Tattoos and Flowers

In a small strip mall, just outside a highway there is two shops.
One a flower garden and the other a tattoo parlor.
Two vastly different people who end up falling in love.
The love story of a florist and a tattooist.


1. Chapter One

"Hey Lucy" my best friend James said as he looked creepily out the front window "Did you know the shop next door was bought?". I walked over to him and looked where he pointed, he was right. A group of guys were hauling in random boxes filled to the brim. 

"huh" I whispered as we both watched them "Should we go say hi?" I looked to my employee who was now trying to take a picture on his phone. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" I grabbed his phone out of his hand.

"Just trying to get a picture" he shrugged, I looked at him with a look to continue talking "They are all new here in this dump of a town and well I just wanted to send a picture to Misty to see if she could tell us who they are.

"That is so stupid to tell Misty, we should just go introduce ourselves" I pulled his hand out of my shop.

"What!" he tried to pull me back. 

"Hey, I'm Lucille, but call me Lucy" I introduced myself to one of the guys "This is James, we're right next door"

"You own the flower shop?" he looked bewildered "We knew a woman owned it, but the three of us thought it was some old broad"

"Nope, I'm twenty-seven" I popped the "p".

"Nice, I'm Aiden" He dropped the box and shook my hand "I'm twenty-five and very much single"

I started uncontrollably laughing "I-I'm sorry, but I am engaged" I showed him my ring.

"By this guy?" Aiden looked at James, who in return grimenced

"Yeah, no" he snorted "I'm her future brother in law and best friend"

"Cool, do you guys want to meet the rest of us" Aiden pointed inside "That way, we can get out of this heat and into cool air conditioning" we nodded quickly and headed inside. "Hey William! Cody! we have guest"

"Coming" yelled a voice, two guys came into view. Both were heavily tattooed just like Aiden. "Hey, I'm Cody and this is Will" said a blonde as he shook James and then my hand. I looked at the other one who was just leaning against the window. Germs.....

"Hi" was all he mustered out, I nodded at the clearly gorgeous guy. The three of them were all handsome, but somehow he stood out the most. 

"So, you guys are tattooist?" I looked around the dirty shop, grimacing at the unknown spots.

"Yeah, do you two have any body art" Cody said as he looked James and I over.

"I don't but James does" I pulled up my friend's shirt to reveal his tattoo, it was a simple phoenix on the pec. 

"Nice, who did it" Cody went up and just stared at it, it looked like he was eyeing Jame's nipple.

"....I just got in England, when I went to visit Chris"

"Who's Chris" William said as he started to look interested in the conversation

"My fiance, he works in England, so when we get married...I'll be moving there" I smiled at the thought of my loving man.

"Oh" he said as he went back to leaning against the window. I looked at him and then Cody and James who were still in an uncomfortable position. Aiden was snickering at the two guys, he looked at me and smiled.

"So, why a flower shop? he asked me as the rest of the guys perked up to hear what I was about to say.

"My grandma was the original owner, but when she passed I took over" I remembered her last words for me to take over the shop and keep it running for the years to come. They all looked semi-uncomfortable as I told them about my dead grandmother. "Don't worry about it, I love the shop as much as she did" I assured the two of them.

"So dead grandma, big whoop" William rolled his eyes and scoffed, I stared at him in disbelief. Sure she died three years ago but that doesn't mean he has to be an asshole about it.

"I'm sorry but is me talking interrupting your moody behavior" I glared at the man with deep brown eyes.

"Yeah and so is your presence, so why don't you just leave" he sneered at me. I could feel tears started to gather, but I shook them off and got a shocked James to leave with me.

"Are you okay" he hugged me as soon as the door closed and we were back in my shop. I shook my head and buried it in his chest. 

"He didn't have to be so rude" I could feel my voice waver as I held back the tears.

"Will is just an big bag of dicks, you don't have to care of what he says or thinks" he held me tighter "I just wish Chris was here to console you" he laughed
"Me too, he's been in England way too long" I sighed, I pushed myself off of James and wiped a rogue tear. "Let's finish watering the flowers" 

"Good idea" he said as he grabbed a pitcher and filled it with water.

"Do you know when Chris will be back?" 

"No, last I heard he had to stay another few weeks".


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