Bitten & Changed

It seemed so surreal, the dream it woken me up again. The dream wouldn't let me have one nights rest. It seemed as if the dream was trying to tell me something. The dreams were always trying to get to me, and now I think they were. I didn't like it at all. They all started two years ago.

Meet Liara Huddleston she's now 18 years old. She just moved with her mother to a new town called AshMere Lake in Nevada. She never did share her dreams with anyone, but what happens when her dreams start to come true and everything starts to fall in to place for Liara?

Meet Brantley and Bentley Wolfe, everyone knows their family, everyone know what they are. When Liara moves to town the boys take an interest in her. They both need in her ways that they didn't ever imagine.


4. Chapter 4- Getting Friendly with the Wolfe Brothers

As we made our way upstairs to my bedroom I kept noticing him stop to look at the pictures we had hanging up in the hallway.

"Is this your real dad?" Brantley asked with a curious tone.

"Yeah, it is. I'm not sure what happened to him, though. He went missing one day two years ago." I told him sadly.

He looked like he wanted to tell me something interesting instead he said "I'm sorry. Have they had any leads or evidence to what happened to him?"

Shaking my head I grimaced. Parts of that night came back to me making me gasp in shock.

Brantley immediately noticed my change and came over to me. He pulled me in for a hug.

"It'll be alright. Maybe one day he'll return to you and your mother?" He asked in a questioning tone but trying to console me as well. I let him think that is what was wrong but with flashes still coming fresh from that night I held tighter to him.

A few minutes later after I calmed down and a few shed tears were wiped away from my cheeks by Brantley we went inside my room. When I cut the lights on I noticed a figure inside the window, slowly standing up.

I got ready to scream when Brantley covered my mouth and growled.

"What the hell are you doing here, brother?"

Bentley just smirked at us both and went around my room taking in where everything laid. He finally swirled my computer chair around and plopped down in it.

"Well I decided to follow you and then got a better idea. I have to watch out for my little brother now don't I?" Bentley snickered.

Brantley sighed and uncovered my mouth with his hand. Before I could reach Bentley and give him a hard slap across the cheek Brantley grasped my wrist and pulled me over to my bed.

I glared at him but he only shook his head then looked over at his brother. Bentley raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes, but continued to glance around my room.

"So what's his face going to do when he finds out there's two of us in your room?" Brantley snickered.

I shrugged my shoulders and said "Don't know, don't really care to be honest. I don't like him, he gives off weird vibes."

"He does. I heard him talking to someone on the phone before I came up here." Bentley said, nonchalantly.

"Was a woman's voice or a man's?" I asked.

"Not sure really. It sounded a bit muffled." Bentley shrugged.

"Gee, that helps out a lot." I muttered.

I started to get out my three textbooks and notebooks for homework when I heard the front door slam.

"Guess mom's working late." I mumbled.

Both of the brothers looked at each other and I noticed their eyes change color a bit.

"Do they leave you alone often?" Brantley asked.

"Not usually. Kevin usually stays home but like I said he's weird."

They looked at each other again but gave nothing away. I shrugged, thinking it was a weird brotherly bond. As I started to do my homework again, Bentley got up and looked out the window. Brantley laid back on my bed and closed his eyes.

I sighed after the first assignment was over and started on the second when I heard the front door slam again. What in the world was going on?

"I'm going downstairs to get something to snack on, would you two like something?" I asked.

"We'll come with you." Brantley jumped up from the bed. Bentley on the other hand just glared at his brother before striding up to us.

We were near the door downstairs when it opened and mom appeared carrying groceries.

"See told-. Wait how the- when-." Kevin fumed and tripped over his own words.

"Oh well it's okay Kevin. These are the Wolfe brothers. Their father and mother are coming to dinner tonight. Speaking of which you wouldn't mind helping me cook dinner tonight?" Mom asked.

"You know I don't cook. Get your daughter to help. I'll be in the living room watching the game." Kevin answers curtly.

That made my blood boil and so for the first time I spoke up, voicing my opinions.

"Your such an ass Kevin. All mom wants to do is spend time with you. And your too selfish to freaking help her. You know my dad used to love to cook with her. And you know what else if you ever lay a hand on her I'll be the one to hurt you."

Surprising myself with the last part; I don't know where that came from but it sort of scared me.  I didn't give him time to reply I just left the foyer and went in the kitchen with the brothers at my sides. 

"Wow, nicely put there." Bentley rewarded me with a charming smile. Whoa.  His smile was even better than Brantley's. My heart started to get all knotted up and even butterflies were fluttering around in my stomach.

Before I could blush anymore I turned around to walk right smack in to the refrigerator. Oh Lord. What is going on with me? I asked myself.

Never have I ever been so clumsy or felt the way I did around a guy well besides his brother. How could I feel the same way about both of them? Wait one minute here, I'm not going to feel anything for them. I won't go there. I just met them for goodness sake. Mentally talking to myself in hysterics I heard some laughter and seen a pair of hands.

Blinking then looking around I seen Bentley holding them out for me to take and Brantley getting an ice pack. When it hit my head I felt a bump, great way to go me. Sighing I slid down the fridge and looked at my mom who just came in the kitchen.

"Well what on earth did you do?" She asked, trying and failing not to giggle.

"Oh you know just walked in to the fridge. No biggie." Trying to play it off as an everyday thing. Mom lifted her eyebrow but only shook her head at me. Smiling mom helped me up and put a stool in the kitchen so I could sit there instead.

As mom prepared dinner Bentley and Brantley helped out but only let me do some of the stuff. I set the table adding in four more chairs. Accidentally bumping the furnished chairs Kevin came unglued.

Stomping in the dining room he glared at me Kevin couldn’t do anything because Bentley stepped in front of me. Kevin didn't have a chance to say anything because just then the doorbell rang. Before Kevin could walk away Bentley slid his arm around my waist. Kevin glared at his arm touching me. To make him more pissed off I threaded our fingers together. With that Kevin gritted his teeth and walked to get the door.

Before letting me go Bentley squeezed my fingers with his own. Semi smiling up at him I knew I was blushing.

"Come with me.  I want you to meet our father." His eyes sparkled with a golden brown luster. 

All of a sudden I was nervous about meeting his family, even though we were having a dinner at my own home. 

"Um actually I'm going to help out mom in the kitchen.  I'm sure she needs help." Stammering out my sentences then wrenching my hand free out of his.

It hurt me to do that to Bentley since he was being nice to me.  Before entering the kitchen, I looked back at him; his eyes went black.  A hardness and cold stare entered them that made me shiver in fear. 

Feeling horrible for what I did I would have to make it up to him somehow. Upon entering the kitchen mom was stirring the sauce and Kevin was holding her by the waist.  Frowning I turned on my heel.  Taking the back way up to my room I heard mom laugh out loud.

Slamming my door then locking it. I headed for my closet and opened the door.  Going in the back I took out my key from my necklace that I always wore.  Opening the chest, I got out the picture frame and held it tightly to my chest. 

"Oh daddy, I miss you so much." I cried out. 

"Why did you have to leave me?  And Mom too? Now she's dating a jerk and I just wish I could talk to you or see you again." Sniffling, I sat the picture of me, mom, and dad on my lap, talking to it. 

A knock on the door brought me out of my closest.  "Go away!"  I yelled out. 

"Liara, please let me in.  Let me help you." Brantley begged. 

"No, now please, go away." Crying out, my voice cracked. 

Turning around I heard and felt an pair of arms wrap around me.  His breathing sent chills up and down my spine. It also made me calm down just a little bit.

Letting myself cry into his chest I mumbled how sorry I was.  My emotions took ahold of me.  I hadn't let myself feel any emotion to what happened two years ago.  My throat soon felt dry and achy.  My eyes felt heavy and to top it all off I was hiccupping.

Looking up at Bentley he was peeking down at me.  Wiping a couple of fresh tears off my cheeks he carried me and sat me on my bed.

Staring at the floor I was wondering what Bentley thought of me. I was a mess. I was acting like a child but I felt ashamed because of it. Dad wouldn't like to see me like this. Wiping tears that freely fell down my cheeks I hesitantly peered up.

Bentley bent down in front of me and took a hold of my hand and squeezed it. I half smiled then whispered, "Thank you."

"I'm sorry for putting you through that."

"Like I said before, your completely fine. I honestly didn't mind it, as long as it's you and not my brother then we're fine."

Laughing I shook my head but Bentley caught my head in his hands holding me there. Looking in my eyes he started to bend down but there was a knock on the door.

Sighing he leaned back up and straightened his shirt then went to the door. Opening the door, it was his mother. Gasping at how beautiful she was, it made me feel like I was not worthy of being in her presence.

"Mom?" Bentley asked, in confusion.

"Hi, honey. I just wanted to come and check on her. Is she alright? Her mother had told us about the father and meeting Kevin. I actually understand her position. Could I have a moment with her?"

"Um sure. I'll be back okay?"

I nodded once and Bentley left the room. Looking up at her I sniffled a little bit then ran a hand through my hair.

"It's okay Liara. I went through the same thing but my father actually left my mother. We'll help find your father. But the thing with that is when you go to bed, I need you to drink this." When his mother finished talking she pulled a silver shining bottle from her pocket. I got up and went over to her. Taking the bottle, it glowed even brighter than before. His mother smiled and her eyes lit up with the golden hue.

"Just remember what I told you. Oh also your mother would like you to come down to dinner."

"Ok. I'll be down in just a few."

Nodding her head, she left the room. Putting up the bottle in my night stand drawer I went in the bathroom down the hallway from my room and closed the door. Locking the door, I turned around and seen myself in the mirror. My eyes were red still and my hair was all over the place.

Looking over at the shower I decided to strip and take a quick shower. Coming out of the bathroom my breath caught in my throat. Bentley was standing outside the door leaning up against the wall.

Placing a hand across my chest and glaring at him, he only smirked. Bentley then raised his eye brows and nodded.

"Wow." All I could say then started towards my room. Stopping Bentley with shutting my door in his face and locked the door just in case he got any ideas.

Getting dressed in my most comfortable clothes I then went over to my dresser and brushed my hair then opened my door. Again I found Bentley and rolled my eyes. I felt cramped and in the short amount of time I've known him his presence was very noticeable but rather annoying too.

Making our way down to the kitchen Bentley grabbed my hand. Glancing up at him I gave him a weird look but didn't try to take my hand away.

His mother and father were sitting and eating dinner with my mother and Kevin. I smiled then took my place beside mom and Bentley sat beside me.

"I'm sorry for earlier. I didn't mean to offend anyone if I did." I apologized.

"It's fine. You needed a moment to yourself. Get you some dinner, you’re probably hungry, right?" Bentley's father told me.

Smiling timidly, I reached over my plate and grabbed a roll. I looked up and seen Brantley staring intently at his brother. He didn't look pleased at all. Shrugging, I asked his mother to pass me the salad. Grinning at me she did and winked as well. Half smiling I took it and tossed the salad some more picking out more peppers and cucumbers too. When I asked Kevin to pass me the spaghetti bowl he shook his head.

Glaring at him I scooted my chair and reached over to grab the bowl from the table. Looking around the table I noticed it was quiet. Too quiet.

"So um I have a question, if you don't mind me asking it." I asked the brothers father.

"Sure, ask away."

"I noticed our necklaces and bracelets are about the same. Why do we have to wear them?"

"Well there's different levels of necklaces and bracelets for every person in this town. I'll explain that later but your one of the higher persons who we keep an closer eye on. As for the other question it helps us keep track of all the humans also it’s a way of protection. You'll see one day."

Nodding I took another bite of my food then looked at mom. She was playing with hers and looking down. Peering over at Kevin I frowned when I found him smug looking.

Trying to cheer her up I said "This spaghetti is really good mom. Just like when you and dad made it together."

Smiling up at me mom grabbed my hand and squeezed it. Her eyes shone the hurt but she wished he were here. In ways I think I brought joy but a sadness as well. Kevin then excused himself and retired to the living room again.

Shaking my head, I only rolled my eyes. I thought I was right in my first assumption of him. He was jealous of my father to have had my mother first. I just hope and prayed mom wouldn't marry him. He had been hinting at it for a while now but mom always said no. I think she missed my dad too much and had hope he would come back alive.

Going back upstairs from dinner which was actually entertaining. I learned about Bentley and Brantley when they were little boys. As well of some of the rules about AshMere Valley. Some of the rules confused me though. Like the one last one, if you tried to leave AshMere Valley and you knew their secret you had to have your memory erased.

Bentley stayed after his parents left when they got a phone call about an emergency at home. Brantley went with them but said he would see Bentley later.

We helped mom clean up and then I went to my room before Bentley acted like he was going to leave. Before I changed I heard Kevin yell out to my mom. Gritting my teeth, I breathed in and out. Trying to keep my calm but I was losing hope that I would keep my calm with him much longer.

Changing in to my pajama’s I heard a soft tap on my bedroom window.

“Hold on one second.”

Putting my t-shirt on as quickly as I could. I yelled out ok and slid up my window. Coming in my window quickly Bentley held my shoulders and kissed my forehead.

“Thank you for staying with me. This is going to be weird but I'm kind of excited.” I whispered.

Laughing out loud Bentley just took my hands and led me over to my bed. Smiling at him I was actually really nervous. Biting my lip, I leaned over to my night stand and took out the bright bottle. Glowing brightly Bentley whistled and whispered “Wow. That's the brightest I've ever seen the potion.”

“Really? Is that a good thing?” I asked.

“Yes and no. I'll explain that later.” Bentley answered, while squeezing my hand in his own.

“Oh let me go to the bathroom right fast and get a glass of water for the both of us.” Saying quickly.

Nodding his head, he laid back on my bed with his arms behind him and stared up at the ceiling fan. Leaving the room, I went down the hallway and slipped in the bathroom. Trying to calm myself and heart down I looked in the mirror and my eyes were huge. I poured me some water in a cup and drank it fast. After drinking three cups of water I felt myself calming down I was finally feeling like myself.

Going back to my room with two full cups of cold water I seen Kevin in my room. Gasping I looked around my room for Bentley. Looking down under my bed I seen his eyes in a golden hue and sighed.

“What are you doing in my room? Did I give you permission to come in here?” In a cold tone, I set both cups of water down.

“I wanted to check and make sure none of those boys were in your room before we all went to bed.” Kevin replied curtly.

Laughing in a humorless tone I sighed. “There's no one here besides me.”

“Oh really?” He accused me of hiding someone in my closet. Opening my closet and turning the light on I tapped my foot.

Soon my patience was thinning. I then yelled for my mom because Kevin wouldn't leave my room. Mom came in and asked what was going on and scooted Kevin out.

“Sorry honey, it won't happen again I promise.” Closing my door, I peered underneath my bed and smiled at Bentley.

“That was close. I dove underneath your bed as fast as I could without him noticing. He just came in without me noticing which scared me because I usually have a sense of someone coming in.”

“I told you he's weird and I get a weird vibe off of him. It's like he's different but I don't know how.” I replied in a soft tone.

Coming out from underneath my bed Bentley sat on the edge and brought the bottle out from under the covers. Sighing and then smiling at it I took it from him. Climbing back in to bed I looked from Bentley to the bottle and back again.

“Okay go ahead and drink a pinch of the clear liquid. Just a pinch though.” Bentley said kind of strained.

“Okay then well here I go.” Drinking a tiny sip of the liquid I had a cough. Soon enough I got drowsy and drank a small bit of my water and laid down beside Bentley. Holding my hand, he squeezed. After I was asleep I opened my eyes and I felt the sun beaming down on my skin. The sun was high in the sky and I looked around me.

Two boys plus a women came toward me in a speed I've never seen before. Their eyes were glowing a golden hue and their skin was radiant, like they had been kissed by the sun. Not too long after wards an all gray wolf came running up beside the women. Her smile grew and before my eyes knew what was happening the wolf shifted in to a man.

Stifling a gasp in my throat I fell backwards on my butt and crawled backwards. What the hell was going on? I hadn't had a clue to what they were but now I was deathly afraid of what was before me. A family of some kind of mutants. I got up and turned but before I could actually start going away from them I felt a luke warm hand catch my wrist.

Looking back, I found Brantley holding my wrist gently. Smiling down at me then his family came around me.

“What's going on? Where am I and what the hell are you?” I asked well shouted.

“You're in a dream world, but we like to call it dream walking. You’re in our territory called Oasis Valley.” Brantley answered.

Sighing his mother and father looked at each other then looked at their sons. Before answering another wolf tore through the field at a high speed. Spinning or trying to turn back the tan wolf came running back. Meeting him before he could come barreling in to me Bentley stopped the wolf.

Throwing his arms up he met the other wolf at his neck and pinned him to the ground. Yelping as it hit the ground Bentley rolled his eyes.

“Are you alright?” I asked the wolf. The tanned wolf shifted and smiled at me politely.

“I'm fine. Thank you for asking. I'm sorry I came rushing over here but there's been an emergency meeting called at your house. It's concerning the rogue grouping that has been moving around as of late.”

I looked at the brother's father and he only nodded and then shook his head. With a heavy sigh he looked at his wife. It was like they were talking to each without saying anything because they only communicated with head nods or shakes.

Raising an eyebrow in confusion I sat back down on the ground and looked around once again. The trees were all green and the warmth of the sun was heartwarming. The green of the grass was swaying back and forth in the wind.

“What do you think? It's crazy isn't it?” Bentley asked, sitting down beside me.

“Yeah it is, better than dreaming.” Smiling at him.

Grinning back at me I heard a snarl then looked up to see a gray and white and black wolf show it's teeth then dart off in to the woods. Shaking his head Bentley looked at where Brantley took off too.

“Is he okay? Was it something I did?” I asked, genuinely curious but then again kind of annoyed. He had been acting this way since this afternoon.

“No it's nothing you've done. It's something I'm doing right now.” He answered staring in to the woods after his brother.

"What are you doing? I don't understand. Your just-oh wait now I get it. He's jealous isn't he?" Asking Bentley while I was still taking in the scenery before me.

"Yes. Extremely jealous but I would be too if I were him. You were meant for one of us initially. I'll explain that at a later date. For now, come with me." Getting up and holding out his hand for me to take.

Pulling me up I about tripped but ended up being pulled against Bentley tightly. My hands were rested against his waist which was solid. When I looked up in to his eyes they were a bright golden color with a hint of something in his them. Heat flooded my cheeks and as I was about to look away Bentley brought his hand to my cheek.

"Well I think we may have a brothel before we know it. Looks like there may be something between them already. Her father was right in what he was telling us." Bentley's mother tried to whisper.

I ended up hearing it though but it didn't make any sense. How did dad know them and what was a brothel? Was there something between me and Bentley? I surely didn't know at this point. I had to admit he was gorgeous but so was Brantley. I wasn't sure of my feelings at this point.

Still, we all headed back to their home and that's when I woke up. Coughing I sat straight up in my bed finding Bentley still lying there. I drank me some water and waited until he woke up. I got up and went over to my window. Peering out I noticed the moon was a crescent weaning moon and the sky was clear.

Hearing Bentley stir he sat up and looked over at my side of the bed, but didn't see me. Looking around my room he jumped up and came over to me. Holding me in his arms he made sure I was alright and breathing properly. He had forgotten to tell me when I went in the dream state that my body would want me to come back to the real world soon.

Caressing my cheek, I felt the heat rush back to my cheeks. Smiling down at me he took me over to my bed and laid beside me.

"Get some rest. I'll be here unless someone's trying to come in. I'll hide then." He whispered in my ear.

"Don't try anything or I'll punch you."

Chuckling he said he wouldn't do that, that he was raised right but if one day that I wanted more than he wouldn't be responsible for the end result. Shaking my head, I giggled but turned over to look at him before fluttering my eyes closed.

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