Seventeen - Baby, I loved you First (민규 & 원우)

Being S.Coups' little sister had it's perks, 12 of them to be exact.. But involving yourself with 2 of them will come back to bite you.

Wonwoo and Mingyu are best friends, brothers even. However, will that really matter when they are both in love with the same girl?


2. Complicated... Chapter 2

You stayed back to clean up once everyone had went to bed.

Picking up the paper plates and pizza boxes, you made your way to the kitchen to dispose of the rubbish.

That's where he was...

"Mingyu.." Your throat was dry, but you had no idea why, you've done nothing wrong! So why was your heart beating so fast? You could feel the plastic bin bag slipping through your now sweaty palms..

You quickly rushed to the bin, trying to avoid conversing with him.

You almost made it out the door, but before you could, he spoke up...

"Noona..." You were a year older than him, you were Wonwoo's age. Hearing that word come from his mouth didn't sounds right, because you were the one acting childish..

His voice was unsteady, incredibley shaky, like he'd been crying. This made you feel worse, even though you convinced yourself you were innocent in the situation.

"Why- why didn't you tell me first?" You could feel his stare burning into you, but you couldn't make yourself face him.

"Noona please-" You clutched your chest, your heart was breaking at the sound of his voice..

"Why didn't you tell me? My best friend Y/N.. Out of all the people I have to see you with it's him!!" His voice strained at the sudden volume lift.

"Y/N! What's going on down there, who are you talking to?!" You heard Jun's sleepy voice from upstairs, his creaky footsteps making his way down.

You quickly turned, placing your hand over Mingyu's mouth.

"Ah- No one! Just go back to bed! I'm just cleaning!" You stuttered, your mind going into panic mode.

There was no response, meaning Jun was gone. You sighed deeply closing your eyes, when you opened them you realised 2 things.

1. Your hand was still covering Mingyu's mouth, his sore eyes dropping tears onto your fingers.

2. You and Mingyu were too close for comfort.

You stared for a second before stepping away from him. He was about to speak but you couldn't hear anymore..

"I can't do this right now.." Your own eyes started to fill with tears, you blinked them away as you began to leave..

"Just answer me this ... Please"

You stopped in your tracks, yet refusing to look at his fragile form again.

"Did those 3 years mean anything to you?..."

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