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basically a way to keep track of my ocs, but feel free to come up with ur own headcanons about them lmao



AUTHOR'S NOTE: i realized way too late that in canon, aizawa (shōta) is thirty and thus not old enough to have kids that are already 17-18 but it's too late now haaaa


BACKGROUND: they're twins! they're the kids of aizawa shōta! eiji is hella extroverted where ayano is hella introverted! they're both in hero course, and are third years! and i! would! die! for! them! also eiji ends up befriending deku, iida, and ochako, so now ayano is friends with them by extension which she does not appreciate bc thanks a lot eiji now i have to socialize...deku totally has a notebook entry on both of them before he even meets them officially bc of the UA sports festival from his first year. (deku, iida, and ochako meet them in the beginning of second year.) even tho deku is technically friends with eiji, he thinks ayano is cooler tbh bc he thinks her quirk is cooler (but doesn't tell eiji that haaaaaa). ochako is lowkey gay for ayano and iida just thinks both their quirks have their pros and cons and is always giving them tips to minimize the cons and maximize the pros.

tldr; they're lowkey polar opposites, being twins, and eiji is the upbeat bi boi, ayano is the gloomy lesbian, and mako just enjoys making jokes about pans as in the cooking utensil.

name: aizawa eiji (英治, "great, peace")

age: 17-18

height: 5'11"; when he is 19-20, he is 6'0"

gender: trans male

sexuality: biromantic demisexual

hero name: warp force!

quirk: reality warping. allows him to "warp" reality, though his quirk does take into account all those science laws that say you can't create or destroy mass/energy/etc., only create something that is of equal mass/energy/etc. so yeah, eiji could create a sword from a rock, but he'd have to get his hands on a decently sized rock to make a good sword to slice people with. also he can teleport himself and ayano to other places and that's the tightest shit

name: aizawa ayano (綾乃, "my design")

nickname(s): aya (by eiji, izuku, ochako, and iida only. no one else dares to bc of her quirk(s?) she's a total bamf but doesn't seem to realize it)

age: 17-18

height: 5'11"; later on, when she is 19-20, 6'0"

gender: born female, but considers herself nonbinary/agender. doesn't particularly care whether people use she/her or they/them pronouns for her.

sexuality: homoromantic demisexual

hero name: oracle. she based her hero name off of her future vision quirk rather than her erasure quirk bc their dad already had the erasure quirk and the hero name to go with it, although he's an underground hero. also she got the name from yuzuru matsuzaka, who is incidentally light-haired. (thus continuing UA's version of red oni blue oni in which a light haired and dark haired person r friends and one gets their hero name from the other...)

quirk: erasure + future vision. both require the use of her eyes; neither are physical attack quirks. erasure "erases" the opponent's quirk, rendering it unable to be used. future vision allows her to see the most likely outcome(s), in turn allowing her to stage her own attacks based on the outcome(s) she sees. of course, since both erasure and future vision require her eyes, if she is blinded she wouldn't be able to use them, which is why she trained herself to be able to function without either of them if that scenario ever came up. however, being physically blinded would either affect her use of future vision, her use of erasure, or both. like ok, if there were blood in her eyes she couldn't use erasure or future vision bc she'd have to focus on fighting her opponent and keeping the blood out of her eyes since shallow cuts above the eyes do bleed quite a bit. but if she were in total darkness and couldn't see her opponent, she could still use future vision but not erasure since she needs to be able to see the opponent to use erasure on them. does that make any sense?? also, erasure doesn't work on mutation class quirks like the invisibility quirk or frog quirk. she can't use both of them at the same time either.

name: aizawa mako

age: 15

gender: female

sexuality: panromantic demisexual

hero name: decibel! fun fact, sound is measured in decibels

quirk: voice. she can amplify her voice to wild levels. at the moment, given that she's still only fifteen and a first year at UA, it ranges from shouting people out of your home in skyrim to breaking glass. later on though, she's able to break the sound barrier with her voice quirk.

background: [this is separate bc i added her like a day after initially making this chapter that originally only had eiji and ayano] just so u know, their - eiji, ayano, and mako's - parents are aizawa shōta and yamada hizashi, if u were confused about aizawa having kids but no wife or anything. like no, this is pure aizawa shōta x present mic. but fyi, eiji and ayano r from shōta and mako from hizashi, but have the same surrogate mother so they're half-siblings. they consider themselves full siblings tho lol.

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