Seventeen - Baby, I loved you First (민규 & 원우)

Being S.Coups' little sister had it's perks, 12 of them to be exact.. But involving yourself with 2 of them will come back to bite you.

Wonwoo and Mingyu are best friends, brothers even. However, will that really matter when they are both in love with the same girl?


3. The Past 3 Years... Chapter 3

Those words that Mingyu said to you hurt.. Bad. 

How could he possibly believe that they meant nothing to you? When in reality it's all you can think about.


1 Year Ago...

You and Mingyu were in a secluded cafe in Japan for Seventeen's tour. You were getting stared at by everyone, but not because of his famous status. Quite frankly, because you couldn't keep your hands off each other.

"Someone's going to recognise us!" You giggled, Mingyu ignored you, burying his head into the crook of your neck wrapping is arms around your waist. You could feel him smile against your skin, you really wanted to stay like this for as long as possible.. You looked down at the younger boy, you had so much love for him your heart could burst..

He lay his head on your shoulder, his gaze meeting yours.

"I love you" This wasn't the first time he's said this to you, to be honest he says it at least 10 times a day and has done for the past year and an half. However, each time doesn't fail to make your heart flutter just like the first...

"I love you too" You smiled sweetly at him, pressing your noses together in a butterfly kiss. You heard the locals in the cafe groan and scoff at your cheesiness, but did either of you really care?

*End of Flashback*

Once you brought yourself back to reality, your cheeks were drenched, and your eyes were puffy. You silently turned to him. 

You were pissed.

Without thinking you slapped him across the face, he held his head to the side, his jaw clenched, looking sharper than ever..

You felt bad for hitting him, but you were too angry to admit it.

"How fucking dare you say that to me. Do you even know me at all?!" You tried to keep your voice quiet, you didn't want any of the members listening in.. Especially not your Boyfriend..

"You moved on so quick. We broke up in March Y/N. March. You've been with HIM for 3 months which means it took you 2 months to get over me! 2 months! Is that all I'm worth to you?!" You couldn't respond, to be honest when you started dating Wonwoo you weren't over Mingyu... You still aren't...

"Does he make you feel the same way I did? Huh?! Do you feel the same way about him, as you did about me?! Do you love him more than you loved me?! Is the relationship we had for 3 years the same as the one you've had with him for 3 months?! TELL ME!" He was crying at this point.. But he was angry, his blood was boiling, you were honestly a little scared of him..

He moved closer to you, each step he took causing your heart to beat faster. You were scared. But you trusted him with your life, you knew he wouldn't physically hurt you, but your brain was wondering how close he would get..

Backed into a corner. He was inches from you, at this point he could probably feel your heart beating out of your chest. You wanted to run, suppress you feelings but his tensed arms were blocking the escape route.

"Does your heart beat this fast when he's this close to you? Do your legs become this weak? Tell me, and I'll back off" His voice was softer this time. He was right, your legs were practically jelly, if it wasn't for the wall you probably would have collapsed..

He pressed his forehead against yours, you could feel his warm breath against your lips. You wanted to kiss him so badly.. But you couldn't, and you 100% wouldn't not when you're committed to someone else.

For a split second you contemplated your new relationship, but Wonwoo could also make your heart flutter like no tomorrow.. Can you be in love with 2 people at the same time?

The downstairs hallway light was switched on, panic radiating from each of you. The next thing you know, Mingyu exits the back door and you're left standing in the corner, shaken and confused.

"Noona? What's going on?" Seungkwan and Dino stood at the door frame, they are both half asleep... What did they hear?...

"Nothing" You smiled

"I thought I saw a spider that's all" You laughed breathlessly, your little brothers giving you a weird expression.

"Aish! Noona why are you like this! How many times do we have to tell you! They won't hurt you!" Dino whined, clearly they were both too asleep to hear anything.

Seungkwan guided the sleepy Maknae back up the stairs. You let out a breath that you didn't realise you were holding. 


Mingyu sat outside, his head against the door. Struggling to catch is breath. He was usually a calm person. But he couldn't control his emotions around you...


"NO WAY!!" Hoshi yelled, causing his younger brother Minghao to cover his mouth.

"Are you crazy! They could here you!!" 

"Y/N and Mingyu?! Do we tell Wonwoo?!"

"I don't know Hyung..."

While you were fighting, these two heard everything, watching your dramatic scene from the door in the living room.


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