Werewolf Lodge

When Roa, a elf, arrives at Werewolf Lodge, she is bitten by a wolf in the deep woods. Now, a half-breed, she struggles to survive in the harsh new world...where all kinds of creatures dwell.


2. Change


Lady Montague couldn't sleep. She was imagining that a huge werewolf was howling outside. Somehow, deep in her soul, she knew what must be done. She flicked on the lamps. Once she saw the light illuminate her chamber, she opened the grey doors with her right hand. By one o'clock in the early morning, Lady Montague saw Payton. 
​"Werewolves are on the loose", he told her. She saw several elves staring at her. "The Castle needs to be secured", Ralf Strong, the Elf Prince, said. He bowed to her, as they gripped their iron swords in their black gloved hands...and they headed outside to the castle.


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