Found it out.


1. Th3 3xpl01t

About two years ago, I found an exploit. A very big one. Around June of 2015. I was just getting into installing roms on phones and learning about all of that stuff, and my parents still weren’t letting me have real phone service. A friend of mine came to me asking if I had wanted to buy a phone in school (I have been trading phones around for a few months now at this point in 2015) and I said let me look at it. He didn’t tell me where he got it or anything like that, but it had service. So i basically found a way to cheat him out of the phone, I had a Moto G 1st gen, and the E and G look very similar, so I did a little swap, and told him that I didn’t want to buy it at this time. I was sneaky than as I am now, haha. Being 13 at the time, having a phone, It made me excited. I had phones but they were never activated, I have been fascinated for a long time with them. So long story short, later that month I had noticed that the data hadn’t ran out, and the next, and the next…. I was getting confused. There was a virgin mobile app on the phone that had told me the data usage and phone number, the limit was 10gb. I was way over that, I think at 17gb. This is where I found it. I switched to Cyanogen Mod 12 on the phone, and left it. I had showed my parents the next year, and we ordered another one, and Im glad we did, because after that last one was gone guess what, I could never find another one again. I did the same thing with that phone, But i had some ideas how to make sure it worked. I did a backup of the Moto E i had originally than put it on the other one, and it worked. Right away. The difference between the two is one has a phone number, and one doesn’t. The original one does. Its amazing what a kid like me could find out. I had just looked up the exploit, and there is only two other documented encounters, after me discovering it. This, makes the third.

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