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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2018
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Hell's broken loose in Jin's little town of Phanson. Walkers, man-eaters...zombies. Whatever you want to call them, start terrorizing people, driving them out of their homes. Who will be there for Jin?


10. Chapter 9


     I was walking through the corridors with Namjoon when I saw who I was looking for.

          "There! Let's go!" I said and we ran towards Yoongi.

      We made our way over and they smiled when they noticed.

     "Jin! Oh, and this who you picked up yesterday?" Yoongi asked. I nodded my head.

     "I didn't get your name." Yoongi told Namjoon. "I'm Yoongi! He held his hand out. 

     "Namjoon! Nice to meet you!" Namjoon said cheerfully. He seemed happy. God knows what trauma he went through.

       "Anyways, you never introduced me..." I said when they were done, pointing to the person next to Yoongi.

      "Oh, I was just about to do so. Jin and Namjoon, this is Hoseok, my boyfriend." he said. Hoseok reached his hand out for a handshake.

     "Nice to finally meet you." Hoseok said, shaking my hand and then going for Namjoon.

     "Same here." I said smiling. Hoseok gave me big smile, before getting a call.

     "Sorry, duty calls," Hoseok said before heading off.

     "He's a nice guy. I'm glad I met him," I said to Yoongi after a minute, who was staring at Hoseok.

     "Uh-huh. He's too special to me. When something happens to him, a part of me dies." Yoongi said before waving at me and then left. Leaving me and Namjoon by ourselves, I thought about what he said.I smiled and looked at Namjoon. He was staring at me but looked away when I turned to him. I grinned and started walking back to our room. Once we were back in our room, I saw a figure sitting on the bed. He smirked at me before fully revealing his face.

     "J-Jungkook" I whispered. Jungkook looked at me and then at Namjoon. Knowing his intentions, I stood in front of Namjoon. 

      "Jin! It's been such a long time!" he said. I glared at him and clenched my fist.

       "What do you want?" I raised my voice.Jungkook pointed to Namjoon.

       "Him." he said. I glanced at Namjoon and back at Jungkook. My head was spinning from all this stress. 

        "M-me? I don't even know you." Namjoon said. Jungkook chuckled.

        "You don't remember me? It makes sense. I mean, you were too drunk that night anyways." Jungkook said, looking me in the eye. Namjoon furrowed his eyebrows. I felt light- headed and almost fell. But Namjoon grabbed my arms and kept me up.

         "Jin?" he whispered. I tried to keep my balance but tripped and fell against the wall.

         "Tch. He was always weak. Couldn't handle anything." Jungkook said and walked towards Namjoon. He put his hand on his chest and leaned in. I stared as Jungkook kissed Namjoon. I tried to move my my arms, but I couldn't. Jungkook moved back and looked at me. he came over and whispered into my ear.

         "I pity you. Come to me if you want him back." he said and left.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i can't believe im rewriting all this



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