Bitten & Changed

It seemed so surreal, the dream it woken me up again. The dream wouldn't let me have one nights rest. It seemed as if the dream was trying to tell me something. The dreams were always trying to get to me, and now I think they were. I didn't like it at all. They all started two years ago.

Meet Liara Huddleston she's now 18 years old. She just moved with her mother to a new town called AshMere Lake in Nevada. She never did share her dreams with anyone, but what happens when her dreams start to come true and everything starts to fall in to place for Liara?

Meet Brantley and Bentley Wolfe, everyone knows their family, everyone know what they are. When Liara moves to town the boys take an interest in her. They both need in her ways that they didn't ever imagine.


1. Chapter 1- New School

The dream ended like it always did, with me waking up panting or screaming. Uncovering myself I looked at my white nightgown which was an ivory silk gown. Not like what my grandmother would wear but something a little more seductive. A little lace was at the end making a pattern that went all the way around. Making sure I hadn't brought back the water puddles that I trampled through with me. I was cold and shivering. But that was nothing new with me. I was always cold when I woke up from the nightmare. I brought up my feet to examine them too. Not a mark or scratch on me. Sometimes when I woke up I had a mark or a bruise or a nick on my skin. There was this one time I had woken up from a night mare drenched in cold water with leaves and branches stuck to my black night gown. I even had to change my bed sheets because the water that I went through went up to my hips.

Something in the dream changed again. Whatever it was, something inside told me I wasn't going to like it too much. A lingering dangerous feeling creeped up my spine. This time I was able to catch a glimpse of something. Something that wasn't right, she had violet eyes and platinum blonde hair. Her essence alone made her eerie. Just thinking about it made my stomach lurch.

My dreams were always trouble, every once in a while, they would change or I would meet these two boys. Brantley and Bentley Wolfe. I would be in the dream and I could see myself with one or both of them. In one particular scene I was in Bentley's bedroom with him. He was telling me not to tease him, I could feel my heart racing. My body was ready for him to take me as his own. My soul and his soul were connected already. I interrupted him and pushed him back on the bed. Barely touching his lips with my own, I admired his plump, perfect, lush-ish lips for a moment. My hands found his olive tan skin and lingered there for a moment before he lifted us up. Only to tear off one of my favorite button up shirts. He lay back down with the position were already in, closing his eyes waiting. Placing my lips upon his I heard a growl reverberate in his chest.

Every time I would get ready to go for one of the brothers, I would feel unsure of which one I would go for. I didn't understand my confusion. I felt my face warm because the both of them could make want to pull my hair out. Or they could make me want to jump their bones in an instant. I was pulled both ways.

The dreams all started when I turned 16, two years ago. I was doing chores like my mother wanted me too. Suddenly this weird feeling I still can't describe came over me and it felt like it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Remembering the first dream I seen both of them, the brothers, Brantley and Bentley. I had walked through some muddy water puddles. My feet were now muddy with some leaves here and there, sticking to my feet. My black satin night gown soaking wet, dribbled water off while walking. Silently as I could walk through the trees with the full moon shining through them lighting the way. Another deep puddle of water with each measured step kissed my ankles with cold kisses as the hem of my night gown stuck to my leg. Holding my breath as if it could make me any quieter. Getting to edge of the giant oak tree that was surrounding me I placed my hand on the tree and felt it humming. The life inside it was energizing and springing with life nesting inside. Taking a step, I felt the twig under my bare foot too late to keep my weight from snapping it. The boys spun around toward me, their gazes piercing my soul and freezing me mid-step.

I don't ever think I had felt something like I did when their piercing gazes caught mine. Their gazes, each one different, yet the same. Bentley with his shaven sides and spiked in the middle bronze hair, his gaze was lustful yet unsure of himself. Brantley with his hair had come undone from the tie he had it back with sprung free. It was down to his shoulders. His gaze was passionate yet wonder filled with a hint of lust. I swallowed hard, turning to run, dodging trees and tripping over fallen tree branches, too afraid to look back. I ran until my heart my pounding in my ears, until I was too exhausted to run anymore. I ran until I stopped in my tracks.

The next thing I know these beautiful gray and white with a little bit of black on their snouts as well as ears wolves appeared in front of me. They were snarling at me, two enormous wolves, their gray and white fur standing on end. They were crouched low, their teeth dripping with saliva. The black tips of their ears stood proud, alert, moving to capture every sound even as their black noses twitched, capturing the unfamiliar scent of me. One even stepped closer to me, bringing a deep reverberating growl, from the other. I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was in my room, tangled in my bed sheets. Safe.

That was the very first dream I had of them. Every now and again they would appear but it scared the living day lights out of me. I just didn't understand who or what they wanted.

Somehow or another after the first dream I ended up in bed with my pajama's on. It was weird because I didn't remember going to bed or putting my PJ's on. I took in my surroundings in my bedroom, it wasn't as bright as it would be during the day. I looked over towards my alarm clock, it showed the time as 5:45 AM. I groaned then laid back down in my warm baby blue and lime green blankets. I looked around my with the moon shining down in from the vaulted ceilings I had, brightening my room up a little bit for me to see around my room.

My little square nightstand is a light wooden color with my angel lamp that was beside my alarm clock. Next to my night stand was a door, a lime green door to be exact, that led to my closet. Beside my closet was another nightstand, a bit bigger than the one beside my bed, it held my jewelry box.

In the center of my room was a flat screen TV with a cabinet directly underneath it. The cabinet was a dark cherry oak that held books, papers, binders, and my desktop. It was pretty if I say so myself. It was mostly filled with homework. It also held a picture I hold dear to my heart. A picture with my biological father and my living mother.

Next to the desk was my sliding glass window, I never understood what it's purpose was. I didn't want to know either.

I sighed when I looked next the window because there, there was a desk that was filled with newspaper clipping of what happened that horrible day. Two years ago, never mind that I'm not going to let that memory haunt me.

I finally fell back asleep about the same time as my alarm clock went off. I turned over, hit the snooze, then rolled back over. Just as I turned over my mom came in my room and shouted

"Up, school time, Up!"

I groaned "Go Away!"

"No! Now get up young lady or you're going to be late." She scolded.

I rolled my eyes then closed them once more. Soon I found myself in the floor with my blankets and pillows. I moved my sandy blonde tangled mess of hair out of my face and looked up. My mom, Lucy, was peering over my sideways mattress giving me "the look".

"Come on mom." I whine.

"Up. Up. Up." She told me one more time before laying my mattress back down gently. She then swiftly left my room.

All that was two years ago. Now I am in a new town as well as a new state. My mother was also dating a new guy I despised.

As for me I was starting a new school tomorrow called AshMere Valley High. To question I was nervous was an understatement. My stomach felt all knotted up with a lot of butterflies rolling around as well. When I looked at my clock it was 5:35 AM once again.

"Always the same dream, always the same dang time." I mumbled to myself. I was so used to getting up or waking up this early that I went ahead and got up for the day.

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