Mates Of Faith

Niana knows who her mate is, it was chosen for her before her birth, she will create the Red Moon pack with Ramuel, but when an old friend of Niana shows up after 11 years.
Suddenly everything is turned upside down. How much can their newborn pack handle when suddenly they have been chosen to take the lone wolf into their pack, that once had been a alpha too. There is only room for two alphas in a pack.


2. The Story Before The Story

Growling at Nahua, I tried to look as big as I can. I tried to get past him out into the open, but he looked at me form his resting place with one eye open. Niana, I'm not going to say it again. Get back inside he growls lifting his head.
I'm an alpha; you can't tell me what to do I said and walked outside into the fresh air. I felt a quick tuck in my fur. Nahua lifted me in the scruff and carried me back into the cave opening.
Maybe you are born an alpha, but you are still a pup. So I'm in charge, he snapped, pushing me inside with his snout. Whining with frustration, I did what he said. Pouting, I rested my head on my paws, looking at the cave opening. If only I was bigger, then I could just hunt with the others. Normally I was allowed to go with them, but this time they will try to take down an elk, which would be too big for me to be there. Suddenly I hear mother calling on Nahua for help.
He poked his head inside and looked at me straight in the eyes. Stay in here till I get back.
And just like that, he was gone. His paws hit the snow, the ice crunching under his weight. As soon as I can't hear his steps and breathing, I snuck out once again. I stood there in the frosty air, looking at the white wonder in front of me. When I stepped out on the snow, I felt it give under me. I ran around, howling with joy, feeling it in my fur.
I dug my snout down into it and barked in surprise at the coldness.
I suddenly heard what was described as laughter somewhere near. I turned around to see what has sneaked up on me while I was playing. I howled in pain when someone gripped my neck and yanked me up. “Will you look at this, boys! A black wolf pup!” he laughed when he looked at me, his brown eyes shining with joy. I growled, alarming with my ears pulled back, trying to reach out to my parents. Unfortunately, I have not yet learned how to communicate over long distances. “Heh, it's a little fighter, this one!” the human cackled, reaching after the bag one of the other men has in his hand. Scared, I tried to wiggle out of his grip.
Humans are dangerous; Mother always said that. But there should not be any so far into the woods. I howl for help.
These were the first I had seen outside of my pack, and they smelled of something harsh and irritating.
All goes dark when I'm shoved into the bag. I wiggle and claw on the fabric, but to no avail. Heartbroken and scared, I whined. Help me! I screamed while I felt the humans leaving my birthplace and home. But it was no use; my pack was too far away to hear me. I bump on the man's back for what felt like forever. I was so scared; I trembled, whimpering for anyone to help. My muscles suddenly started to ache, like I had run for too long. I wiggled around, yelping in pain while trying to not to suffocate. The bag became smaller and smaller. I heard the fabric ripping under me and I fell to the ground. I opened my eyes and looked right into a pair of brown eyes filled with fear and confusion.
I howled, but stopped when it came out completely wrong. Confused, I tried to sit up, but my body won't work the way I want it to. I collapsed into the snow, and the coldness stung my body. I looked down, surprised, for I have never felt that sensation before. I saw skin. Not fur, but skin. I lifted my paws up and saw hands. I wiggle what they called fingers, horrified and intrigued. 
I turned! I actually turned!
“What the hell?” the human yelled, getting the attention of the others. They came running back and all look at me with the same confused eyes. Right there, I saw my chance, and tried to run, but fell once again over my legs. This body was not built to run on all four, but I have never walked on two.
But the fear of them catching me somehow makes me get away. Fumbling and falling, I ran through the woods, trying to recognize anything that can tell me the way home. I tried to ignore the pain in my paws from the coldness that turns into pain. I kept stumbling over my own legs, cutting my body, which is not protected with fur anymore. Yelping in pain, I tried to figure out how to turn back. Father once told me that humans are not protected with fur. They can die if they stay outside too long in snow without what they called clothes on.
When I felt safe, I stopped to look for a place to get away from the snow that now falls around me. 
I heard laughter and tones like my mother used to play for me on a thing called a radio. I followed the sound, and found myself in a field, where I can see at least four humans. I immediately started to walk back when I saw a smaller female human coming out of this white can thing. Now on my back paws, I snuck towards the can. I stayed between the trees, not wanting to get the attention from the humans. They sat there around something, a moving red thing that made hissing sounds.
I pushed the white can thing and step back, ready for it to alarm its pack. Nothing happened; it does not yell nor move away. It simply stood there, like it did not feel anything. I moved towards the place the little human came out of, and glance inside. I stayed alert, ready to flee if it attacked. But the human just stood there, like it is thinking I am part of its pack. I saw something white laying there, and realized that it was clothes when I sniffed the scent of fabric. Mother and Father have the same smell on them when they are in their human form.
I snatched it and ran as quickly as I dared; I did not want to fall again. 
After some struggling with getting my head stuck the wrong places, I finally have the clothes the right way on. Or at least I think so. I looked down at myself, still not believing what I see. The clothes did not cover anything except my tummy and chest, and stopped under what my mother described as knees. I still felt the cold wind on my skin, which made me wish and plead to find out how to turn back to my wolf self that has fur. Whimpering, I searched for a cave or a hole I can hide in after realizing that I'm nowhere near my territory or another pack's that might could help me.
I am near the woods where the humans are.
Suddenly, I hear a growl behind me, but the scent is not one I recognize. Instinctively, I crouch down on the ground to show obedience. I tried to make myself look non-threatening like my father told me I should do when meeting new wolves. I felt a breath against my head, but kept my eyes closed, waiting for the sign that he does not see me as not an enemy. The scent of corn flowers and pine needles filled my nose and I knew that this wolf is not from any of our packs. Mother once took me to another forest where there was corn flowers to meet another pack and their Gamma-Alphas—that’s how I knew the smell. I felt a snout pushing me to show I could get up. I opened my eyes and looked straight into a pair of curious golden eyes.
I slowly sat up but kept my head down. I stared at the giant, dark brown paws in front of me. I look up into his face, seeing his tilted head while he examined me, sniffing to get my scent. Mother used to smell different when she was human, but you could still get the scent of wolf and lilies under the scent of human.
That is how I knew that he has figured out what I am already. What I don’t understand is why he has not turned.
He is young, but about to be an adult wolf. What is he doing here, so close to the humans? He does not belong to any of the packs under my Gamma-Alphas. Is he what Nahua called a lone wolf? He once told me that they existed, those without a pack themselves. And that you should be afraid of them, because a wolf without a pack will mostly go insane.
He must have smelled the fear ebbing from my body because he crouched down in a playful way to show me that he didn't want to harm me. A strange sound similar to laughter came from me I stop, surprised. Is that how my human voice sounded? Tilting his head, the wolf made the sound we do when we are happy, and playful.
I tilt my head and tried to mimic the sound, but a human throat can't do the exact same noise.
I saw the laughter in his eyes, turn to worry when he saw me shivering. He softly bit into my clothes and made me follow him to a cave I missed. I quickly crawl as far I can inside, trying to get away from the coldness. He laid himself around me and I lean against his soft fur, stealing the warmth from him. I feel my eyes get droop, and soon I have fallen asleep.
When I woke up, I forgot where I was for a split second. I became terrified over the fact that it was not my mother laying beside me. I tried to crawl away but end up with my nose down in the soft dirt.
I awakened the wolf with my outburst, and he stood up, shaking to get his fur back in place. Then he sat down and looked at me shortly before leaning closer and licking my face to clean it. I stood, knowing it was rude not to accept the help, but it felt weird when you are human getting licked with a raw tongue. When he was done, he pushed me towards the mounding of the cave. When I was outside, I saw the fresh layer of snow had vanished all our paw prints.
I turned around and looked at the wolf. I had survived the night, but how was I going to get home? He crouched down with his bum in the air, and gestured behind him. Ramuel and a pup from another pack had sat on his mother’s back the last time we met for a meeting, when he had turned. I realized that was probably what the wolf wanted me to do.
I tried to remember how Ramuel got back up on her back after he got down to play with me.
I jumped towards the wolf, so I landed half on his back, and tried to get my back paws with me. When I'm was sitting like Ramuel did, I used the fingers on my human paw to grab his fur. I couldn’t help but feel surprised over how natural it was to use them now. The wolf stood up and started to jog like he knew the way. Now I trusted him, so I just held on, hiding my head in his soft fur to keep warm. After what felt like forever, I started to hear howls, many howls, frustrated howls. I know by instinct my pack is calling and looking for me. We must have gone into the territory.
Excited, I whimpered, trying to howl to let them know I am here, but to no avail. Suddenly, I felt the wolf lay down under me, and I crawled over the snow towards the howls, whimpering.
Why can't I turn back? I thought sadly, crawling through the Underwood, hoping they will keep calling so I can get to them.
Suddenly, I felt someone behind me, and I turned because the smell is somehow familiar. I looked right into a pair of blue eyes, and can't help but whimper excitedly when I realized it was Ramuel standing there.
I crawled towards him, and he started to growl. I stopped, surprised, and turned around to show my tummy while yelping. He sniffed the air, and when he caught my scent, he stopped growling and jumped towards me with a happy howl.
Soon I was surrounded by familiar smells, and faces, the wolves licking me from head to paw.
I turned around to look at the wolf that smelled of pine needles, but he was gone. I tried to get out of the others now surrounding me, but it was no use. Suddenly I felt hands on my sides and I was lifted up. I looked right at the alpha of the full moon pack: Ramuel’s father. “Niana! Do you know how long we have searched for you!” he smiled, nuzzling our nose together.  “Your parents have been so worried! And you turned while you were at it.” He grinned at me.

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