layne?” Rebecca asked again.

“I think writing is, too easy. I enjoy it, but I would like to save some space in my writing trophy case. Not to brag but…”

“I entered myself actually.” Rebecca stated, twiddling with her thumbs.

“Neat. What’s the entry about?” Wesley added.

            Rebecca blushed a bit. No one really ever acknowledged her writing. She did care about it very much. She pulled out a journal that had 35 pages filled with words. She handed it to them.

“Wow, this is great, I love the format! Almost like the editing was amazingly done…” He examined, pushing it over to Layne.

“So, every other love story, but in 35 pages. Seems like you worked hard.” She stated sarcastically.

            Rebecca ignored Layne’s comment and listened to Ms. Zynachya begin to speak. She stood up, gracefully passing back the assignments. Rebecca was so sure she was going to get an excellent grade!

            Ms. Zynachya started passing the papers back to the other side of the classroom first. Rebecca examined their faces. Some of them were happy, and some of them weren’t.

“Wow, this…this is just great.” Eilidh sighed, flashing her papers to Chelsea and Luca.

            There was solid 85% because the partner part got an F! She sighed heavily, and set her head down on her desk. Luca grabbed his own paper.

“I got a 100% thanks Chelsea.” He thanked, smiling brightly.

            All Chelsea did was nod with a smile. She liked to keep quiet unless there was something important to do.

            Ms. Zynachya passed the papers to Rebecca’s table finally. She flipped over her paper, and saw a solid 100%. Rebecca did a silent, “YES!” and proceeded with her day. On the other hand, Layne and Wesley got 100’s like no problem.

“Good job on the assignment. I will dismiss you to Lunch, and make sure you don’t forget any of your things.”

            Student’s shuffled out of the classroom in a fast manner. Wesley, Lucas, and Quinn stayed together. Wesley had created a tutoring group for unfortunate kids, and they happened to be in it.

            He guided them down many corridors.

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