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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2018
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Hell's broken loose in Jin's little town of Phanson. Walkers, man-eaters...zombies. Whatever you want to call them, start terrorizing people, driving them out of their homes. Who will be there for Jin?


21. Chapter 20


     I stood still as I heard someone yell my name. I heard it again.

    "JIN!" I heard them yell again. I ran in the direction.

    "Namjoon! NAMJOON!" I yelled as I ran up a small hill. I stood at the top and looked around. I couldn't stop crying. I wanted to see Namjoon again so bad. 

     "JIN!" I heard him yell. I looked down to see Namjoon and the others waving and jumping at me. A smile plastered over my face and I stepped forward. I forgot I was on a hill and slipped, rolling down hill. 

    "Jin!" I heard the guys scream as I continued to roll. My head hit a rock, but I didn't black out. My body ached as I started to slow down. My bruises from before started to hurt. I stopped rolling and looked up. Though my vision was a little blurry, I could see Namjoon run up to me. I instantly forgot about my pain and got up, sprinting towards him. 

    "Namjoon!" I yelled as I ran into his arms. Namjoon looked at me and started searching my body.

    "Jin! Thank god you're safe! Are you hu-" he started but I kissed him. I didn't want him to worry about me. I continued to kiss him even after the others came over. I wanted to feel him on my lips. Namjoon broke the kiss and looked at me. He started to look at my bruises. I noticed that I didn't have shirt.

    "Who did that to you? Tell me, who did that!?" he half yelled half whispered. I just shook my head and grabbed his face in my hands. I hugged him and he back. I felt someone place a small blanket on my shoulders. I moved away from Namjoon, still holding him. I looked back and saw Jimin smiling at me with tears. I moved away from Namjoon and hugged Jimin, my tears coming down faster. 

     "Hey! Don't forget about us!" V yelled as the rest of them ran up to me. I pulled everyone into a hug. 

    "Where have you been this whole time!" Yoongi asked me. I just shook my head,

    "I don't want to talk about it..." I mumbled. 

    "Let's just let him rest." Hoseok said. Namjoon held me and we started walking forward, letting out feet take us wherever. 

*time skip*

    After walking for a few hours, it was starting to get a little dark. As I was looking around for a shelter, I noticed Namjoon stare at me. He been staring ever since I got back. 

    "You know, I'm not leaving you anymore." I said to Namjoon, walking up to him and held his hand. He just looked at me and gripped my hand.

     "You never know when something can happen. You can walk away again. Someone could come around the corner and snatch you away." he said. I looked into his eyes. They were mixed with emotions. He gripped my hand tighter. "I only wish I could do more to protect you. You're the only thing I need."

     My eyes dropped little tears at what he said. 

     "And I promise. I won't let anything bad ever happen to you again. We will get through this shitty world. You and I will be together, peacefully." he said and kissed me. I knew he wanted to say something else but he stooped. I just smiled after he moved back. He wiped my tears away and started walking, still holding my hand. I followed him. 

     We picked out a small bar for a place to rest. At first I didn't like the idea. But the rest were already inside. So I went along with it. 

     I walked into the bar and sat down at the table. I pulled the jacket Namjoon closer to me. It was a little big but I liked it. I smiled and looked around the room. V and Jimin were laying on the floor on top some sort of sheet. They were smiling and talking to each other, occasionally kissing each other. I looked away from the youngest ones. I spotted Yoongi and Hoseok sitting at booth, holding beer bottles. I decided to go talk with them. 

     "Hey guys." I said and sat down next to Hoseok. They gave me a warm smile. 

     "Do you feel ok?" Yoongi asked me, taking a sip from his bottle. He frowned as he found the bottle empty. 

     "Yeah, thanks for asking. Want me to grab another?" I said, pointing to his bottle. He nodded his head and walked off to grab another beer. 

      "How's Namjoon?" Hoseok asked me after Yoongi left. I gave him a questioning look.

      "He's fine. Why, is there something wrong with him?" I asked shifting in my seat.

      "Wait, you mean he didn't tell you?" he said.

      "Tell me what? Whats wrong with him?" I asked in a rushed tone. Hoseok sighed and looked at me.

      "He got bit." was all I needed to hear before I ran, searching for Namjoon.

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