Hashtag Blessed

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 13 Nov 2017
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All her life Rebecca Mader had loved children, she had loved interacting with babies and imagined dreaming of meeting the right guy and having a beautiful daughter. When she was 15 she already had her daughter's name picked out. "Mikayla Dawn". When Bex was was 33, she met and married Sean Maguire . They couldn't wait to raise their family together.....


6. The Special Delivery

Lana pushes me down the hall and into the elevator. I’m still having contractions. I try to fight away the pain but my best friend can tell that something’s wrong. She rolls me out of the elevator and into exam room one. Sean still hasn’t gotten here. Lana washes her hands and prepares all the equipment. She then examines everything that needs to be examined. She checks my pulse, my blood pressure, she checks my iron levels and checks the baby’s heartbeat.

“Nothing seems to be wrong, I still don’t know why you would have a preterm labor.”

“Am I in labor?”

“Yes, those Braxton Hicks were normal contractions.”

“Where’s Sean?”

“Jennifer called him, he should be on his way. The crew’s waiting outside, I’ll update them before we move you to room 407.”

“Okay thanks sis.”

         Lana leaves and I just sit. I put a hand over my abdomen and take a deep breath. I was going to be a mummy in just a few hours, maybe minutes. I don’t know this was my first baby. Lana returns and silently begins setting me up to move. As she rolls me down the hall I ask.

“How many centimeters dilated?”

“Four but your water hasn’t broken yet. We’re just going to set you up and watch you. I honestly don’t think you’re in labor.”

“Where’s Sean?”

“He called Jennifer and said he was stuck in traffic just two blocks from your house.”

“We live almost an hour away; will he be here in time?”

“I’m sure he will, if he isn’t I’m here.”

“Thanks Lana.”

         Lana kisses my cheek and rolls me into room 407. She sets up all the equipment and washes her hands again. She pops on a pair of gloves and checks to ensure everything is okay.

“You’re six centimeters, it’s only been a few minutes since I last checked. You’re maturing quickly. If it continues at this rate we might have to speed things along.”

“I’m not going to take any drugs, I want to do this all natural.”

“Rebecca, I’m talking to you as your doctor and not as your friend. If your water doesn’t break we’re going to have to manually break it. You’re at six cm and your amniotic sac hasn’t punctured. I have no idea why you’re in labor so early but we need to find out.”

“Could the placenta be detaching and recognizing the baby as a foreign object so it’s ejecting it?”

“Yes, at least you’re right at the week that’s perfectly normal for most preemies to be born.”

“How am I now?’

“Seven cm. It’s slowing down.”

“Where’s Sean?”

“I’ll ask Colin or Josh to call him. `    

 Lana leaves and leaves me alone. A searing pain rips through my abdomen and a wetness trickles between my legs. I take a deep breath and sigh. Lana comes back and I smile.

“I think my water just broke.”

“Sean is about fifteen minutes out. He should be here soon.”

Another searing pain rips through my abdomen as Lana and a few nurses begin to change the sheets and give me a dry place to rest. She wipes the sweat from my brow and places various monitors on me and on the baby. A few more nurses come to prepare the station and get everything in order. Lana gives me another examination.

“Your water has broken and you are ten centimeters dilated.”

“Lana will my cancer, affect the delivery.”

“It’ll leave you very weak.”

“Has my cancer stopped growing or has it gotten worse?”

“You’re the cancer specialist. You should ask Jennifer.”

Jennifer comes in and Lana gives the signal for me to begin pushing.
“I won’t push until Sean gets here.”

“Rebecca you have too.”

“Jennifer how long do I have to live with cancer?”

“Two years, it’s too far advanced to give you chemo. You’re going to be a mummy.”

“Sean’s not here.”

“I’ll get Colin to call him.”

Lana gets a stool and pops on a fresh pair of gloves. She looks up at the clock. A nurse stands ready with a towel for when my child first sees the light. They’ll place the baby on my chest and then in a few minutes would clean the miracle of life off. Right before Lana instructs me to push, Colin comes in.

“Sean’s five minutes away, do you think you can hold for five minutes.”

“Yes, we can but Bex still must push. It’s nearly six Bex, it’s nearly six.”

“I can’t do this.”

“Yes, you can…”

I take a deep breath and feel another contraction, I place my two hands on either side of my belly, I’m seven months pregnant and fixing to become a mother. I already know that he or she is going to be very tiny and very weak but my love will be enough to save my child’s life. When the contraction comes, I bear down and push with all my might.

“I can see its head, come on just a few more pushes.”

“Where’s Sean?”

“He’s coming Rebecca, you need to push. Deliver your child”

“Deliver my son…if it is a boy…you said it was…”

“Biopsy’s are for cancer not for gender determination. I’m glad your baby wasn’t cancer.”

“I still have cancer though, it’s spreading everywhere. I have two years.”

“Come on just one more push.”

“I want Sean!”

As soon as the three words come out of my mouth, my darling husband runs through the door. He carries the gender-neutral diaper bag and pulls out the bright green gender-neutral arrival dress. He puts down my bags and comes to stand beside me. He kisses my lips and I squeeze his hand.

“This morning you woke up to go to work, I was at work and now late into the night on this extraordinary day you’re delivering our child two months early.”

“A miracle is born today.”

“A miracle is born today indeed I love you Rebecca Leigh”

“I love you too Sean Michael Martin.”

“Okay Bex, one more push and you’ll be a mother.”

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