The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


25. Scene 25

The person was pacing the corridor and sounded angry as he marched along, occasionally mumbling to himself like ‘why do I have to be up here’ and ‘this is so boring’. We waited behind the door for a while but he seemed to be positioned outside the door permanently just waiting for someone to emerge from the shadows which he could take out with a swift movement. I looked at Fae who was becoming impatient as we had been waiting for him to leave for at least twenty minutes. She stood up and placed her hand on the brass door handle, and slowly turned it.
“Are you crazy?!?!” I whispered pulling her away from the door.
“Fine then, you take him down.”
“Fine,” I replied as I turned the door handle and pulled the door open, creating a small gap between the door frame and the door. I peeped my head outside and saw the man standing straight in front of us, his back facing my face. I looked at Fae who gave me the informative to go and take him out- not on a date. I pounced on him and tackled him to the ground but I had the upper hand since I had surprised him. He tried to push me off of him but I pushed him against the carpeted floor and had my hands gripped around his throat. I gripped onto his throat until he stopped struggling, his arms fell limp and lifeless to the floor. Fae ran over and checked his pulse as I stood up checked the perimeter for anyone else.
“You think anyone heard?” I asked Fae who nodded a No at me. She grabbed one of his legs and I grabbed the other and we dragged his body into the ballroom and stuffed it under a table. We headed down the corridor to a flight of stairs which lead to the second story which appeared to be much more heavily guarded than the third. Fae and I ducked behind a cabinet at the bottom of the stairs as one of his minions walked past us yielding a gun.
“You think he is human?” Fae asked as she wondered why he had to carry a weapon since he had fangs and everything.
“Unless he is like Aiden.” I replied as I jumped over the cabinet and grabbed the gun from his palms, he turned around and attempted to punch me in the face but I was to quick and dodged it quickly. I kicked him in his kneecap and sent him falling down the flight of stairs which led to the first floor but the others had heard him tumble down. I threw the gun to Fae who was still hiding behind the cabinet and sprinted towards the other two guards who pointed weapons at me.
Then I had an idea. I kneeled down in front of them and begged them to take me to their leader. They both looked confused and still pointed the weapon at me.
“Should we take her?” The first guy asked.
“Maybe but we are meant to be on the lookout for those two girls.” Said the second guy who looked at me curiously.
“What if she is one of them?” Guy number two kneeled down in front of me and looked at my face which was covered by my long red hair. He brushed my hair back and looked at me.
“She does look a lot like the girl he described but he said that the girl with purple hair would always be with her, never alone so it might not be her.”
“Either way its a win win situation because we could potentially have the girl he is looking for and if not we have another person who wants to join the squad.” The guy shrugged and picked me up off of the ground and pointed the gun against my back. He sent guy number two to inspect the area and as soon as he went near the cabinet I knew I would have to say something.
“I am the girl he is looking for.” I stated as he went to look behind the cabinet but as soon as I said that he stopped and stood up straight, staring at me he walked over his boots making the floorboards under the carpet creak. He kicked me in the leg and I fell to the ground in agony.
“Wheres the other girl?” He shouted at me as he pointed the gun to my head as i sat up against the wall. I saw Fae peak out and look at me in worry, she held the gun and tried to aim it at the guy.
“NO!” I yelled which was intended for Fae but the guards thought i was talking to them. The guy punched me in the face and blood splattered all over the floor from my broken nose.
“How dare you mention Fae,” I heaved as the blood filled my mouth as it dripped from my nose, “She is dead.”
“How can we believe her?” Guy number one asked. I began to pretend crying to make it a bit more believable.
“Because I didn’t come here to hurt Casper. I came here to take him up on his offer.”
The guys looked like they knew what I was on about and picked me up. I wiped the blood off of my face and told them to take me to Casper. One of the men grabbed me by the wrists and began to drag me down the staircase.

I told Fae that she had to stay out of sight and to not try to help me because I had a plan. She tried to argue with me but she knew it was no use. I was brought down to the basement where a line of people stood on both sides of the path staring at me in disbelief that I had brought myself here willingly. One of them knocked on this huge vault door to let him know I was here and when this girl opened it and saw me she ushered me in. The door closed behind me with a bang and I was in a huge room surrounded by vampires feeding off of humans. They all stared at me and silence fell across the room. The room was like a huge crypt- high stone walls and stone floors but with a staircase on either side of what looked like a ridiculously high stage.
A pungent smell of stale blood hung in the air as I sauntered through the pools of blood which flooded the floor. All the bodies were piled up into a heap in the center of the room, their mouths drooped open and their eyes lifeless as the bodies were covered in gasoline and set alight creating a huge fire which illuminated the room and Casper’s face. He sat on a throne-like chair made of bones on top of the stage like platform. He stood up as soon as he saw me and walked up to the rail in front of him. He had a sinister smile plastered on his face as he looked into my eyes.
“Well look who is here,” Casper yelled as he signaled a girl to bring me up to him. The girl was Orla, the one from my dream. She went to grab my arm and drag me up but I pushed her away from me, her arm touched the fire and burned it. She screamed in pain and clutched her arm as she stood up. Casper looked pissed off at my actions and stormed down and grabbed me. He grabbed hold of my hand and kissed it as he welcomed me. I punched him in the face and kicked him in the stomach. He bent over in pain and two vampires came and restrained me.
“Sorry I meant to caress your face.” I chuckled at him as I saw him curl over in pain.
“What are you doing here?” He roared at me as Orla came over and helped him.
“I am taking you up on your offer, remember? At the hospital?” I asked trying not to sound sarcastic as my hands trembled as did my voice.
“Ah, yes. I remember that very clearly but I didn’t think you would actually take up that offer since you know, Fae and everything.”
“Fae’s dead.” I stated coldly and firmly, trying to make it as believable as possible.
“No love triangle anymore then?” He said as he sat back down on his throne and ordered me to sit next to him. I sat down in a mini thrown which was placed next to his, my hands bound in metal cuffs and the bones of the chair throbbed into my skin. I flinched uncomfortably at the sight of all of the vampires. The room smelled like burning flesh and the vampires feasted in abundance from the people they had picked up off of the street. Casper stood up in front of me, his eyes lifeless like one of the dead bodies from earlier but he was very much still alive, his chest moved up and down as he breathed in and out. He lent in, his hands placed on the sides of the chair I was sitting on, his breath mingling with mine. I avoided eye contact and stared at my feet.
“You're lying Dawn.” He stated as he dug his nails into my knee.
“You know what I am lying because who would ever want to be your Queen.” I yelled at him in pain spitting at him. He leaped backwards and wiped his eyes furiously.
“I thought Christmas Day was meant to be a day of happiness? You coming here is the perfect gift.” He started.
“Just keep on talking, I yawn when I am interested.” I yawned sarcastically which aggravated him.
“I am going to lock up everyone who ever laid a finger on me so that I can gain revenge on them and make them live an eternity of pain just like you are making me.”
“You know I had a dream about you Casper the other night?” I recalled which made him intrigued.
“But vampires don’t dream?” Somebody shouted from downstairs. Casper threatened them by clenching his fists and made them shut up.
“Please, continue.” Casper said as he sat on the railing across from me.
“I think I woke up screaming,” I revealed.
“Go to hell.”
“I must already be in hell if your standing here.” I yelled at him. I felt overcome with power as anger grew inside of me and broke the cuffs which binded my hands together, they fell to the floor and I stood up.
Casper was shocked as the cuffs were made from a metal which was extremely difficult for a human to break with any man made instrument, never mind a vampire with sheer strength. I turned around and kicked his throne, shattering it into pieces that scattered all over the place. Casper’s face was bright red and his fists were clenched as I walked straight past him and down to the vault door which I turned open so that Fae could come in.
“Its open but don’t come in yet okay?” I said to Fae telekinetically. There was no reply so I went to open the door wide to search for her but Casper was standing behind me and he pulled me back in.
“Where do you think you are going after pulling a stunt like that?” He threatened.
“I thought It was a stage. Did you not like my performance?” I snapped as i pushed him backwards into a group of vampires who were playing poker in the corner of the room. Casper stood up on the poker table and threw a deck of cards at me, the cards nearly cutting my face. I grew more and more furious, I contained it all inside of me until I blew.
“You bastard!” I roared at him, “You think i am weak don’t you? Well guess what I can do.” I stepped over to Orla and looked at her.
“Look at this bitch,” I exclaimed as I snapped her neck and threw her into the fire. She screamed as her flesh melted and her body became overheated. Within seconds she was incapable of speech. I picked off the people one by one, I ran ridiculously fast that I was a blur to Casper as each one of his vampire friends dropped dead.
“Light them up.” I sang as they dropped like flies, a sensation I had never felt before filled me. Casper kept trying to catch me, playing tag with severe consequences. When I stopped to take a breath they were all dead. Their bodies looked inanimate and some of them had blunt objects sticking out of them. Casper looked absolutely furious, sweat beads formed on his forehead. He pounced on me but I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off of his feet.
“You think that was all of my army?” He choked, “I have a back up plan.”
I felt guilty and lowered him down to the floor, his face still looked the same and that made it impossible to hurt him. He was the guy I had fallen in love with on the outside but on the inside he was a completely different person and that was my fault. I released him from my grip and he panted as he breathed in and out.
“Why did you do that?” He asked, “Why did you let me go? You could have had just killed me.” I turned around and opened the vault door.
“Because under that skin I know that the real Casper is still there.” Casper appeared in front of me and stopped me from leaving the vault.
“And how would you know that?” He asked as he walked towards me making me walk backwards into the vault again.
“You don’t do you? Your just hoping so cause you don’t want to have to kill me.” He roared.
“THIS IS ME NOW DAWN AND THERE IS NO GOING BACK!” He roared at me pushing me over onto the floor. He picked me up by my jacket and pinned me against the wall. He was screaming abuse in my face when Fae walked in and threw a fireball at him. He catapulted against the wall right beside me. When he saw Fae his eyes widened with surprise and fear. Fae walked towards him tossing a fireball in her hand. I rushed up next to her and bared my fangs at Casper who flinched.
“Please don’t Dawn! I still love you.” He whispered as he closed his eyes, ready to embrace his fate.
“Lower the fire Fae.” I commanded her but she didn’t.
“Why should I?” She replied the reflection of the fire in her eyes like it was a window to her soul. I lowered her hand and the fireball dematerialized in the air. I shuffled towards him and he cowered away thinking that I was going to attack him.
“I’m capable of anything but in this moment of time I am not going to hurt you.” I cautioned. I grabbed his shoulder and he grabbed my hand.
“Dawn?” He asked in a shy voice as he stared into my eyes, just like Casper had when we first met.
“Yes?” I asked as i pulled him away from the door and out into the middle of the room.
“I love you.” He whispered as he stared at the ground. I looked at Fae who did not seem convinced and neither did I. I couldn’t tell who I was talking to and who was confessing their love. He leaned in towards me and I hesitated and hovered away from him, keeping him at arms length away from me.
“Please Dawn, its me.” He whispered again, a tear falling from his face, “I swear its me.” He leaned forward again his eyes wide. I leaned forward and whispered into his ear.
“I don’t believe you.” But I pulled away to slowly. Suddenly my side burned with excruciating pain as he took a pocket knife from his pocket and stabbed me in the chest. I collapsed onto the ground and clutched the knife which hung out of my body. Blood poured out all the floor and oozed through my fingers like thin streams. Fae tried to rush to my side but Casper pushed her over and she banged her head against the vault door, blood oozed from a cut on her head. Casper knelled down next to me and turned the knife which was bashing against my ribs. I screamed as the pain was agonizing and unbearable. He kept turning it, round and round.
“Stop.” I begged as my vision started to blur as I had lost so much blood.
“Your wish is my command.” Was the last thing I heard him say before the pain stopped. For good.

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