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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2018
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Hell's broken loose in Jin's little town of Phanson. Walkers, man-eaters...zombies. Whatever you want to call them, start terrorizing people, driving them out of their homes. Who will be there for Jin?


30. Chapter 29


     I walked around the forest with my eyes peeled. I looked left and right, making sure I didn't skip something. I had been looking for Jin all morning. The group had fallen asleep a few hours ago, deeper in the forest. I thought that instead of doing nothing, I'll try to find Jin. And if I wasn't back by around 6, they'll meet me in a cabin not far from here. 

    I found an opening in the forest. I sighed and walked out of the dark woods. The sky was growing darker and it was getting colder. I pulled my jacket closer to me as I thought of Jin. 

     'He could be starving right now. Or maybe he's freezing. Maybe both!' I thought to myself and walked faster. I finally made it to the small cabin. The front door was slightly open from last time I left it. I felt a feeling in the bottom of my stomach as I ran to the cabin. I stood there for a minute before slowly opening the door. 


     I kept my head in my arms as I heard the door open.

    'It's probably Jungkook. He's just going to abuse me again, with no stop.' I thought to myself. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked up. My eyes widened when I saw Namjoon walking around. He didn't notice me yet. Soft cries escaped my mouth as I tried to reach my hand out to Namjoon. But my body was sore and frozen. I only looked at Namjoon as he looked around the cabin.

     "N....a...m...joon" I softly said. 


    I scanned the room to see if anyone was around. My heart was filled with disappointment when I didn't see anyone. I was about to walk out the cabin when I heard a soft voice.


    I froze as I heard the familiar voice calling for me. I looked back to see no one there. 

    "Who's there!?" I yelled out in the open. I walked around the cabin, into the bathroom, and stopped at the bedroom. My eyes locked with the limp figure on the floor. 

    "Jin!?" I screamed and ran to him. Jin looked at me with weary eyes. He looked like he was about to fall asleep.

    "Nam..joon!" Jin said, trying to raise his hand. I grabbed him in my arms and embraced him. Jin dug his head into my shoulders and cried. I rubbed his back and pulled him tighter. When he was done crying, I held his face in my hands. Jin leaned in and kissed me. I gently adjusted us to that I was on his lap. He gave me a soft smile. It was only when I put my hands on his chest, did I notice how cold he was. I broke the kiss and frowned at Jin.

    "What happened?" I asked him with a serious tone. Last time I saw him like this was when Jungkook took him away from me. 

    "N-nothing. Don't worry about it." he whispered to me. I grabbed his chin to make him look at me. I pecked his lips and put my mouth near his ears. 

    "Tell me what happened." I said once again, but this time a little more serious. Jin grabbed my arms and pulled me closer. 

    "I-it wa-was J-J-J-Jungk-kook." he stammered. Anger fueled inside of me as I told him to continue. "H-he t-tri-ed to ra-pe me-e." 

     As soon as Jin finished saying that, the door busted open. I looked back to see Jungkook. He smirked at me and pulled his sleeve up.

    "Well, well, well. Look at who we have here. It Mr. Im Going To Save My Boyfriend." Jungkook said. Jin backed away from me as Jungkook got closer. His face was more pale than before. I stared at the young man in front of me.

     "What do you want, Jungkook"I said and walked towards him so that he doesn't get closer to Jin. Jungkook pointed at Jin.

     "I want HIM. I had to go through trouble to find him. Give him to me." Jungkook said and stopped in front of me.

     "As if I would just hand him over." I said and moved forward. Jungkook didn't move. 

     "Hey, don't make this more difficult than it already is. Just hand him over." he said. I softly chuckled at his stupidity. 

     "You want him, you'll have to get through me first." I said stood right in front of him. His face was centimeters away from mine. My body was right up against his. Jungkook just smirked and took something out of his pocket. I looked down to see that he was holding a picture. My eyes went wide as I saw what it was. 

      In the picture, Jungkook was kissing Jin. Jin kissing back. They looked were blushing. But most importantly, they looked happy. Looking at their condition in the picture, this was before the apocalypse. Tears streamed down my face and Jungkook put the picture away. 

    "So he really is your weakness, isn't he?" he said and pushed me. He pushed me and I fell on my knees. Jungkook stepped over me to get to Jin. I could hear Jin screaming.

    "No! Stop! PLEASE! AHH! NAMJOON!!! PLEASE!" he yelled. I shut my eyes tightly and put my hands over my ears to block the noises. I was heartbroken. The thought that someone else made him happy before me hurt. I wanted to love him first! He belongs to me!

     "Ahh, please stop!" Jin screamed. His scream brought me to my senses. I opened my eyes to see Jungkook cutting Jin's arms. His body was filled with cuts and he was bleeding. 

    "JUNGKOOK!" I yelled and ran towards him. He was caught by surprise and looked at me. I jumped on him and we fell on the floor. Jin looked over the edge of the bed to check if I was hurt. His eyes were red and so was his body. Anger bubbled in me and I punched Jungkook. I continued to punch him until his nose bled.

    "Ahh! Fuck you, Namjoon! Damn it!" he yelled. I punched him over and over again. I don't know how how long I punched him for. But the room was silent. I stopped punching Jungkook and looked at him. His eyes were wide open. But he wasn't blinking. His chest wasn't rising o falling. He was still. A little too still. I checked to see if he was breathing. I got off of him and sighed. My heart was beating fast and I wanted to cry. My eyes shifted to Jin. He was looking at me in horror. But he jumped up and hugged me. I pulled his body closer to me and held his head. 

    "Namjoon! Thank god you aren't hurt!" he whispered and kissed me. It wasn't a soft kiss. It was harsh, but meant a lot of affection. I ran my hand over Jin's bare chest. Once we broke apart, I stared into his eyes. I smiled at him and softly kissed his eyes. Jin hugged me again and shivered. Noticing how cold it had gotten, I removed my jacket and put it around Jin. He mumbled a thank you in my ear and put his head on my shoulder.

    "Now, you don't have to worry about that little fucker. He's gone. And he won't be coming back." Whispered to him and ruffled his head. Jin slowly nodded. Jin removed his head and kissed me one more time. I smiled and walked over to Jungkook. His eyes were still open. I smirked and grabbed the picture of him and Jin from his pocket. Jin walked up to me and grabbed the picture. He stared at it and ripped it apart. 

     "It was fake anyways." he said. Before I could say anything, Jin pushed me to the wall. He cupped my face and kissed me again. This time it was slow. His lips felt soft against mine. Jin left my lips and I started to feel cold. But he didn't move from his place. I stared at his lips. They were now a shade of pink and looked glossy. I rubbed my thumb on his lower lip. Jin blushed and leaned in again. I pulled him closer by the waist until our bodies were touching. We just stared at each other in silence. His face now had color. I pecked his lips and kept my arm on his waist. We stepped over Jungkook, who was laying lifelessly on the cold floor. I pulled Jin closer and we walked out the door. The night sky was now a light blushing pink. I smiled at Jin. He looked like he was about to fall asleep. I picked him off his feet and held him in my arms.

     "Eh? Namjoon?" he questioned.

     "Shh. Go to sleep." I said and winked at him. The older man put his arm around my neck and buried his face in my chest. Soon enough, he was fast asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HHEEY GUYS AND GALS!!!! Im so sorry that I haven't updated in a while. My stupid WIFI wouldn't want to work, so I had to wait. Also, I had a huge writers block.. Im sorry. AND BEFORE PEOPLE START TO HATE ON ME!!!!! IM SORRY ABOUT JUNGKOOK!!! IT HAD TO HAPPEN!!! Please don't think that I hate Jungkook!!!! BECAUSE I DON'T! I love them all equally!! (Though Jin is my bias!!) I just need to bring this story to a stop but I don't know how to. Please let me know how I should end it!!!!! I probably won't be able to write for a few more days!!! But please make sure to comment how I should end and leave feedback!!!!!!

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