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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2018
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Hell's broken loose in Jin's little town of Phanson. Walkers, man-eaters...zombies. Whatever you want to call them, start terrorizing people, driving them out of their homes. Who will be there for Jin?


14. Chapter 13


    "Jin! Help! Please help!" I heard someone yelling. My heart felt heavier as I noted that it was Namjoon's voice. I got up and ran in the direction of the scream. Worried thoughts went through my head.

    'He's in trouble! I gotta help him! What if he's already dead?!' I shook my head. But my speed gained with every thought. I turned the corner to hear more yelling.

    "Jin! Ahh! Get him off!" I heard as I saw Namjoon trying to fight a walker off of him. My feet ran towards Namjoon. Noticing me, the walker got off of Namjoon and started walking towards me. A feeling in my gut got deeper as I plunged a knife from my pocket into the mushy skull of the walker. My breathing got heavy and my thoughts turned to Namjoon.

    "Namjoon! Namjoon! Are you okay!" I yelled in panic as I search his body for any scratched or bites. He just grabbed my hand and pulled me towards him. I wanted to say something, but more screams came from the opposite direction. I looked at the younger male and we ran towards the sound. 

    My body froze as I saw the confusion and chaos in front of my eyes. There were walkers everywhere! People were screaming and begging for help. Some were laying on the floor, lifeless. Others were trying to kill the walkers that invaded the territory. 

     Tears fell from my eyes as I saw a young boy trying to run away from a walker, not noticing that there was a body, he fell and tripped. I tried to move my legs to help him, to tell him to run! My mouth and legs were frozen. I stared in horror as the walker fell on top of the boy and bit his neck. I closed my eyes as the little boy screeched in pain. I wiped the tears away and looked around. In the distance, I could see a few people trying to fight off the walkers. 

    I was about to run towards them, but Namjoon grabbed my sleeve. 

    "What are you doing! Let me go!" I yelled, desperate to help those people. Namjoon frowned and pulled me to himself. He let go and stabbed a walker I hadn't noticed. He turned around, blood on his face, looking as if he was going to cry. I opened my mouth to say sorry, but he walked past me, stabbing more walkers as he went. I sighed and followed him to the group of people. 

    I grabbed my knife harder and stabbed a few walkers coming my way. Namjoon was in front of me. Past his shoulder, I could see they were people I know. Some were Yoongi, Hoseok, V, and Jimin. I smiled as I went up to them and hugged them.

    "You guys are okay!" I yelled in excitement. They smiled at me

    "We gotta get out of here before more of them damned infected come through the gate." Yoongi said, pointing at a hole in the wall. I nodded and followed them out the little hole, Namjoon close behind.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~heyyy guyss!!!!!!! So, did you like it?? You know, the chapter??? DID YOU LIKE THE CHAPTER!!!! I promised you guys I would start focusing more on the apocalypse starting now!! I will continue to write more!!! You might be wondering why I didn't add Jungkook to the list of the members. Well, lets just say that I'm not sure if I want him dead or not??!! NOT IN REAL LIFE!!! I LOVE JUNGKOOK!! I JUST DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD ALLOW JIN AND NAMJOON TO FORGIVE HIM OR NOT!!! Anyways, I spoiled to much!!!!!!! OHHHH!!!! DID YOU GUYS WATCH THE NEW MV "DNA"!!!!!! IF YOU DIDN'T, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!! LEAVE GO!!!! BTS IS MORE IMPORTANAT THAN ME!!!! GO, BE FREE!!!!! IM TELLING IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS THEIR VISUALS!!!!!!!!! MAY THEIR LIGHT SHINE UPON ONE DAY!!!!!! BLESS ME THAT DAY!!!! ANYWAYS GO WATCH THE MV!!!!!! THEN MAYBE COME BACK AFTER CRYING OVER THEIR BEAUTY AND SEE YOU GUYS IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!!! BUBYYYYYYYY!!!!!


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