The Truth About Hell

Did you know that the reason Lucifer got cast out of heaven? It wasn't because he didn't love humans, but because he loved one too much. The love of an angel is strong, and when it's channeled into one human, it can become too much. When God found out, he wasn't pleased.

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12. Chapter 11

I am not a morning person, and I have never been, so when I realize Sebastian have left the bed I decide not to get up and just miss out on breakfast, not yet ready to see Lucifer anyway after yesterday. I snuggle down into the warm sheets not wanting to leave the little cave of comfort I have created for myself. Since I was little have they had to drag me out of bed, and I know Lucifer won't be the one coming to Sebastian’s chambers to get me, so I decide to just stay in bed all day and forget the world outside of the sheets. But not everyone thought the same, suddenly the sheets get pulled of me and I abruptly sit up with a glare. “Get up, we are waiting for you” I fall back in the bed with a groan, trying to ignore him. Hoping he hadn’t already come back from earth.
I feel the bed give after and suddenly someone tug my feet and I fall down the bed, onto the hard floor with a wail. “Hey!” I cry out cranky rubbing my sore bottom, while sending him the evil glare he have learned me. He throw some clothes at my head and turn round, a sudden urge to throw it back at him hit me, but I know better than mess with him in the mornings, he is way more cranky than I am. Groaning I pull  the red blouse over my head before taping him on the shoulder, he turns around and looks at me from head to toe with a frown. “I guess this will do” he heads towards the door, I follow while mumbling “Suppose? Wow Sara you look amazing this morning even though I literally pulled you out of bed” I follow him down the hallway towards the dining room nodding at the demons that looks at me walking by. When he opens the doors the room fall silent, and I feel the eyes of not only Sebastian but Lucifer.
I don’t look up while hasting down to my place at the table with their eyes making holes in my back. Oka Cook assistant Tarsus put a bowl of cereal in front of me with a little smile, I smile back surprised. Normally I wouldn't get this kind of breakfast if it isn't a special occasion, because Oka think it's such a hassle asking the demons to get it.
We all eat in awkward silence, not even looking at each other, trying to finish as quickly as we can.
Breakfast isn't the chattiest meal we have, but this is just awkward, I look at Lucifer shortly seeing him almost swallow his fruit salad so he can leave. Not even half finished I hear the scraping of a chair getting pulled out and I see Lucifer flee towards the doors almost falling over his wings while excusing himself, talking about a meeting.
Well that was not awkward at all I think looking over at Neinor that eat his eggs and bacon.
Suddenly a bunch of papers get pushed down the long table and end in front of me, I look up and see Sebastian sitting there smiling at my disbelieved face.“Your work for today”
I know I have homework every day except weekends, and I had hoped today, but then again. When am I that lucky? By Lucifer I hate homework.
I eat the rest and drink the apple juice before taking the stack and head down to my chamber, with Neinor trotting after me. Neinor opens the door to my room and I head over to my already filled desk full of unfinished homework and drawings. I shove all the papers down on the floor to the rest and can see now why Neinor claim I must have been a pig in my former life because my room looks like a pigsty, because of all the papers laying shattered across the floor and the unmade bed.
Neinor jump onto the bed making the papers fly everywhere and spread out on my bed with a groan. Like I like to be here I think starting to read up on this man from Germany starting World War 2, called Adolf Hitler.
My homework is about the time he was in a bunker, and he dreamt about being buried alive of earth and molten lave, and he awoke from the nightmare and left the bunker in what Sebastian write as in a trance-like state to clear his head. He wandered into the open area which was a battlefield.
A burst of enemy fire got him to his senses and send him fleeing back to the bunkers safety only to find it had been directly hit on the dugout and all his comrades was dead, buried alive.
Sebastian write that he after claimed it had been a higher force that had wanted him alive, a destined role to be a great leader to his people. Attributing it to a force that would protect him, so he could carry out that role, little did he know that it had been Lucifer that had made him dream that to get him out of the bunker, and make him feel invincible.
sometimes I forget that Lucifer actually help those bad guys, and Hitler isn't the only one, because I forget where I am and who I'm with. These are demons, and Lucifer is the king of hell, king of all that is evil. Even though he is clumsiest person I have ever meet in my life.
Suddenly a penetrating screams hears through the castle making my blood freeze in my veins.
I abruptly stand up so the chair crass to the floor while heading towards the door, when I feel myself get turned around and pinned to the door.
“You not stupid enough to actually leave this room to check out where it came from are you? you know damn well not to bother with those kind of sounds, the rules is clear from nine to twelve is it in your chamber doing homework not matter what you hear” Neinor snarl in my ear before reaching locking the door and letting me go. I know the rules, it was made when I was little so I couldn’t see the work being done around the castle I think heading towards my table. But I'm seventeen and quite aware what happens in these hours. The next couple of hours I try to forget the scream, it's rare I get some kind of proof of what happens in mean time I'm doing homework, not that I mind that. I have maybe heard thirteen screams trough the years.
I know Lucifer don’t like me to think of where I am, so I don’t mention it to him or Sebastian,  but honestly at this point I don’t really care, as long I don’t have to help.
I know the people down here deserve it, and there is a reason why they ended here.
when I write the last word of my homework I stretch satisfied with a smile looking at the clock, it's soon twelve so I decide it won't do any harm to leave now, I glance over at Neinor that is sound asleep on my bed, and make a run for it.
When I open my door I see at least ten demons running around with big bags not even glancing my way while I walk towards the throne room to find Lucifer and apologize. I hate when he's mad at me, when I hear his voice from one of the rooms I'm not allowed into. I have an idea why I'm not allowed, but for some reason decide to see what's really in there and walks towards the room, when it burst open and Lucifer steps out completely covered in blood.
I feel my face loose color and turn around so I'm not facing him, I know he has a job to do, but it is my first to see him covered like that. I feel a presence behind me and his breath tickle my ear when he whispers “Is it hard looking at me when I'm like this?” I know he does it on purpose, wanting to see my reaction, because normally he would be the first to run away if he wants to hide something, and I know this isn't something he wants me to see, because he would normally be scared I might get scared. Turning around I focus on his golden eyes, the eyes I have known since I was little full of warmth now looking at me with worry because he is a

fraid. Smiling I some blood away from his chin with my sleeve trying not to show how I really feel, I got to remember who he is.
He isn't only the Lucifer I know; he is the king of hell.
“I’m not scared Lucifer, okay maybe a little, but not of you. I am still human, but I have accepted that this is also part of your job description as an evil angel” I can't let him see how shocked I am, so I keep on smiling. I know he tries to see if I lie when he grab my hand, he looks down on the blood on my sleeve, and suddenly start to drag me down the corridor mumbling something about me being unclean.
I see Sebastian coming our way and look shocked when sees me with Lucifer looking like that, Lucifer half throw me towards Sebastian that grab me before I hit the floor.
“ she need a bath, she got blood on her” he turn around to walk way without looking at us, I yell after him that he is the one covered in it, so maybe he should take a bath. he turns around and I see his eyes shine with fear before walking away without responding. He must be very angry at me I think dejected following Sebastian down to the bath.

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