Fanboy / Papyton One-Shots

If I use a prompt I'll tell you and you can feel free to use it for your own stories.
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1. Missing Date

Prompt: Person A gets stood up on their date and Person B (who works at the restaurant or smth idk) sits with them to make sure they don't feel lonely/awkward/whatever

It was nine o'clock on a Saturday night and Papyrus' date still hadn't shown up. At first, he thought, maybe, there was an emergency of some kind or something else urgent but after a few more minutes he came to the, terrible, conclusion, that he was being stood up. The great Papyrus of all people, who in their right mind wouldn't show up?

He sighed, looking down at the milkshake he had ordered a few minutes ago when he'd determined what was really going on. He was getting lonely... and hungry. A part of him wanted to just go home so he wouldn't have to deal with this humiliation.

"Hey, there," a smooth, low voice hummed in his ear.

He looked up quickly to see a gorgeous, well dressed man with sleek black hair and vibrant blue eyes. He was wearing a name tag that had the name 'Mettaton' under the word 'owner.'

"U-Um hello," Papyrus replied, startled.

"You look down, what's wrong?" Mettaton asked.

"My date never showed up," he mumbled before glancing at the door, "Either that, or he's just very late."

Mettaton frowned. "That's terrible," he said, taking the seat across from Papyrus, "I know how you feel though, it's happened to me before."

"I can't imagine," Papyrus said. He really couldn't. Whoever stood this man up must have been out of their mind, they really missed out.

Mettaton smiled. "Well, you're still here and if I'm not wrong, you never ate dinner."

"I didn't but I'm not sure if I want to eat here, I'm just feeling kind of down."

"I get that, if you just want to go home and be alone, that's fine," he grinned, "But if you do want to eat here it's on the house."

Papyrus raised his eyebrows. A free meal sounded great.

"But I'm still alone in a crowded restaurant," he said, frowning.

"You don't have to be," Mettaton cooed in a tone flirty enough that Papyrus finally understood what he was saying.

"Oh," he smiled and blushed, "That, um, that sounds great."

And so Papyrus ordered a pasta dish and Mettaton got a drink, considering he had already eaten dinner and they talked for so long Papyrus forgot why they were talking.

It was nearly eleven when Papyrus finished eating.

He smiled. "That was really nice of you. I have a feeling I had a better time with you than I would've with him."

"You think so?" Mettaton asked returning the smile, "Because I had a great time, too. It almost makes me want to ask if you're free next Friday."

"Why almost?"

"I was afraid you would think that was weird."

Papyrus laughed. "I'm free. Probably. I don't usually have plans."

Mettaton nodded and stood up. "Can I walk you to your car?"

Papyrus stood up and started to put his jacket on, "I, um, walked down. I only live a few blocks away."

"Then let me walk you home."

"That's ridiculous, you'll have to walk back in the dark."

Mettaton raised an eyebrow. "But you'll have to walk to your house in the dark."

"I guess so..."

"Alright, let's go."

"But you-"

"Come on."

They walked outside together.

It was dark and cold. Everything was covered in snow that was illuminated only by streetlights and the light coming from the windows of restaurants.

The two began walking down the street. They turned at the street Papyrus lived on and stopped in front of a large warmly lit home.

Papyrus smiled. "Thank you for everything."

"No problem, sweetheart," Mettaton hummed, his hand leaning against Papyrus' jaw.

He looked at his lips and back into his eyes. Papyrus shifted then leaned in.

Mettaton closed the gap between their lips.

After a few moments they separated.

Papyrus smiled sheepishly.

"U-Um, goodnight."

"Goodnight darling," Mettaton called as Papyrus walked to his door.

He watched him go inside then walked back through the cold to the restaurant.


And then he got murdered.

Haha jk but idk how I feel about this I'm really tired too so bye.

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