heaven hold us

Earth is chaos after war, a rebellion is rising in Heaven, and Hell is coming

Galen, a guardian angel turned rogue, is on her own vendetta to make things right. But anger is a dangerous fuel and she is lighting the embers on fire. Battle is inevitable, leaving everyone with few choices. And Galen needs to realize that destroying the world is not the same as saving it.


3. 2 | the chase has just begun


months passed

She wasn’t afraid of the dark, but Galen knew all too well what the shadows covered. A seraph blade was her only defense against the demons, but her guardian had taught her well. She know how to handle the blade and she knew how to kill with it. A grim smile crossed her face, by the thought of the old angel whom she had trusted with her life. The man was now an enemy, just like everyone else.

Her sight of the world had turned black after she uncovered the truth; her guardian wasn’t the only angel working with the demons. Nephilims were being caught and killed all over America, but she had no idea why, yet.

It was one of the reasons she was in the warehouse now. She made her way through a big maze of racks, silently covering ground in her search for the angel. She had tracked him for weeks, Erikal had trapped more Nephilims than most of the angels she had killed, and he was going to pay, as soon as she had gotten the information she needed.

“Stop,” a cry echoed between the walls. Galen did as it asked, she stopped and listened for the slightest indication of the angel’s whereabouts. The fear in his voice was not to be mistaken, Erikal was scared and knew what she was capable of. It gave a certain satisfaction to know that the Heavens had started to fear her.

“Please,” the voice came back, this time she located a direction. Slowly she moved towards Erikal, who still tried to convince her to stop. He blurted out reasons for her to spare his life, but she didn’t listen to most of them. All had the same message; that he hadn’t know the outcome of his actions. She didn’t believe him for a second.

Finally, she saw the silhouette of his wings. He couldn’t hide them from her, and her own feathers scattered as she took off. Before the angel knew what happened, he was crushed beneath her weight.

She laid the blade upon his throat, pushing it just hard enough for a line of blood to appear. Erikal whimpered, wriggling underneath her. She had grown stronger the last couple of months, and was able to hold him down with the threat of a blade through his gorge.

“Hush,” she whispered, leaning close to his ears. He fell silent for a second, not even daring to move. “Tell me why.”

“I can’t,” he shouted in desperation. “They will kill me.”

She spared him of the fact that she would kill him no matter what. She didn’t ask him again, just pressed the seraph blade into his skin, waiting for the man to speak.

“I don’t know, okay? The demons, they help us escape heaven if we catch the Nephilims, “ he burst out, stumbling over the words. She cocked her head, her hair just barely touching his face. She knew that Heaven was in a riot, no angel knew their place anymore. Neither did she, though she had found her own path now.

“You don’t know?” he nodded  eagerly, in the thought that she would let him go. He was telling the truth, she wouldn’t get any information out of him. With a sigh, she slit his throat. The angel’s eyes grew big, as he tried to speak but choked in his own blood. She leaned down, her voice low as if she spoke from far away.

“May you burn in Hell.”

 She stood, leaving the angel who had finally closed his eyes. Her steps were no longer silent as she moved out of the warehouse, she let her boots slam upon the ground, not caring if anyone heard her. She was already wanted by Heaven and Hell, but she hadn’t been caught by the humans yet. They knew not of her existence, they were too busy cleaning up their own mess after the war. They had fought each other like animals over weapons that should never have been created, and they had started the riot in Heaven with their stupid agendas.

Sometimes she wondered, if helping the humans were the right thing to do. Perhaps she should let them rot in their own graves, but the Nephilims weren’t just humans. They had angel blood in their veins, making them stronger and more dangerous than a normal human being.

Her eyes burnt when she left the dark warehouse, and stood in the perimeter of New York City. A yellow cab was parked a few steps from her, the driver not even looking up as she came through the doors with a warning sign for no entrance.

She turned from him, and started walking as she hid the blade in her pants. It was burning hot in the summer, and the blood on her hands quickly clotted to her skin. She would need to clean them up soon, but right now the most important task was to shake off any demon following her. Erikal would not have been alone when he knew she was on his trail, and soon she would face a hellhound or demon.

She had only covered a few blocks, when the demon showed up. She could spot his black eyes even though the humans couldn’t, but he was more than capable of seeing her wings too. For a few minutes, they just watched each other across the street, then she turned down an alley and he moved. She walked slow, until they were completely away from curious eyes, then she faced the monster.

He jumped her with the lips pulled back from his teeth, making him look like a rabid dog. She managed to jump aside, cutting into his arm so he wheezed like a hurting animal. He jumped again, this time the teeth buried themselves in her hand. She gasped, knocking the handle of her blade into his eye.

The demon let go, pulling back as blood flowed from the eyebolt. She took the chance and impale her dagger into his chest. The demon gargled and stroke her cheek so she saw stars dancing before her eyes. But the dagger was still buried in his eye, and finally, the demon fell dead to the ground.

Galen staggered, the world spinning around as she recovered from the blow to her head. She pulled the blade out the body, and used it as a cane while leaving the alley through an abandoned building. She knew the outer streets of New York very well, and had camped in an old fabric just out of town.

She only spent a couple of minutes moving through buildings, before she could dump her body on a madras. She rubbed her eyes when a headache moved through her skull, and in her carelessness, she didn’t see the man coming out of the shadows.

“Hey,” she sprung to her feet, her wings shielding her body for any potential weapons, as she found the man standing before her. Her grinned, holding up his hands in surrender. “I’m not here to hurt you.”

She had learned not to trust people, so she didn’t move a muscle as she watched him. He shifted the weight between his feet, nervously meeting her eyes. His were a deep, chestnut brown, matching his dark hair and olive skin. his clothes were covered in scum and he seemed as one who had been on the run for a long time.

She reached for his aura, trying to figure out what he was. The man was neither a demon, angel or Nephilim, but he wasn’t a human either. As if he sensed her doubt, he found something in his pocket. It was a USB drive. He threw it to her and she caught it with her hand.

“What is this?” she asked.

“It’s a file,” he answered, slowly approaching her. “Containing every name of the Nephilims endangered by angels.”


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