Why Us

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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2018
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Hell's broken loose in Jin's little town of Phanson. Walkers, man-eaters...zombies. Whatever you want to call them, start terrorizing people, driving them out of their homes. Who will be there for Jin?


4. Chapter 4


     I woke up the next morning feeling...happy? I hadn't felt this way in a long time. I managed to get out of bed and got dressed. I wore a grey sweater and grey pants. On my feet I wore my worn out converses. After fixing my hair, I left.

     Without having any idea of where to go, my feet found their way to Jin's door. I smiled and knocked on the door. No answer. 

    "He must be sleeping." I said to myself. I slightly opened the door to find Jin on the bed. The covers were at his feet and he was shivering. I frowned and walked in. I walked up to his bed and pulled the sheets up to his chin. After a while he stopped shivering and was resting peacefully. Not wanting to wake up my new friend, I glanced at the clock and decided to let him sleep a while more.      

     I left his room and walked outside to the courtyard. People were casually walking around. Some talking, others having a make out session. I looked away to find the person I was looking for.

    "Hoseok!" I said excited. I ran up to him and kissed him. 

   "Yoongi! I'm so happy that you're okay!" he said tightly hugging me. I hugged him back and we stood there for a while. After a minute or so we broke the hug. 

     "Oh, how's the new guy?" Hoseok asked referring to Jin. 

     "He's fine, said his name was Jin." I replied to him. He smiled and nodded. I stared at his face as he looked around the place. After a minute of staring at Hoseok, I caught myself before he looked at me.

     "I have to lead the army out the walls today." I said, with a sad tone. Hoseok frowned. 

     "Why do you have to do it? You did it yesterday!" he replied looking worried. Before he could say anything else, I leaned up and kissed him. I stayed there for a second, wanting to savour the moment. 

     "I'll be okay." I said. I would be lying if I said I completely agree with those words. I mean, anything can happen. A walker could come up from behind. A slight shiver went down my back. I continued to stare Hoseok. He was smiling widely at me. If I could be honest, he has the most adorable smile. I smiled back at him.

     "I don't want you to leave, but... you should get going. The general is going to get mad if someones late again." he said sighing. I nodded and gave him a quick hug. I waved at him and set off to the military base.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Heeyy guyys!! its me again..again? Well this is chapter 4 of 'Why Us'!! pls make sure to follow me on ig and youtube.

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oh and for anyone wondering why i didnt add a picture of Hoseok in, the picture wouldn't load so here, let me bless your eyes...

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