Revenge & Romance

His revenge.
Her romance.

Augustus Wyatt's sister was killed by a powerful gangster, Leroy Daniels. Now Augustus, as a returned soldier, is looking for someone to get the job done. The job is easy; Kill Leroy. Then he meets Ravenna Milligan, a bad girl, who happens to be an English godfather's daughter. With one purpose and one purpose only, Augustus makes a deal with her.

"Kill Leroy Daniels for me and I'll do anything for you."



Of course, this story won't be in Romance if there isn't romance.


1. Chapter 1: Revenge


I can feel the heat of anger. It is burning within my veins as I stare at the lifeless body of my little sister, Ariel. She was only 16 years old and her life was taken from her. As her older brother, I made it my mission to hunt down the person who killed her. 

Leroy Daniels.

That man is going pay for what he did. Ariel was too young, too innocent and too good to die in such a painful way. She was auditioned for a lead role in a play. She worked so hard for it and now it is lost because some gangster decided to take over the town and kill young girls. Now that I am here, I will not let this continue. This has to stop. 


I turn around and see Kathy Armstrong, Ariel's babysitter. I was never that close to Ariel but we did not hate each other either. We got along really well and we both understood the circumstances. Kathy was like a big sister to Ariel and that was my purpose in hiring her. They were very close. I give Kathy a small nod and say, "I will hunt him down."

Kathy shakes her head, her blonde locks framing her heart-shaped face. She comes and stands next to me. She places her hand gently on my arm and says, "Don't, Gus. It's too dangerous. Ariel wouldn't want this for you."

"She's dead, Kathy. Dead," I say. The heavy, sinking feeling settles in the pit of my stomach. I know that feeling. It's the same old familiar pain. It was there when my parents died. Now it's here because of Ariel. I should've taken Ariel with me. I should've been there. I failed.

"Augustus Wyatt, listen to yourself! You're a good man but revenge isn't going to bring Ariel back," Kathy says, tears threatening to run down her freckled face. 

I look at Ariel's body and say, "But at least I'll have the satisfaction of bringing him down."

"Don't, Augustus. The police will take care of this," she says, trying to change my mind.

I let out a humorless laugh and say, "For 3 days and everything fades away. Nothing. Silence. The police don't care." With a defeated sigh, Kathy glances at Ariel's body and walks out of the room leaving me with the deafening silence.


"You can't do this alone," Hank says.

I nod my head and say, "I know. That's why I need your help. You know who to contact for this kind of work."

Hank leans back into his leather armchair and taps his chin. He opens his mouth and closes it as if he is unsure. He takes a deep breath and says, "There is someone I know. They're in London but they can help you. You can't call or text them. You have to go there and speak-no, deal with them. I suggest you talk to the daughter and let her speak to her father."

"Who are you talking about?" I ask, frowning.

"Ravenna Milligan."


It turns out that Ravenna Milligan is an English godfather's daughter. I know I am going deep into the dirty work of the world. But for Ariel, I will do anything for her. I will make Leroy Daniels pay. He has to pay. 

I stand in front of the gated mansion. The gate is pitch black and well-built. I came to the address that Hank gave to me. I push on the doorbell and wait for a response. Then 6 men comes toward me, only the gate between us. They are all dressed in black and they have guns. I know right away that I came to the right place. 

"Who are you?" one of the men demands, holding the gun at me.

I put my hands up and say, "Augustus Wyatt. I need to speak to Ravenna Milligan about business. It's about eliminating someone. I'm no here to harm the Milligan family. I'm not stupid. I just need their help to take down a group of gangsters."

They look at each other and one of them called someone. Then they open the gate for me and let me in. I step into the mansion and see a girl descending down the stairs. She has dirty blonde hair and sharp blue eyes that shine with intelligence. She comes and stands in front of me. Her eyes landing on me with calculations.

"How did you find me?" she asks, crossing her arms over her chest.

I sigh and say, "It does not matter I found you. What matters is what you can do for me and what I can do for you."

She raises her thick eyebrow at me and says, "Downright business. Very well, follow me. I don't like standing for a long time." I follow her as she guides me to a study. She sits down behind the desk and puts her long legs on the desk.

"Have you heard of Leroy Daniels?" I ask, leaning back into the armchair.

Something flashes in her eyes and disappears almost instantly. She tilts her head and asks, "What about him?"

"I want him eliminated," I say, looking deeply into her eyes.

She swallows and asks, "Why?"

"He killed my sister, Ariel. She was only 16."

"What can you give me in return?"

"Anything you want."

She smirks and says, "So desperate. Come back in 2 days." 

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