The Break of Dawn

and heartbreak.

Control is only an illusion.


13. Scene 13

A week passed and then a few. Nothing happened except that Casper and I went on about ten dates and tried to spend every moment together that we could. Fae’s skill of using magic had increased dramatically and she was able to do every spell in the book without having to look. Aiden and Zoe were still happily together. I had not been feeling as good as everyone else recently though. My thirst for blood has grown and if starting to drive me mad. Every time I look at Casper, Fae, Zoe or anyone else, their veins literally seem to jut out of their neck, the rich red blood pumping through tempting me to feed. I could hardly handle school as It was like a farm of fresh produce lining up for my selection.
I may be able to use compulsion to make humans forget about what I did but I don’t want to have to as It is just wrong to feed on a species so close to my own. Fae knew I was hungry and kept offering herself as a ‘meal’ which was ashamedly tempting as I was so thirsty but I was thankfully able to resist at least for now...

Tonight I was going on a date with Casper. Tonight he wanted to make it a big deal as it was as he called it our ‘one month anniversary’. Zoe told me about how I was going to love everything he was going to do and how he had a lot planned. I missed most of it as I could only focus on the blood pulsing through her body.
“Dawn?” Zoe said finishing clasping up the necklace which Casper had given me on our first date.
“Yes, Zo?” I replied straightening the red ruby. She stared at me with her eyes like diamonds, a smile plastered on her face.
“You look beautiful, have a good time tonight the big one month anniversary!” She congratulated whilst laughing, “I do crack myself up! Ignore me.” She said as she hugged me. I hugged her back and told her to tell Fae, who was busy writing new spells in our room that I said goodbye to her. There was a knock on the door downstairs so Zoe went to answer it as I walked out of the kitchen into the hall. It was Casper followed by Aiden. Aiden went over to Zoe and kissed her and Casper stood in the hallway with a single rose. He wore a black suit and a red bow tie. Our outfits co-ordinated perfectly as my dress was black with red roses and black spots. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms. He embraced me, giving me a kiss on the lips. I stared into his deep blue eyes and ruffled his black hair. He bowed down and gave me the rose. I blushed.
“Madam, if you would like to accompany on this magnificent evening that would be splendid!” He informed me. I stood in front of him and took the rose out of his hand and smelt it.
“It depends Sir. What is on the agenda?”
“A night of fun and excellent dining, at least I hope,” Casper said standing up straight and taking my hand. Tanya ran into the hallway as we were about to exit through the door.
“Wait!” She shouted holding her camera in her hand, “Got to capture the moment.”
Casper and I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to take a picture and stood to smile at the door. I did not expect such a large flash to come out of the camera and it made my eyes sting. I bent over in pain as my eyes stung. Tanya stared at the photo shocked.
“What is it?” Fae asked as she went over and looked at the photo. She took the phone out of her hands and showed me. Casper appeared to be standing alone in the photograph. I showed Casper and he took the phone and said to Tanya that it must have been a lighting glitch. She decided to believe him then to question it and took the phone and wished us a good night. Casper opened the door and lead me out to the car and we waved goodbye to the others. I sat in the front seat in the car and buckled my seatbelt.
“Do you want to get a spare change of clothes?” Casper asked me as he pointed at the back seat which contained a spare set of his clothes.
“Sure?” I said confused as to why I would need a spare set of clothing. I walked back up to the front door and told Zoe that I needed a spare pair of clothes so she told me to stay there as she went to fetch them.
“You look beautiful Dawn.” Fae said as she inspected the dress, “I like the roses on it.” I smiled at me and Fae had not said many compliments to each other lately and it was nice to hear one now.
“Why, thank you,” I replied. Zoe handed me a stack of clothes which I brought out to the car and put in the back seats. I shut the door and turned around to see Fae standing there.
“Oh my God Fae! I shrieked, “You gave me a fright.” She looked at me and whispered sinisterly.

“You hungry?”. Zoe was standing in the doorway of the house and came out to fetch Fae who had not seemed right after the night in the alleyway when she was first consumed with darkness. I climbed back into the car and Casper asked me if I was ready. I nodded and he started the car and we drove into town.

“What are we doing tonight?” I quizzed as he had not mentioned one detail about the events which were to occur. He smiled as he continued to watch where he was driving.
“Its a surprise.”
“Can I not know even one tiny little detail?” I pleaded.
“I will let you in on one thing.”
“That you will enjoy it or at least I hope you will.”
That answer disappointed me but at the same time made me more excited to find out about what we were doing. Casper pulled into the alleyway which I and Fae first arrived. Casper unbuckled his belt and hopped out of the car, rushing over to open my door for me. He pulled me out of the car and stood in the dark, damp alleyway.
“What are we doing here?” I asked quite disappointed by my surroundings. Casper saw my look of disappointment and laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” I asked confused about what I had done which was so funny. He didn’t reply but instead took my hand and lead me into one of the doors that surrounded the alleyway. As we entered the door he stopped me in my tracks and put a scarf around my eyes. I screeched, holding my arms out trying to feel my way around the room. He continued to lead me through what felt like a maze. Casper sat me down in a chair and unwrapped the scarf telling me to keep my eyes shut till he had sat down. He finally asked me to open my eyes. We sat in a room which was lit by dozens of candles, rose petals scattered everywhere and a trolley which contained silver trays.
“Wow,” I exclaimed. The room was draped in black fabric, the rose petals threatening to blend into the carpet.
“I hope you like it,” Casper said as he grabbed one of the trays and sat it down in front of me. I lifted up the lid to find the steak tartar which I had the first time I saw Casper.
“You remembered.” I beamed as I tucked into the dish.
“Of course I remembered! After all, I do Love you.” He smiled. We finished eating the starter and the main and chatted for what felt like hours.
“Dawn, are you ready for dessert?” He said as he sat the last platter between us.
“I’m never full!” I exclaimed while laughing, of course, I am ready for dessert! It's my favorite course.
“I want you to lift off the lid for this one.” He said pushing the dish towards me.
“To open or not to open?” I joked as I slowly pulled the lid off. Underneath the lid on the tray was a selection of spray paint cans. I looked at Casper then back at the tray.
“Are we supposed to eat this?” I asked picking up a can and holding the nozzle towards my mouth. Casper quickly snatched it out of my hand.
“No! We are going to do something better.” He said leading me once again back through the path which we entered through. When we appeared back in the alleyway he took a spray can and asked me to select one.
“Why?” I asked admiring the variety of colors.
“Ever done graffiti?” He asked as he started to shake his can, “Oh wait! You gotta change first!” He shouted as he rushed to the car and took out the spare clothes. I took my clothes off of him and went into the room again and got changed into a pair of navy tracksuit bottoms and a yellow batman t-shirt. After I got changed I walked back out into the alleyway and grabbed a can. Casper appeared behind me dressed up in t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms as well.
“Were like twins!” I exclaimed when I saw him.
“Then its a bit wrong if we love each other if we were ‘related’!” He chuckled as he picked up a can.
“So explain to me how I use this and what the hell it does!” I asked shaking the can furiously as I tried to get it to do something. Casper walked over to me and held the can In my hand steadily. He placed my finger on the nozzle of the can and wrapped his other arm around my waist as he guided me through what I had to do.
“You hold the can steadily in your hand and aim where you want the spray to go on the wall.” He whispered seductively in my ear as he pulled me closer to him. I attempted to spray a love heart on the wall but it came out looking like a failed attempt of an ear.
“Like this.” He said as he guided my arm forming a love heart that actually was recognizable. Casper spun me around and pinned me up against the wall, my head in the middle of the love heart which was had just painted. He lent in, his soft pale skin touching mine and his black hair brushing against my forehead. His soft pink lips touched mine. I pulled away suddenly as the hunger grew and a throbbing pain formed in my head. I pushed Casper onto the floor away from me as my fangs appeared as did my red eyes. I hissed at Casper as he came over to soothe me. I searched the alleyway frantically for something wooden that I could use as a stake but the alleyway consisted of nothing but the car, spray cans and trash bags. I panicked as I knew I would be in a state of pandemonium in a moment, confused and unaware that Casper was more than just a meal , but someone I loved. I tried to run away but Casper grabbed onto my hand in an attempt to calm me down but it did not work.
“Dawn? Calm down!”
“You don’t think I am trying to!” I roared at him as I tried to pull away. Casper spun me around and had me facing his neck.
“Drink Dawn.” He commanded. I looked into his deep blue eyes and then at his neck.
“I can’t do that,” I whispered, a tear fell down my face. Casper wiped it away.
“Dawn just do it.” He said his voice trembling. I could not hold back any longer as my throat became dry and I became thirsty. I leaned in towards his neck and penetrated his soft delicate skin smooth and fragile, the blood pulsed through the veins in his neck like a waterfall of blood. My fangs found themselves drawn to the vein. The sweet blood flowed into my mouth like a grotesque river flowing down rocks. For a few seconds, I was lost in the rich, beautiful blood. I pulled away from his neck, the sweet blood dripping from my mouth. I looked at Casper who’s skin had become pale.
“Casper?” I grumbled as I let go of him, his body collapsing onto the floor in a heap.
“CASPER?!?” I screamed as I bent down and checked his neck for a pulse. His pulse was weak but it was still there so that meant he was still alive. I lifted up his weak body and lifted him into the car, his blood dripping from his neck onto my dress which I wore earlier. I got into the car and turned on the engine. I didn’t know how to drive so I guessed. I pressed my foot down onto the peddle and steered the wheel towards the direction of the house. The car started to move and I was soon on the road on the way back to the house which was luckily, only a few minutes away.

I managed to arrive at the house but I couldn't park so I left the engine running as I ran up to the door to get Fae and Zoe. Zoe answered and saw the blood all over my clothes, realizing what had happened without even having to ask. She rushed to the car and saw Casper.
“I will go and distract my mom and dad in the kitchen while you bring him upstairs.” She worried.
She headed indoors and I heard her talking to her mom and dad so I lifted him up and out of the car and carried him upstairs. I kicked open the door of my room and laid him down onto the bed. Fae walked in behind me carrying a bowl of popcorn which slowly fell to the ground with a thump when she saw Casper.
“What have you done!” Fae exclaimed as she ran over to Casper and checked his pulse.
“I don’t know Fae. Just please help!” She could tell how worried I was and did a healing spell on the gnash on Casper’s neck. She suspected that he would be fine after that and would wake up all fine but he didn’t.
“Fae? What’s wrong? Why isn’t he getting better?” I fretted. Fae looked puzzled herself and she didn’t know why he wasn’t getting better. Zoe walked into the room and saw that the cut on Casper’s neck was gone and she let out a sigh of relief. I can’t remember what happened after that as 
 I felt really hot, nauseous, dizzy, and my head hurt. I clung to the side of the bed and started to breathe deeply as I tried to stop the dizziness.
“Are you okay Fae?” Zoe asked as she walked over to me.
“Not really,” I replied just before I collapsed onto the floor.


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