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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2018
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Hell's broken loose in Jin's little town of Phanson. Walkers, man-eaters...zombies. Whatever you want to call them, start terrorizing people, driving them out of their homes. Who will be there for Jin?


19. Chapter 18


     The group and I were searching for Jin almost the whole day. We left the house at around 7 in the morning. Now it was around 8 in the afternoon. The group needed a rest, so we stayed at a drug store around the corner. V and Hoseok went to gather a few things in the store. Yoongi and Jimin were making room for us to sleep. I walked outside the store. My body was heated with anger. 

     "Why did Jin just get up and leave! Why didn't he tell me where he was going!?" I yelled at myself. I punched the metal wall next to the store. I kept hitting until my knuckles bled. Behind me, I could hear groaning. I turned around to see a few walkers coming my way. 

     "Fuck!" I whispered. I grabbed my machete from my bag. "Come at me, you little fuckers!" I yelled and ran towards them. I stabbed the ones in front of me in the head. The rest, I cut of their heads. 

     Exhaustion came over me and I fell to my knees. Without warning, I felt something bite my lower shoulder.

     "AaHh!" I screeched in pain. I turned my head to see that a walker sank his teeth into my flesh. I tried to push him back, but he wouldn't budge.

     "Namjoon!" Jimin yelled. I saw Jimin run up to me and stab the walker in the head. I bent down, holding my shoulder in pain. 

     "Ah, fuck! My shoulder!" I yelled. Jimin held me and help me walk to the store.

     "Quick! He needs help!" Jimin yelled at the others. Yoongi and the rest looked at me. They had horror written all over their face. 

     "Stop staring and help him!" Jimin yelled again. Hoseok ran up to me with a first-aid kit. 

     "Hurry, take off your shirt!" he instructed and I followed. My shoulder hurt as the shirt rubbed over the bite. I managed to remove the shirt and threw it to the side. 

     "Stay still, this is going to hurt." he warned me. I nodded and looked away. Hoseok opened up a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide. I held my breath as he poured a bunch of it on the bite. The stinging was unbearable. I opened my mouth to scream, but Yoongi put a bunch of cotton balls in my mouth, preventing me from scream. I bit on the balls as Hoseok continued to pour. After he was done, Hoseok grabbed a big band aid and placed it on the wound. He then wrapped my shoulder with a cloth to make it stop bleeding.

     "There. I tried my best. But I doubt that will stop the infection." he said with a sad tone. I closed my eyes and took out the cotton balls. 

     "We should sleep now. We have to find Jin tomorrow." V said. I nodded and everyone went to sleep. V went to Jimin and Yoongi to Hoseok. I sat down next to the wall.

     "I'll find you Jin. Cause I know I'm not dying anytime soon." I whispered and went to sleep.


    My legs hurt as I struggled to stand straight. With every movement, the marks on my back would start burning. I grunted and was finally able to stand. My arms felt heavy, as they were tied above me and I couldn't move them. I looked up as I heard someone open up my door.

    "Oh, look at who we have here. No wonder Jungkook is so interested in you. You have such a pretty face. I'm jealous." a stranger said as they touched my face. I flinched at his sudden touch. I looked at him and spit on his face. 

    "Ah! You bitch!" he said while wiping the spit on his face. His angry face turned into one that was filled with perverted thoughts. 

    "Heh. I saw what Jungkook did to you. But I know I could do worse!" he whispered. He immediately grabbed my crotch. I gasped as he rubbed his palm, slowly. He smirked and put his hand in my pants. My face heated up. I wanted to tell him to stop. I wanted all of this to stop. 

     The guy rubbed his thumb on my crotch. 

     "Chris." I heard Jungkook say. I looked up to see Jungkook leaned up against the door frame. He had a stern face. I looked at 'Chris', who looked down on the floor. He removed his hand from my pants. I backed away from Chris as much as I could. Still looking down, Chris exited the room. Jungkook looked at me and then left. I was left in my thoughts.

     "That's it. Fuck it. I'm finding a way out," I said to myself after a minute. I looked around the room for a sharp object. My eyes landed on a piece of a broken bottle. It was only a few feet away from me. I took my shoe off and reached for the glass. My foot touched the glass and I pulled it closer. As I picked the glass up with my toes, it cut the bottom of my big toe. I held my scream in, not wanting to alert the others. My legs only went far enough to put the glass on the table next to me. I set it on the table and put my foot down. 

     "Now, all I need to do is pick that up and cut off the ropes." I said to myself and set myself in thinking mode.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HHEEYY GUUYSS AND GALSS!!!! So.. I know you guys hate me already. I know you don't want this happening to Jin. I DONT EITHER!!! It hurts me to write this.. but this will lead to other things. I dont know to what things but I will get to them!!! PLEASE make sure to like and comment!! I would love it if you guys could give me some feedback!! THANKS!! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED AND YOU ALL IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! 

IG- xm.bae

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