The Tables Have Turned

Eli a 16 year old boy in high school already has enough on his plate to deal with being a teenager. Now he has to deal with having a mutation in which he receives supernatural like powers. That's when Nathaniel comes in, he's one of the youngest assassin that is part of the government, and his next mission, to recruit Eli into the government. What happens when Eli falls for the mysterious Nathaniel, and Nathaniel has to now deal with an annoying Eli for he doesn't even reciprocate feelings for.


7. Chapter 7~ Where?

~I'm so sorry for the long wait. I had a couple of problems I had to take care of. So I hope you enjoy! Oh and I cant believe were almost at 1k reads. AHHHHHHHHHHHH I cant even so yeah....... Enjoy!

As I walk into school I can feel the eyes of everyone on me, eyes of pity. I can even feel Alyssa staring. I didn't mind everyone staring at me when they found out I had superpowers because it was about me, and no one was acting. When now they all look at me with pity, fake pity, there all acting to be sorry. But in reality there all just wondering what I'll do next, or they just might want to feel included. 

Right as I was about to sit down in homeroom, the speaker blared for me to go to the office. Again everyone's eyes was on me. I was starting to get annoyed. Not just about everyone staring at me but all the different reasons why, why can't they just make up their minds and stop! 

I'm was about to enter the office when the door suddenly opened, when a tall, bulky, black man, wearing just a black suit in tie. Like in the movie "Men in Black." He looked at me for a minute until a look of realization comes across his face. 

"Hello, Eli its nice to meet you my name is Agent Michels." 

"Hello." I say dumb struck. Is he really an agent like in the movies? 

"Well since we got introductions over with, I'm in a hurry so I should be going. But before I do i would like to give you something." Handing me an envelope.

"What is it?" I ask.

"A letter saying you can join the U.S. Branch of Superhumans." Opening the door to leave.

I just stand there as I am filled with so many emotions and thoughts. Why is he here, Why would he give me this now, what should I do. I heard once that if you join they send money back to your family for insurance. Maybe i could do that for dad. But he would never want me to do that even if he dies. So many things to worry about just because of this letter.

Then out of nowhere our school's guidance councilor came out and called for me to come in, he looked as if he was out of breath. We entered his office. 

"Come, sit down." He said trying to be calm but still out of breath.

I do as he says and I sit down.

"Well I bet your wandering why your here." 

"Yeah." Is all I can say. 

"Well I just wanted to call you down here to let you know that I'm here for you. I know a lot has happened to you, like your superpowers, your dad. Just know I'm here for you anytime."

"Ok, well if that's it can I go?"

"Yeah sure." He says a little sad.

As I exit all the people that work in the office of the school have their heads down, all kind of shivering. I could tell something really spooked them, there acting just like my mother did when my dad got hurt. I was going to see what happened but when I did they all just backed away. Making me think if it was the tall agent guy that I saw earlier.

So I end up going back to my class, to end up just seeing everyone point their attention towards me again! If I hadn't already said something I HATE THIS! So for some reason I end up yelling.........


"Mr. Eath there is no need to be yelling, go to the office."
"FINE!" I say yelling again. I start stomping to the office, and I can see all of the confused faces of everyone that was in the room. Then I notice something. "Where's Nathaniel?"

I somehow didn't notice Nathaniel not being here at all. Its probably because of all the stuff that's been happening. Well whatever, I end up having to wait for my mother to pick me up. They didn't give me some kind of punishment, they think its just because of all the stuff that's been happening that I lashed out. I don't know they might be right.

My mother gets to the school in about ten minutes, has a quick talk with the guidance councilor, and we leave. With no kind of expression at all. We get to the car and out of nowhere she hugs me, I hug back with no hesitation and for some reason start crying. I don't know why I'm crying but I am and it kind of feels good to let all this out.

When were done she starts the car and drive home. But before we enter the house I remember that I have the letter. I pull it out of my sweater pocket and tap moms shoulder. I hand it to her and she reads the front. Her eyes wide open she pulls me inside and sits me on the couch. She tares the envelope open and rips the letter out. She starts reading...........

Dear Eli Eath,

We the U.S.A. Branch of Super humans have sent this letter to confront you about your mutation. We ask politely for you to come join our forces. To help you make a decision we have made it so that if you do join we will help pay for your fathers medical bills over time as long as if you co- operate with us. We hope you consider our offer and we wish you the best in what ever choice you make.

My heart drops as I hear the last words come out of her mouth and start pacing back and forth the room. I panic, and think of all the different things I should do. Should I go for my dad, knowing they might be lying, should I not go and stay with my dad, or should I take the risk and believe what there saying.

I think of all the people I should ask for help. Mom, no she'll cant handle this right now. Dad, no I already know his answer, to stay. Then there Nathaniel, but I haven't seen him all day. So I freeze in place and think of only one thing, to go to bed and worry about it tomorrow.


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