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  • Published: 15 Sep 2017
  • Updated: 5 Jan 2018
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Hell's broken loose in Jin's little town of Phanson. Walkers, man-eaters...zombies. Whatever you want to call them, start terrorizing people, driving them out of their homes. Who will be there for Jin?


12. Chapter 11


     After crying for hours, I looked at the time and saw that the time was half past midnight. I thought of going to sleep, but Namjoon opened the door and stood in front of me. He had a beat up face. His left eye was swollen and blue. His cheek had a cut and was irritated. His lip was bleeding. Summary: he looked like shit.

    "Namjoon!" I yelled as he lost balance and stumbled onto me.  I fell on my butt, Namjoon landing on top of me. I tried to get onto my elbows to help him up, but his weight overpowered mine and I landed on my back, Namjoon already on top. My cheeks turned red as I tried to push him off.

    "J-just l-let me s-stay he-here," Namjoon said as he moved my hands. We layed there for a few minutes. 

'time skip'

    I woke up with my back aching and struggling to breathe. I looked down to see Namjoon sleeping peacefully on top of me. I smiled and rubbed his head.

    "Hmm-mmm," I heard Namjoon yawn. I immediately pulled my hand away.

     "Aww! Don't stop!" he whined as he grabbed my hand and placed it on top of his head. I blushed as I rubbed his head again. I stopped rubbing his head and he got up, allowing me to breathe. Noticing how deep my breaths were, Namjoon mumbled a soft sorry. I sat up and looked at Namjoon. He looked at me. I could see that the swelling calmed down a little. I smiled at him and he put his head on my shoulder. He put his arms around me and pulled me into a hug.

     "I'm sorry," he said once again. I felt my shoulder get wet of his tears. I put my arms on his back and pulled him closer. Our bodies were touching and the warm feeling was the only warmth in the room. I wanted to stay like this but he pulled back. I decided to ask.

     "What happened. Who hit you so badly?" I asked, getting angry at whoever hurt my 'friend' like this. I looked at him as he sighed.

     "Jungkook." he replied. I looked at him shocked. My hatred towards Jungkook just reached another level.

     "Why!? Why did he do this to you?" I almost yelled at him. He looked at me with sad eyes.

      "I went up to him yesterday. After he k-kissed me. I wanted to tell him to stop. I knew that you were hurting. I didn't want that. I didn't know how to comfort you..." he trailed off. I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug. But the fire in my heart didn't die out. I pulled him away and got up. He looked up to look at me. I picked him up and put him on the bed. 

      "Rest." I said before I turned away. I felt Namjoon grab my arm. I didn't look back.

     "Where are you going!?" he asked. I looked back and leaned in.

     "I'm going to kill the person who did this to you."I whispered with a dead tone. Namjoon gasped and pulled me closer.

     "Don't. Just leave him alone." he whispered back. Our faces were just centimeters away. "I have an idea." he added.

     "Huh?" I asked, confused as to what his ´plan´. 

     ¨Lets leave this place.¨ he said, with a big smile plastered across his face.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hows everybody doing!!!!!!!!!! GOOD!!?? THATS GREAT!!! oh you want to know how i'm doing?? OH WELL I JUST FEEL LIKE BANGING MY HEAD ON THE WALL!! Otherwise i'm great!!! My throat is irritated and i can´t speak. WEll i hope you liked this chapter and see you guys in the next one!!

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