Dreams Of Love 2

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  • Published: 6 Aug 2017
  • Updated: 6 Aug 2017
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Our love was really like a dream but I never wanted this dream to end.


1. Love Is Immortal

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I, Ishutosh Pandey, before starting the chapter two i.e the final chapter of Dreams of Love series want to thank many people. Basically I want to thank everyone, each and every reader of my story, those who love my story, those who criticise my story. With each story, my connection with my readers has strengthened and they have always given me the motivation to write more. Dreams of Love is a story which is very close to my heart. With this story, I am leaving my writings in the Romantic genre. I see Dreams of Love as my last romantic story . I wish that it will stay in the hearts of everyone. For me personally, love is a feeling which we cannot express in any manner. Through this story, I have tried a little to tell what love is for me. I can’t say it’s the final thing but yes one thing is for sure, there are many types of love and you need to respect them all. I hope all the readers will enjoy and have great time with Ishant and Anya. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recap of Chapter 01 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So the story starts with Ishant is in airport waiting for anya to come as she is leaving for London to pursue her dream of becoming an fashion designer from london fashion school. As she comes, they both see off each other and then ishant gives Anya a diary which he had named dreams of love which he had written in last two years when she was doing her 11-12 from hostel and they both were not in contact. After seeing off while Ishant is coming back from airport, he gets a call from his friend Akshay that ishant and akshay have gotten a job offer from Karan Production. This production house is Ishant dream production house to work in. Akshay tells him that they have a flight tonight so he will meet him at the airport only. Ishant reaches his place, he starts packing up when he gets a letter , a ring for him kept by Anya. After that one Ishant reaches airport, he tells Akshay about these letters and ring. When Akshay asks Ishant that what he has given her for memory, he tells a diary. Akshay gets very confused that how much special a diary can be. Then Ishant suddenly gets a call from Anya informing him that flight is about to take off and she will be reading the diary to pass her time. At that time Ishant tells Anya about him getting this job offer. After boarding the plane, Akshay continuously asks more about the diary. Then Ishant tell him about the diary. The diary contains each and every moment he lived with Anya even when she was not there. He tells him his whole story about how he met her, how he felt when she was going to hostel, how he imagines that she must be doing spending her time there, many fictional dreams which he wants to spent with Anya. Then he tells her how when Ishant went to Chandigarh on his holidays, Anya surprised him by arranging a party. After that they spend some great time together in those holidays. Then she went back to hostel and Ishant decided to meet her on their 1st anniversary and Anya birthday as they come back to back. He reaches delhi to his cousins place. He then on 12th which is her birthday decides to go to her hostel and meet her which is practically impossible as school don't allow unknown people to meet. As he reach outside the school. There Ishant stops telling the story to Akshay and tells him that he will carry on the story tomorrow now once they are done with their interview. They have reached mumbai. When they reach their hotel, and go to sleep, Ishant is very restless as he has no update on Anya. He tries calling her again and again but she is not picking it up. Suddenly after half an hour she he receives a message from Anya that she is safe and she has reached apartment. She is very sleepy she will call him tomorrow once she will wake up. Ishant gets tension free and sleeps. Next day in interview when he gets to know about the contract that its a three film project which will be shot in london, paris and melbourne and each location will be like for 2-3 months. They will start with London and will go after three months. After hearing the offer which was also paying him very well, his dream company too, Ishant refuses the offer and goes out of the office. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start of Chapter 2 : Love Is Immortal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving Karan’s Production office at that moment was really giving me a feeling which I can’t express in words. I was sure that once Akshay will return back to hotel room he is going to fire round of questions which will just be a replica of bullets and I will have to give him justifying answer. I was slowly slowly walking towards our hotel. I was for sure upset because of not taking the opportunity of working with my dream production house but for me the reason to reject that job was much more precious and valid. Well it’s not possible for everyone to connect with my reason but it’s my own and I don’t feel wrong about it. With this thought in mind I was just kept walking . Suddenly my phone rang and my entire loneliness got lost, as the call was of Anya. I immediately picked it up within two rings. Anya: "Tum kabhi nhi sudhroge na. Do rings hui nhi and turant call uthalena hota hai. Kabhi to mujhe bhi chance do ki mai call karu and tum na uthao and phir mai tumpe gussa ho saku." Ishant: (Laughs) "Kya Anya tum bhi. And I do remember maine ye chance diya hai tumhe and hahaha I thought aap bahot gussa houge and mai upset hogya tha but baad me pta chala tha aap to gussa hue he nhi the. Acha ye sab chodho ye btao kaise ho, flat kaisa hai, waha ke log kaise hai?" Anya:" Yeah I do remember that Ishant. You were mad. What were, you still are mad. By the way London is scary yarr.! Flat to bahot acha hai but mere do roommates hai wo lesbians hai and you know what last night was really sleepless for me yarr." Ishant: "Sleepless, yeah it will be for few days I guess. Sudden change of place, time zone always has such an impact. Take care of yourself baby. By the way roommates Lesbo, interesting! you don’t turn into one ok. (Laughs)" Anya: "Shut up you idiot. Now toh I will turn into one and then leave you. Huh!!!! Don’t talk to me." Ishant: "I am sorry sorry. I was playing with you. Sorry if I hurt you. I love you." Anya: "Huh!! I love you too. By the way the night was sleepless because of some beautiful voices coming from the other room.(Laughs)" Ishant: "Shit!!!! Seriously!!!!!! I guess many such nights are on your way ma'am." Anya:" HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I too guess so. But still they both Ira and Kenny are very sweet. I reached here late night and I guess they both were sleeping but when I entered they both very sweetly cooked food for me and guess what, it was tasty." Ishant: "Anya you okay there na?" Anya: "Of course Ishant. Yeah obvisiously ghar ki yaad to aa he rhi hai but first few days hai na to dheere dheere aadat padh jayegi". Ishant:" Yeah padh jayegi aadat. Acha waha abhi time kya ho rha hai?" Anya: "Tum believe nhi karoge. Yaha abhi bas 7:30 hore hai. Abhi uthi bas and sabse pehle tumhe call kiya. Tum soch bhi nhi sakte yar tumhari kitni yaad aari hai yaha par." Ishant: "Oh my Anya woke up at 7:30. Tabiyat to theek hai na Anya. HAHAHAH!!! By the way I am too missing you a lot Anya." Anya: "Are han han mai bilkul theek hu. Ek to uthi tumse baat karne ke liye and tum Mazak krre ho. " Ishant: "Acha okay okay sorry." Anya: "It’s okay. Acha Ishant mai puchna to bhul he gyi tumhara interview kaisa rha. Hogya na selection." Ishant: "Anya ammmm…… Anya: Kya hua Ishant? Bolo na. Hua na selection? Ishant: Anya selection toh hogya but. Anya: But!? But what Ishant bolo na. Ishant: I rejected the job Anya. Anya: Rejected!? Why Ishant? It was your dream production house right. Why you rejected the job? Pay issues? Ishant: No no Anya no pay issues. Pay was good. Even the job was really good. I was being assigned for three projects which would be shot in Paris, Melbourne and London. Each place at least for 2 to 3-month time period and all the expenses to be taken care by the company only. Anya: Ishant London!!!!!!!?????? And you rejected the job?? Why Ishant? We would have met here. How could you do this Ishant? Say Ishant why you rejected the job? Tell me Ishant. Ishant: Anya a promise to myself stopped me. Sorry Anya. Anya: It is not done Ishant. It is not done. How could you yaar? Bye Ishant. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Atleast not now. Talk to you later. Bye. Ishant: Anya Anya listen na. (Anya hung up the call) I again tried to call her but she didn’t pick up a single call. For a moment I felt that my life stopped. I felt that my decision was wrong but again when the reason came in my mind I felt that when Anya will get to know about the reason she will understand me. I texted her saying “I am sorry Anya but trust me when you will get to know the reason your anger will turn into a slight sad and happy type of mixed feeling but for sure you will start loving me more.” I took a taxi from there and went to Marine drive. It was 1 in the afternoon at that time when I reached there. It was too damn hot out there. I went in front of the Oberai Hotel and sat on the raised area made to sit facing the ocean. As soon as I sat there, I felt a sudden cool and calm in my body. I felt very peaceful and all the stress of my mind vanished. I was able to feel the calm and cool wind waves crossing through and some striking my body. Marine Drive is a place which has its beauty mostly at the time of night. If you come here at night, you will see all type of people, from families to couples to gang of boys or girls chilling out. This place just makes you feel lost in the world of this place. The slow cool breeze coming from the ocean, will make you realize that if life is like the harsh sun rays there is always a hope of cool breezed solution. I took out my mobile from my pocket. It was something usual which I see every day but today when I unlocked my phone and saw the wallpaper i.e. picture of mine with Anya, my eyes were unable to control themselves. Tears started to roll down from them. These tears were not of declining to work in my dream production house but were because today Anya was unable to understand me. I agree she don’t know the real reason but I wanted her by my side at this moment. I was feeling very weak. I lied down there. I don’t know when but I felt asleep. After few hours (which were not few and were total of 8 hrs.) at 9 in the night I woke up. I was having a severe headache. I checked my phone and there were 14 missed call of Akshay. I called him back. Akshay – Oh bhai kaha marr rkha hai. Calls kyu ni uthara hai ? Kabse call kr rha hu. Ishant – Oh sorry sorry bhai. Wo mai marine drive aagya tha interview ke baad. Where are you by the way? Akshay – Where will I be you idiot. I am at hotel. Jaldi aa wapis. Teri maut hai aaj. Tu aa wapis tab tak mai dinner order kr rha hu. Jldi aa. Akshay hung up the phone. I knew Akshay would be very angry and will be ready with his gun of questions for me and will shoot’s it bullets as soon as I will reach hotel. I ordered an OLA cab. It took 5 mins for it to reach. It was 45 mins ride from marine drive to my place. I having a severe headache so I asked the driver to stop the car at the first medical store he sees on the way. I took Paracetamol and Cefixime from the store and went back to the cab. I was unable to take the medicines as I was having an empty stomach. As soon as I reached the hotel, my headache was at next level. It was unbearable. I went to my room where Akshay was waiting for me. Dinner had not come yet. Akshay was working on his laptop. There was a different type of silence in the room. It was somewhat like of the warning of the upcoming danger. I went to the washroom and freshened up. I came out and lay on the bed. Akshay was silent. He was not saying anything to me. I started the conversation with him. Ishant – How long will it take for the dinner bhai? Akshay – Aajayega 10 minutes me I guess. Ishant – Okay okay. Bahot headache hora hai yaar. Akshay – Dinner karke medicine leke soja. Ishant – Yes I guess you are right. Akshay – Tomorrow I am going back to Delhi Ishant. Ishant – What!!!!!!???? Why!!!!???? Aisa kya hogya bhai. Abhi to Karan Production ke saath contract sign kiya hai tune to kal wapis Delhi kyu jara hai. Akshay – Are are kuch nhi hua. Han contract to sign karliya hai par ab mujhe Mumbai shift hona padega because ab 3 months ki ek workshop hogi jiske baad hum log London jayenge hamare first shoot ke liye. So kal mai jaa rha hu Delhi. Phir ek hafte me wapis aaunga samaan wagerah lekar. Phir accommodation ka bhi to dekhna padega na. Ishant – Are chill Akshay. Itni tension mat le. Tu jara hai kal Delhi aisa karta hu mai yaha ruk jata hu tab tak yaha tere liye flat wagerah bhi dekh lunga rent pe koi acha sa. Phir tu aaja wapis. Jo bhi flat ya place mai final karunga tujhe uski pictures send kardunga so tu bhi dekh lena. Akshay –Wo sab to theek hai Ishant but I want the answer from you now. Ishant – Akshay chodh answers ko and apnea age career par focus kar. Mere personal reasons ke saath mujhe chodh do. Akshay – No, it’s okay I want to know why you rejected the job yaar. Ishant hum bhai jaise hai and tu mujhe nhi btayega to kise btayega yaar. Tera dream tha Karan production house me kaam karna and jab opportunity aayi tune kyu chodh di yaar. Baar baar mauka nhi milega. Mai manager se baat karke aaya hu wo abhi bhi tereko job dene ko ready hai so please apne personal reasons ko side me rakh and grab this opportunity yaar. Ishant – Akshay it’s not that easy for me. Ishant – Par Ishant….. The doorbell of our room rang which interrupted Akshay. I went to the door and took the dinner in. I was damn hungry and wanted to eat the whole dinner alone. I asked Akshay to serve the dinner for both of us. In the dinner there was chana masala, dal fry, rice and naan. It was really smelling like the best dish ever. By the way chana masala is my favorite dish. I was still having headache and it was not less even 0.1% from before. I turned on the television and started to look for good movie to watch. While I was surfing through the movies, I found a movie named ‘AkashVani’. It was not a very old movie but it was a movie which was very underrated. I had seen that movie but always in bits and parts. So I tuned into the channel and we both started watching that movie. Luckily it had just started.We both started eating the dinner. Akshay after every few minutes was asking me to change my decision of not accepting the offer and join. I was sure that I will not accept this offer. As soon as I ate my dinner, I took the medicines, ate them and went to sleep. As soon as I was about to sleep, Akshay asked me whether will I tell him what happened next in Dreams of love now or not. I laughed out. I told him that I am having really bad headache so I want to sleep right now, tomorrow I will tell him the story. He understood my situation and also went to sleep. I guess it would have been 11:30 PM in night. Due to my headache I was unable to sleep. I was trying my level best but I was unable to sleep. I turned around and saw that Akshay was playing game on his mobile. As I was unable to sleep I asked him that whether he really wants to hear the story right now or not. He told me that he wants to know but if I am not feeling well right now he don’t have any problem and is ready to hear it tomorrow or whenever we get time. I told him that I am unable to sleep due to my headache so I guess I will tell you the story right now. He got really excited. He exits from the game, turned his phone on silent mode and kept it on the side table of the bed. Before I said anything, he asked me straight away, so did Ishant met Anya in hostel? I laughed out loud. I asked him to keep calm and I will tell him everything. So I started. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I was standing outside the huge gate of her school with my cousin sister on the morning on a second Saturday. I was keenly observing that place. Many parents or maybe local guardians were there who were taking their child out as it was a weekend so it was allowed in that school. My sister was again and again asking me that how am I going to meet her. I was not replying her not because I didn’t want to, but because I was not having any answer to that question. The hope of meeting her at that time was like a mirage in desert. It gives you hope of water but it’s fake. When you reach near it, what you find is nothing. As I was standing there and thinking what to do, a white colored Micra entered the school premises. Don’t know why but I felt that I knew this car and had seen it before. The car stopped at the main door as the security guard was doing his formalities of entering the details of the visiting people. A lady came out of the car and I froze. I not only knew the car but I also knew the lady who came out of the car. She was none other than Anya's mother. I was shocked. What was she doing here? This question was going in my mind and now I felt things are much more difficult for me to meet her because in no condition I was going to meet her in front of her parents. Aunty didn’t notice me. She entered the school and uncle took the car towards the parking side. Till now all the hopes of meeting her were gone from my heart and mind. I asked my sister do she have any idea that how can I meet her now. She remained quiet. Her silence told me that Ishant let’s go back to home, you pick your bag and pick your flight. Oh sorry Akshay I forgot to mention earlier. I had flight on the same day back to Mumbai in evening at 7:30. I don’t know why but I was breaking from inside. We just spent some great time together but still something was there which used to connect us a lot. We almost every time got to know if the other one is in any kind of trouble or if anything is wrong. Today I was feeling that something is wrong. I was feeling that she is in any type of pain except the pain of not meeting to me and not having any type of conversation with me. I went to the main road and called one taxi. I wanted to follow her. Wanted to know where she was going. I was very restless. After 15 mins, her car came out. I started following it . As I was not of Delhi at that time, I was neither knowing nor was having even 0.1% idea that where was she going. After travelling for around 20 mins, their car stopped at one complex. It was a commercial complex. Aunty and uncle came out of the car. I immediately went out of the taxi and was heading to her car when I received a text from an unknown number. The text said, “Ishant car ke paas mat aana. Mummy dekh rhi hai. Maine tumhe pehle he dekh liya tha jab tum school ke bahar khade the and mai car me bahar aa rhi thi. Acche lag rhe ho. Acha suno aaj hum nhi mil skte hai please mujhe maaf krdo. Please jao taxi me wapis baith jao and please wapis chale jao. Ho sake to mujhe maf krdena par seriously mujhe bhi milna par aaj nhi mil sakte. Acha ye meri mummy ka he number hai. ok. Save karlena par kabhi khud se call ya text mat karna. Agar aaj possible hua to mai call karungi and call pe baat krlenge par mushkil hai. And haan mai abhi hospital jaa rhi hu. Tension mat lena, sirf stomach ache hai thoda zyada to doctor ko dikhane jare hai. Mai ekdum sahi hu tum bilkul tension mat lena. Chlo bbye take care love you and miss you a lot. By the way in blue shirt you look damn hot man. Hehehehe. Chlo bbye.” Tears rolled down my eyes. She turned back and passed a smile towards me and then took out her left hand in which she was wearing a ring which I put in her finger a long time back, almost 7 months ago. She did an action in which she was imitating to remove tears from my eyes. I smiled. I gave a flying kiss to her, and acted like I was hugging her. There was a slight smile on the face of both of us. I texted her back saying, “Anya….. Aapko bahot miss karunga. Karunga kya hota hai mai to kar rha hu yaar. Aaj aap meri ankhon ke samne ho par phir bhi itni doori hai yaar. Sabse pehle toh a very happy birthday my baby. Bahot pretty lag rhe ho.. And ek saal hogya baby hmare relationship ko. Congratulations yaar.Acha apna dhyaan rakhna. Dooriyo ko hamare beech aane mat dena, Baaho se hame alag hojane na dena, Apne ansh ke tarah apne paas rakh kar, Jeene ki ek wajah mujhe de dena. Take care Anya. I love you a lot. Bye. I will miss you a lot.” I wanted to go and hug her. I wanted to hold her hand in mine and just keep looking in her eyes continuously. I just wished to get lost in her again as every time when I see her I get lost. I went back and sat inside the taxi. That moment was really very different. I was really very happy to see her but my heart was very sad that even after being so close she was at o much distance from me. She was like the fragrance of the flower, which you can smell but can’t hold. There were tears in the eyes of both of us. Now was the time of separation. Again. Within a week time, second time we were getting separate from each other. Once in Chandigarh, and now in Delhi. The taxi started to move. I took my left hand out of the window and started to wave it. I turned back and when I saw from the rear mirror, she was broken. She was crying, crying like hell. There was no one with her who would hold her and ask her to stop crying. There was no one who would be able to understand what she is going through. I immediately turned around and stopped looking towards her because I knew as much as she will see me, she will get weak. Then our taxi took a left turn and she got disappeared from my eyes. I was no more able to see her. After going for 1 km ahead, there was a park on the left side of the road. I asked the driver to stop the car. My sister what’s wrong, why you want to stop the taxi here? I told her that I just need 5 mins. Please stop the taxi, I will come as soon as possible. The taxi driver stopped the taxi. I went out of the cab and slowly slowly started to move towards the park. I entered the park. My emotions were going on in my mind. I knew it will be very difficult for me to make understand what I am going through right now because only I am experiencing this. I went inside the park. There was a huge tree in the park. I went and sat below it. I put my right hand inside my right pocket of the jeans and took out the ring which Anya gave me on valentine's day. I never wore that ring because I was very careless when it comes to these types of things. I had the habit of forgetting things by keeping them at one place and forgetting where I put them. As a result, they used to get lost. As it was one of the first gift which Anya gave to me, I never wanted to lose it so I always used to keep it in wallet, or in my bag which I always used to keep with me. In this way the ring had minimal chances of getting lost, and her first gift used to be with me always. She understands this so she never forced me to keep wearing it. So I held that ring in my hand and was just looking to it. I was feeling like the whole world of mine is inside this ring. I kept looking into it and suddenly I felt that inside the ring Anya’s face flashed. Her smiling face. The face which was the most beautiful face in the whole universe. The smile which used to make my anger turn into love for her. As soon as she smiled in front of me or used to send a picture of her smiling, I used to forget what I was angry upon and just get lost in her. She knew this very well so whenever she used to do any mistake, the first thing which she did always was send a picture of her with a message saying “Sorry sorry sorry. Ho sake to mujhe maaf krdena. I love you na. Galti se galti hogyi. Heheheh. Acha ab to has gye na. Chlo good maaf krdiya.” She always knew that I can’t be angry on her for more than 2 mins but her anger. Uff!!! It is damn too much. She used to take hours to forgive me. But heheheh I used to love it. It was always a fun when she used to get angry on me and I used to ask for forgiving me. She used to make me sing songs for her, give chocolates to her, send long romantic questions and then ask me questions like why you love me, how much you love me and will you be with me forever. Her face, her voice is the cure of my every pain but today when that glimpse of facevanished from inside the ring, I lost my control from my eyes. The tears started to roll down from them. I wanted her right now in front of me. Why is it always so difficult that the person you need the most in life is far away from you? I was sobbing. I was damn missing her. I was missing my angel. Suddenly someone put their hand on my shoulder. I turned back in a hope that it’s Anya. But it was not her, it was my sister. She hugged me tightly. She was crying. I was unable to understand that what happened to her. Why was she crying? She said to me, “Ishant control kar khud ko. You can’t be weak re. Agar tu Anya ko sachem pyaar karta hai to tu kya chahega ki wo weak ho. Bas rona band kar. Uske liye bhi tough hai waha tere se baat kiye bina rehna but wo bhi try kar rhi hai na. So tu uski strength ban na nahi uski weakness. Chup hoja. Please chup hoja. Uske liye nhi to mere liye he hoja. Mai apen bhai ko aisa nhi dekh skti. Chup kar na.” I hugged her ever more tightly. She took out a water bottle from her bag and gave it to me to drink. I drank. We both went back and sat in the taxi. She asked the driver to take the taxi to Ambience Mall as she wanted to watch a film. Well today I felt what a sister is. Really a female soul is impossible to understand. The feelings and emotions inside them are something out of this world and it just take seconds for them to understand if something is wrong. They are always ready to go to any level if their loved one’s are in any type of problems. Today I realized my sister is really very emotional and how much she loves me. We went to the mall, watched a movie and then went back to her place. Airport was just a 10 min rides from her place. I was lost somewhere. I was just hoping that please if Anya makes at least one call. I wanted to hear her voice. It was 6 so I reached airport. I said goodbye to my sister and went inside the airport. I Checked-in and after security check up done I went and sat in coffee shop. There I drank a coffee as I was having a bad headache. As I was about to drink the complete coffee, the boarding of my flight started. I drank the coffee and went and stood in the queue. Every step towards the which I was taking now was making me feel that I am going away from Anya. From there till the point I sat on my seat, I was shivering. I was really scared. I wanted Anya with me forever. I just wanted her by my side. I was again and again looking at the screen of my phone that now, now she will call. I was waiting, all in flight announcements were taking place. After a while, the airhostess came to me and asked me to keep the mobile phone on airplane mode. I was still hoping that she will call and at the same moment I received the call from the same unknown number. I wanted to jump in joy, do dance do anything because I was too damn happy. I asked the airhostess for 2mins and immediately picked up the call. Ishant – Hello Anya. Yes, yes, yes mujhe pta he tha aapka call aayega. Mai bas phone airplane mode me dalne he wala tha. I love you Anya. Anya Mom – Beta Ishant mai Anya ki mummy bol rhi hu. Anya ke life se bahar chale jao. Ishant – Hello!? Hello!? Phone hung up as flight took off. I froze at that moment! What was that man? How did her mother got to know about us? Is Anya safe? Will we meet ever in future? Is it an end of our story?Was Anya playing a prank or is it really aunty on the other end of the call? I wanted all of these answers but for that I needed to wait for 2hrs. The 2hrs flight from Delhi to Mumbai. This time I was feeling that it was not a two hour ride instead it was of two complete decades. The pilot was flying the plane so slowly. Each minute was so hard to count. Time was not passing not by. I was just very restless. But after some time I felt it was useless as till the time flight will not land, I can’t do anything. So I thought of penning down what I felt. I wrote, “Tumhe dekh kar din shuru kiya karte the, Tumhari awaaz sunke khud se pucha karte the, Dil ki baate jawab kya deti thi ye to nhi pta, Par khud he thoda muskura liya krte the… Aaj tumhe apni ankhon me basa liya hai, Apne rooh ko tumhari rooh se mila liya hai, Is pal ke baad kya hoga iska jawab to nhi hai, Par is pal me tumhe apna bana liya hai…. Har pal ek darr satata hai, Tumse door jane ka khyaal khata hai, Andar andar toot jaunga shayad in dooriyo se, Par tum mere saath ho ye khyaal jeene ki chah de jata hai….” After writing this, I slept. I was tired a lot so I really wanted to rest. After 2 hrs we reached Mumbai. Now my anxiety level was increasing a lot. I was unable to understand that how should I contact Anya. How should I know answers to all my questions? As soon as I came out of the airport, I switched on my phone. I turned on mobile data and suddenly 100s of notifications came. I booked a cab to my place. As I was on my way to my flat, I started checking the notifications. I opened messenger. There were a lot of messages from Anya. I opened her inbox. It was written, “Hey Ishant…. Reached Mumbai? Acha suno problem hogyi hai. Us time maine tumhe texts kiye the na, mai wo delete karna bhul gyi thi. Basically bhuli nhi, aapke jaane ke baad mai khud ko control nhi kr paayi and rone lagi. Bahot he zyada. Tabhi maine dhyaan nhi diya and mumma papa wapis aagye. Wo mujhse puchne lage ki kya hogya hai kyu ro rhi hai tu. Tabhi mumma ne mere haath se phone le liya and tumhara sms box khol diya. Unhone saare message padh liye and papa ko bhi btadiya. Uske baad unhone mujhe kuch nhi bola. I don’t know kyu but normal he hai. I am really confused ki what’s happening. Acha suno jab tak tum pahuchoge Mumbai I don’t feel phone hoga mere paas, so agar possible hua to kal mai kisi tarah call karne ki koshish karungi tumhe. Please phone apne paas he rkhna. I miss you a lot yaar. Acha chalo rest krlena and dinner krlena yaad se samjhe, and han suno I love you. Chlo bbye.” At last it was a good news. Good news that she is okay and nothing has happened to her. Her parents didn’t say anything to her. It came as a surprise for me but I was happy. I just replied her, “It’s okay we will sort out. Will be waiting for your call tomorrow. Love you too.” I reached my place. Flat was not at all in a good state. It was filled with dust. . I cleaned up a little. That much only which would at least make me able to live that night. After that I ordered fried rice for myself. It came, I ate and slept. As I already told you I was really tired. I landed on the bed like a comet striking with other. Next morning, I woke up at 8 when maid came. She made the flat dust free and prepared my food and all. The day was passing by, I was trying to keep myself busy in some or other way. I took out my Dreams of love diary and wrote everything what happened in those holidays. It was around 3 in the afternoon, when I got a call. Call from Anya. I was on cloud nine. Anya – Hey baby. Kaise ho aap? Ishant – Waah ab yahi puchna bacha tha na. Tumhe bhi pta hai kaisa hota hu mai tumhare bina. Anya – Offo Mr. Sad King cheer up na. Ab thodi der toh baat hogi and usme bhi sad rehne ka plan hai kya. Acha mujhe ye btao kya kar rhe the? Ishant – Nhi nhi aisa koi plan nhi hai. Sorry. Mai kuch nhi yaar bas songs sunra tha. Anya – Acha Ishant mera message padh liya tha na kal. Ishant – Ha Anya padh liya tha. Seriously btao uncle aunty ne kuch nhi bola aapko? Wo ekdum nomal hai? Anya – Ha Ishant. They are like ki kuch hua he nhi. Mujhe toh vishvas nhi hora hai but han sach to yahi hai. Mujhe to laga tha wo mujhe kacha chaba jayenge hamare baare me jaan kar, par they are so normal. Heheheh. Itne bhi bure ni hai yaar wo. Ishant – That’s really good Anya. Chlo achi baat hai ki sab normal hai. Apna khyaal rakha karo yaar and please rona mat. Promise karo. Anya – Okay kardungi promise but pehle tum karo same promise. Ishant – Are ispe kisi ka control thodi hota hai yaar? Kaise kardu promise? Agar toot gya toh. Anya – Waah ji waah. Sharam nhi aati aapko. Khud to promise nhi kar rhe ho and mujhse wo he same promise mangre ho. Ghor kalyug aagya hai ghor kalyug. Kya hoga is duniya ka. (LAUGHS) Ishant – Oh Melodrama queen. Bas bas. Acha promise mat karo par atleast try karo okay. Anya – Ha ha pkka try karungi. Acha Ishant you know what. Mai kal hospital ke baad shopping karne gyi thi na Citywalk mall me to waha H&M ke store me ek itni pyaari dress thi. I mean awwwwwwwww wo kitni zyada pyaari thi. Par Mumma papa ne mana krdiya dilane se. Heheheh bolne lage kya hai tujhe har dusri dress pasand aajati hai tujhe. Chup chap ghar chal. Wait mai tumhe us dress ki picture bhejti hu. Dekho tum bhi kitni mast dress thi. Ishant – Are ha ha achi he hogi dress aapki choice jo hai. But Hahahahah your bad luck. (RECIEVES THE PICTURE) Oh it’s really nice Anya. If you would have bought it then I am sure my princess it would have made you look a lot more stunning. But it’s okay na. You already have a lot of dresses and in each you look more gorgeous and hot too. Anya – Achawwwww. Chup rho tum. Ishant – (LAUGHS) Acha suno toh. Wapis kab jaoge hostel. Anya – Bas half an hour me jaungi. Please apna khyaal rkhna okay. College me zyada stress ho still lena mat. Aapko pta hai na aap zyada stress lete ho toh apko headache hojata hai stress ke wajah se and phir jab mujhe ye pta chalta hai to mera headache start hojata hai. Uff kitna zyada complicated hai. Hehehehe simple baat hai stress mat lena bas. Ishant – Hehehehe. Ok ok nhi lunga stress and aap bhi okay. So packing hogyi hai hostel jaane ki. Anya – Kya packing yaar. Are samaan to hostel room me he hai. Ek din ke liye he toh aana tha to samaan kyu laati duffer. Ishant – Acha na theek hai. Ho jaati hai galti. I really miss you a lot yr. Anya – Me too Ishant. Acha suno chalo bye jaane ka time hogya hai ab I don’t know kab but jab bhi bahar aaungi to contact karlungi. Apna dhyaan rakhna okay. Ishant – Tu thodi der aur ruk ja zalima, Tu thodi der aur ruk ja…. Anya – Oh Atif Aslam bas chup hojao. Hehehehe. Acha chlo Ishant bye. Take care. Ishant –Anya please jaldi wapis aana na. I love you a lot baby. I will miss you a lot. You also take care of yourself okay. Anya – Ha ha okay chalo bye. Ishant – Bye. (Call Hung Up) After talking to her I was feeling a lot better and relaxed. Everytime when I used to talk to her, she would be like someone who would make me feel much better. She was a really a very positive vibe to be with. She is really very special to me. After talking to her, I again started to keep myself busy. I cooked Maggi for myself and started watching ‘Veer Zaara’. I have a great attraction to this genre of filmmaking. Also, I am a huge SRK fan. Even Anya. Sometimes she used to joke that the day she will meet and SRK and he agrees to be with her, she will leave me. Every one of us know that SRK is an ultimate king of romance and any girls’ madness for him is not hidden from anyone. Girls are crazy like hell for him. ‘Veer Zaara’ is one of my most favorite movie. The dialogues of the movie are really of such a romantic poetic way. They make you fall for the characters. After watching movie, I did some small works like going to buy grocerie and cereals. After coming back, I did some normal stuffs then did my preparation of college for the next day and then slept. After that day everything was going normal. I got busy in my college assignments, shoots and writings. I really used to miss Anya a lot but I didn’t turn sad then. Suddenly after a week time, in evening I received a call on my phone from Anya’s mom number. Anya Mom – Hello Ishant bolre ho? Mai Anya ki mom. Ishant – Oh hello aunty. Namaste. Kaise ho aap? Anya Mom – Mai theek hoon beta. Aap kaise ho? Ishant – Mai achi hu beta. Anya Mom – Busy to nhi ho na beta. Ishant – Nhi nhi aunty bilkul nhi. Aap btaiye. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Akshay I am feeling sleepy now and headache thoda kam hua hai so abhi sojata hu aage ki story baad me btata hoon.” I said this to Akshay and started to sleep. Akshay was shouting on me and asking me to carry it on right now. But after saying him no for 2-3 times and telling him about my headache, he understood and he also slept. Next morning, we woke up at 10 AM. Akshay’s flight is at 4 PM in the evening. He slowly started his packing and after that got freshen up. We both came out of hotel and headed towards Punjabi Rasoi restaurant for our lunch and from there Akshay would leave for airport. We reached there around 12 30 PM. Akshay had not forgotten overnight that I was narrating him the story. He was still too excited to know what happened after that. I told him that he should not worry, once he will return from Delhi, he will get to know every bit of Dreams of Love. He was way to curious to know the rest of the story. We had our lunch and from there Akshay headed towards airport and I headed towards city in the search of a good flat on rent for Akshay. Finding a place to live in Mumbai is not a easy task. Well if you are a married couple having a family it’s very easy but if you are a bachelor than you will have to tighten your socks for this task. Well I guess many of you would be knowing how Mumbai is and the great weather of this place. Hot is a factor but which make it worse is the humidity level in the city. It’s a city of dream without any doubt but nobody would even in their dream think to live in a place where such type of weather is. The climatic condition of the city according to me remain same throughout the year. No doubt it is one of the best city to live in our country but as every other place have some or the other issue, according to me weather and climate is the issue for Mumbai. Whenever I used to go out in this hot weather, I usually suffer from migraine pain. So I started to look for some good flats on rent. Going to different brokers, meeting different owners is really a very amazing experience. Everyone have their own set of rules for the tenants and especially bachelors. In between of this I was also very upset that Anya had not tried contacting me till now. After half an hour waiting for more I decided to call her myself. I tried calling her but no one was picking it up. I was sure that she is really very upset because of my decision of not coming to London. I tried calling her for almost 50 times, I should say I called her continuously till the time I reached Andheri(E) for looking a flat.It was really very difficult for me to concentrate anywhere else except thinking about her. I decided to text her. “Hey Anya. I know I have hurt you but please try to understand that it has a reason. I would have told you the reason but please understand that I can’t. Please talk to me jaan. Jabse tumse baat nhi hori hai, sachme kahi mann nhi lagra hai yaar. Mujhse itna zyada naraz rahogi kya. Mujhse galtiya kayi hongi is safar me, Hamare beech dooriya layengi jo kayi. Dil se us pal hamare baare me phir soch lena, Jis pal humse door jaane ka khyaal aaye…. Love you a lot Anya… Waiting for your reply baby… P.s. - Mera headache hora hai baby. Take care kon bolega mujhe,” I texted her. I was having a feeling that she will reply. She will call me because whatever it is, she loves me. As I was waiting for her reply, time was passing by and the list of flats was going down. I was not able to find a proper place for Akshay as the ones who were really good were far too expensive and the one who were cheaper where in damn bad state. I called Akshay to notify about this to him but his phone was not reachable. It was around 8 in the evening(most preferably night) now. I started to stop the scouting today and go back to hotel as I was damn tired because of the hectic day of travelling scouting. I was on my way back only when I received a text from Anya saying. “Ishant nhi tumse naraz nhi hu bas ye pta karna chahti thi ki mujhme aisa kya hai jo ab tumhe bhi mujhse door kar rha hai. Jo Ishant mere saath hone ke liyehar moment try karta tha aaj wo mere paas aane ka mauka milne pe chodh deta hai. Ishant tum jitni care karte ho meri utni koi kabhi nhi kar sakta jaan. Mai kya bolu yaar ab. Agar ho sake to aajao na London. I know shayad reason valid hoga but baby mujhe apse milna hai, aapke saath rehna hai. Please us reason ko bhul jao na. By the way hawwwwww headache hora hai. Apna khyaal nhi rakha jata na aapse. Pkka dhoop me nikal gye hoge and migraine ka pain start hogyaa hoga. Kyu ni mante meri baat and dhyaan rakhte apna. Jaan lene ki soch rakhi hai na meri. Ab mujhe nhi pta waha kya time ho raha hai but jo bhi ho rha hai I don’t care, chup chap jaake rest karo and agar nhi kiya na to mai abse kuch bhi bolna tumko band kardungi. And it’s okay maaf kiya tumhe. Tumhe bhi to pta chalna chahiye na bade dilwale type ki hoon mai. By the way call karti but abhi class me hoon so I know you will understand. Free hoke I will call but only if it’s not too late. I love you a lot Ishant and miss you yaar. Dooriya hamare beech kaise aagyi, Dil ke rishte the hamare toh sabhi. Shayad maine he kardi koi aisi khata, Ki hamse he hogye sab khafa.” I got too excited. As soon as I read her text, my thoughts and emotions got mixed to each other. As much as I was happy about receiving a letter from her, equally I was feeling very sad too because of what Anya said. She was not ready to understand me at this time. But I can’t complain her because she doesn’t know the reason and this decision has really come very hard on her as she is completely alone in a completely different country. I reached hotel, had my dinner and immediately slept after taking Dispirn because of migraine. The next few days were quiet normal. Everything was going on normally. Anya do call me almost everyday and we talk normally. She still sometimes asks me to accept the offer and gets emotionally weak but I am able to make her understand. After five days, I went to see a flat in Bandra. The flat was really beautiful. I asked broker to arrange a meeting with the owner of the flat. I was pretty sure that Akshay will also like the flat as it was doing justice to the rent demand of the owner. The broker told me that owner of the flat stays Kurla. He arranged a meeting for me with the owner. In the mean time I send pictures of the flat to Akshay. I also called him and took his word of mouth. He also liked the flat. The meeting was arranged at 7 in the evening. Around 4 in noon, I received a call from my mother. Mother – Kaisa hai beta? Ishant – Pranam mummy. Mai theek hu aap btao. Mother – Acha. Aur kaisi chlra hai sab Delhi me? Ishant – Are sorry mummy aapko btana rah gya tha jaldi baaji me. Mai Mumbai aa rkha hu thoda kaam se. Sorry. Mother – Kya??? Ab ye baate btana bhi bhul gya tu. Kya hota hai tujhe Ishant? Kyu doori bana rha hai humse. Ishant – Are aisa kuch nhi hai mummy. Arey aap bhi kya kuch bhi sochte rehte ho. Mai kyu aap logo se dooriyan banaunga. Wo bas stress bahot hai na to usme bhul gya. Mummy – Agar kuch bhi ya koi bhi baat hai na beta to humko btao. Humko nhi btaoge to kisko btaoge. Hum hamesha hai tumhare saath. Ishant – Ha mummy pta hai. Mummy – Ishant humpe bharosa karo beta. Hum hmesha tumhe samjhte hai and smjhte rahenge. Humse problem share karoge to tumhe bhi acha lagega and solution bhi nikalega. Ishant – Ha mummy I know. (In a low voice) Pehle bhi kiya tha bharosa and nhi toda tha aap logo ne. Mummy – Kya Ishant? Kuch bola kya? Tez bolo beta. Ishant – Are nhi toh kuch nhi bola. Acha mummy thoda busy hu abhi shaam ko free hoke baat karunga. Mummy – Acha acha theek hai. Dhyaan rakhna apna and der tak bahar mat ghumna. Ishant – Ha mummy. Acha chalo bye. (Call hung up) Mother. Do I need to tell what a mother means? This word mother or maa or mummy all are just the purest form of love. The only bond which is purely selfless. The only bond which can fight over any other bond. For every one of us, a mother’s lap is the safest place to be. She will never let you have even a single scratch. She will always love you unconditionally. After talking to mummy, I went to café coffee day and had a coffee. It was still 3 hours left for the meeting. I decided to go back to the hotel, rest for few hours and then directly reach at the owner’s place. I did this. At 7 I was standing outside the door of the owner. I was pretty much sure that I will be able to make the owner agree to give the flat on rent to us. I rang the bell of the flat. I was waiting when suddenly someone opened the door and I was shocked. I knew this owner. This tall, handsome hunk was my college friend and batch mate, Hrithik. He also recognized me. We gave each other a hug and then he called me inside. He was having a really beautiful flat. It looked like a flat of well-established person. He called his servant and asked him to make two coffees. Hrithik – So Ishant back in Mumbai? Kaisa chalra hai sab? Ishant – Sab theek hai. Tu bta kya chalra hai aajkal Mr. Producer? Hrithik – Kahe ka producer yaar. Still struggling for my first movie. Budget issues nhi hai yaar but achi script to mile. Ishant – Oh aisa. Chlo all the best bhai jaldi mil jayegi tujhe script don’t worry. Hrithik – Ha yaar hope so. Acha by the way tum flat kyu dhund rhe ho and achanak se Mumbai kaise? Ishant – Are nothing man. Wo flat to mai Akshay ke liye dhund rha hu. Wo usne Karan Production ke next three abroad projects me chance mila hai na as a creative director so wo shoots after three months start honge. Tab tak yaha training wagerah hai unki. So ab three months hotel me to nhi reh sakta hai na wo. So wo abhi apna important samaan lene wapis Delhi gya hai and mai yaha uske liye flat dekh rha hu. Once he comes back, I will leave. Hrithik – Oh great man. Akshay is damn lucky man. But usko offer tha to tu kyu aaya tha? Like matlab ghumne ya any other work. Ishant – Are no no. Offer dono ko tha but yaha aake I refused the offer so that’s why I am going back. Hrithik – What the fuck man? Why? Ishant – Some personal reasons Hrithik. Hrithik – Oh okay okay. So ab aage kya socha hai? Ishant – Nothing much. Wapis Delhi jaunga. Struggle karte hai aur kya. (Both of them laughs) Suddenly Hrithik’s phone rang. Hrithik – Oh Ishant excuse me please. Ghar se call hai. Ishant – Yes, yes take your time. Hrithik went in the bedroom to receive the call. Hrithik was a person who was very good and sweet in nature but when it comes to professional terms then he is absolutely different. The only theory of his life is to keep personal and professional relations at completely different poles like north and south. The servant came with the coffee and some snacks. After few minutes Hrithik also came back. Hrithik – Pareshan hogya hu yaar. Ishant – Kya hogya? Hrithik – Are kuch nhi yaar. Har din bas ek he baat. Shaadi karle shaadi karle. Kaise samjhau ki pehle settle hona chahta hoon uske baad sochunga in sab ke baare. Ishant – Hahahah! Chill samjh jayenge. Hrithik – Tu hasra. Besharam hai tu. Hahahah. Acha by the way Anya kaisi hai? Anya he tha na naam? Ishant – Oh yes Anya he hai. Wo achi hai. Abhi ek hafte pehle he London gyi hai for her graduation in fashion designing from London Fashion School. Hrithik – Oh great yaar. All the best bolna use mere side se. Ishant – For sure man. Hrithik – Acha Ishant listen. You said you want flat just for three months na. To koi zarurat nhi hai dhundne ki flat. Akshay ko bol yaha mere saath rahe is flat me he. Mujhe bhi company hojayegi man. Waise bhi three months ki baat hai kyu faltu paise kharch karne hai tum logo ko. Ishant – Baat to theek hai Hrithik but faltu pareshan kyu karna tumhe. Hrithik – Zyada hero mat ban. Akshay ko call kar and bol use ki mujhse baat kare. After some beautiful exchange of words between both of them on call, at last Akshay agreed to stay with Hrithik but on a condition that he will pay him the rent whatever he will feel like as Hrithik was not accepting any rent from him. Hrithik – Ye Akshay aur iske drame bhi na. Ishant – Chlo it means I am free now. To ab I will go back tomorrow. Hrithik – Are wait na. Itni jldi kya hai jaane ki. Akshay ko wapis to aane de. Ishant – Areee but why? Ab to tumhare he saath rehna hai usne to koi tension hai he nhi. Hrithik – Shut up. You are not going anywhere till the time Akshay is back. Ab atleast jab tak Akshay nhi aata tum hotel me bhi nhi rahoge and yaha mere saath rahoge. Ishant – Areee but? Hrithik – Koi but wagerah nhi. Hrithik takes all the information from me of my hotel and asked his servant to go the place and do all the check-out formalities and come back with all my luggage. I tried to make him understand but he totally refused. His servant went off. Hrithik – Bacho waali baat karta hai tu bhi Ishant. Ab yaha reh jitne din rehna hai enjoy kar. Ishant- Hahaha. Jitne din ka kya matlab hai bhai. Ek baar Akshay aajaye then I will go for sure. Hrithik – Ha bhai ha chale jana tu. Acha sun na. Ishant – Ha bol na kya hua. Hrithik – Tere paas hai kya koi script. See mujhe koi jaldi nhi hai but yaar I really want to produce one movie of my own. Ishant – Ammmm. Aise achanak to I can’t say. Mai kal subah btata hu soch ke okay. Hrithik – Yes yes no problem. Mai to bas puch rha tha. Ishant – Yes pkka I will tell you. Aur bta kya chal rha hai? …………………. We both talked till 1 in the night after that remembering our college days, trips and every fun we did. College days are one of the best days of anyone’s life. Most of the time the best memories of our lives are part of our college lives only because at that age we are carefree and also ready to try anything anytime. Those moments spend with your friends are really priceless and gives a different type of feeling every time we try to recall them. Hrithik and I were having great time recalling all those moments. We both were really so lost on our talks that we never realized that it’s so late in night now. Thus, we decided to sleep now and Hrithik once again reminded me to think about a good script if I have one. Next morning when I woke up, I wanted to talk to Hrithik about a story but I was a little hesitant about it. Not because I was unsure about the script but because this story was very close to me and I wanted to direct it myself and whether Hrithik will agree for it or not. Afterall, he was putting his money into it. I met Hrithik while having breakfast on the dining table. We were normally discussing our plans for the day. Suddenly I initiated the topic of the script. Ishant – Acha Hrithik. Tumne wo mujhe script ke liye bola tha na. Ek script hai to bhai but Hrithik – But? But what? Bta kya hua? Ishant – Bhai the thing is. Ok I will tell you frankly. This story is very very close to me and I want to direct it myself. Hrithik – Oh that’s the thing. It’s okay brother. Pehle story toh bta kya hai. Then we will discuss aage kya krna hai. I don’t have any problem even if you direct but first let me hear the story na. Ishant – Yes yes right. So the story is……… I narrated him the whole story of Dreams of love with all the visual scenes, locations, dialogues, type of music and sound which I want and every other aspect. I narrated him everything. Hrithik – Mannnnnnnnnn……. I really like the story. Like nhi I love this story. It’s really a true romantic story man if I see in recent times. I am ready to produce it but don’t you feel ki thode bahot changes karne chahiye and I guess ye first draft hai na to thoda aur better karte hai na. Ishant – Yeah yeah Hrithik that I know. I will work on it. But are you okay if I will direct it myself? Like I have no good experience backing up me. Hrithik – Bhai hum sab ek saath nikle college se. Hume bhi pta hai hum me se kon kis type ki movie banana pasand karta hai, kiska kya style hai. Ha experience I agree utna nhi hai but bro konsa mai yaha bahot bada producer hu. Mera bhi first time hai and the way you pitched me the movie na, man mai ek pal ke liye bhi apna dhyaan nhi bhtka saka. Man I know you will nail it. I am totally confident about it. Ishant – Thank you man. I will totally try to stand up with your expectations. Hrithik – Ek baat puchu bhai? Ishant – Ha ha bilkul puch na. Hrithik – Ye story se zyada ek life hai na. Ye fiction toh hai I know but iska major part true life hai na. Ishant – Yes bhai. For me ye sirf ek story nhi hai balki ek dream he hai. I always wanted to make this film and see maybe I am lucky that my first film only will be Dreams of love. Hrithik – So what you think, iska budget around kitna hoga? Ishant – Bhai mujhe lagta hai around 10-12 crores. Hrithik – Fuck man. It’s too much. Okay chill. I will check and tu bhi script pe kaam start karde. We will not waste much time. So pull up your socks and let it start. Ishant – Hehehe. As you say captain. We both had this talk and after that Hrithik went out for some work. I also took out my laptop and started to work on the story. I was damn too excited about this. I wanted to tell about this to Anya. I started calling her without even noticing that it must be very late night in London. After three calls, she picked it up. Anya – Kya hai tumhe? Itni raat ko aisa konsa pahad tut gya ki tum calls karre ho lagatar. Ishant – Oh shit. Sorry Anya maine time ka dhyaan nhi diya. Chalo acha acha tum sojao jab tum uthogi to mujhe call kardena. I have a damn exciting news to tell you. Anya – Sojau??? Achaawwwwwww. Besharam aadmi. Ek toh meri neend kharab kardi, upar se news ki baat kardi ab tumhe konse angle se lagta hai mujhe neend aayegi. Ab jaldi se btao kya news hai. Acha wait wait. Pehle ye btao good hai ya bad. Ishant – Aye pagal aurat. Agar good news nhi hoti to kya mai khud itne excitement me call karta. Anya – Hehehe acha theek hai na. And tum mujhe nhi data sakte tumne meri neend kharab ki hai. Acha good news. Yipeeee tum London aare ho na. Mujhe pta he tha tum aajaoge. Yes yes. Ishant – Hogya ho aapka to mai btau kya. Anya – Acha acha btao. Ishant – Anya I got my first break. Anya – Break? What break? What are you talking about? Ishant – Are I mean I am going to direct my first own feature length film. Anya – Oh that’s great Ishant. Congratulations man. Shitttt…. Hows it possible? Hehehe I mean it is possible but suddenly kya hua kaise hua? Ishant – Are shant hojao. And do you know which story I am going to work on? Anya – Ammmm no. Which story? Ishant – Our dream Anya. The Dreams of Love. Anya – Are you serious? You are going to make a movie on Dreams of love? You are going to make a movie on our story? “Ishant – Yes Anya. My life. Dreams of love will be my first movie. I always wanted my first film to be special but it will be dreams of love that I never knew. I am damn excited. Yohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Mazaaaaaaaaaaaa he gyaaaaaaaaaaaa……………..” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey guys. If you have read Dreams of Love story chapter 2 till this point through Ishant points of view what about me han, Anya man. Without me this story will always remain incomplete. Well Ishant have already introduced me to you all. I am his love and if said rightly then I am his life. His love for me is totally unexplainable. He is really very special in my life. Do you know it has been two years for me staying in London? Chill don’t get confused. It has been two years to the time when on the call that day Ishant was damn too excited for making his first feature film that too Dreams of Love. Our story. I want to tell a little about our present day status now. Few things are costant in my life now also. 1. Everyday talk with Ishant. 2. Everyday missing him. 3. Him not taking care of him and his migraine. 4. Me wanting to go back to India. 5. Last but not the least but the release of his movie. Hahahahahaha. It has been two years but his movie has not got a release date yet. It’s February 12th today. In London, time flies for everyone as everyone say they don’t have much time to relax, enjoy, have fun. All what people do here is work and work, students study and study. I have really enjoyed staying here. My room mates Ira and Kenny are married now. Hehehe I never thought it will happen but they are married. Well they are very nice people to be with but sometime they scare me with their looks. I got around 120 proposals of relationships here in these two years but now almost the whole college knows about me and Ishant. Yes, it has been a month when I last had a phone call talk with Ishant as he has gone to America for one of his workshops of filmmaking. We do talk on chat daily. I really miss him a lot. Suddenly my doorbell rang. I went to open the door only to find out a courier for me. On the top of it, it was written, “Just for the most beautiful girl of the world Anya, from his love Ishant.” I opened it and found out a letter, and a flight ticket. I immediately texted to Ishant, “Love, I have received your letter and ticket. Wait let me read the letter. Hehehe by the way, the most beautiful girl ha. Heehehe. Tum nhi sudhorge.” The flight ticket was for me to Mumbai tonight. The flight at 01 in the night which will reach Mumbai at 01 in the afternoon as it was a one stop flight. When I opened the letter, it said “Dear Love, Having a great time in London right. Acha suno na. Bas bahot hua London-london. I mean yes zarori hai tumhara London rehna but please ye flight pakad ke fata fat Mumbai aajao. Kal at last meri film ka premiere hai.I want you to be here anyhow yaar. Tension mat lo 15th ka return ticket bhi karwa rakha hai tumhara zyada college miss nhi hoga. Please aajao na baby. I want you here. Waiting for you jaan. Miss you a lot. Love you. Your and yours only, Ishant.” I was shocked. Suddenly how could I go all the way to Mumbai? I tried calling Ishant but his phone was coming busy. Suddenly I received an audio file from Ishant saying, “Baby busy hu meeting me. Acha suno na. Please aajao ek baar jaan. I am just waiting for you here. Just grab your clothes, put it inside a bag and head towards airport. Will be waiting for you here. Chalo kal baat karta hoon. Ab jaldi aajao Mumbai. Love you baby.” I was clueless about what should I do. I mean I wanted to go there anyhow but at the same moment I was thinking that is it really possible and even my semester exams were starting. After thinking for 15-20 minutes, I thought to take advice from Ira and Kenny. When I talked to both of them, they got really excited and started forcing me to stop thinking and just go. They had never heard or seen anyone so much in love with anyone. They started helping me to pack my bag. I hurriedly got done with my bag and then rushed to the nearest gift store. I wanted to buy something for Ishant. I was really excited to meet Ishant now. After searching for 15-20 minutes, I decided to buy a huge teddy bear and a ring. I immediately bought it and took it back to home, packed it. It was not much time left for me to do anything else, so I asked Ira to please drop me to the airport as I was getting late and looking for a taxi at the moment would have resulted in more delaying. She agreed instantly and took out her car keys, grabbed my bags, put her in the car and then we started heading towards the airport. I was feeling both of them Kenny and Ira were also very excited. They were saying to bring Ishant to London, give their best wishes for the movie to him, ask him to soon release it in London too and many more things. I was just nodding my head for their every request or question. They got to know that I am lost in some other world. As I reached the airport, they both hugged me and said to me that they are very happy for me as I was meeting my love after a so long time. Kenny hugged me and said to me, “Anyawhatever troubles life have for you, forget them for these few days and enjoy every second which you will spend with Ishant. He is really a very lucky man that he have you as his love. We will miss you here. Come back soon dear.” I hugged both of them again and then proceeded for check-in. I was very excited and was getting restless. I was thinking that if I had Doraemon’s anywhere door then I would have reached there right now. I wanted to be in Ishant’s arm. I wanted to hug him, kiss him, spend my every second with him. I texted Ishant, “Mr. Ishant. Itne door se bulare ho mujhe. Sharam nhi aati. Pta hai na kitni aalsi hoon mai. Ab agar movie achi nhi banayi hogi nato bahot maar khaoge. Man I am damn excited to meet you. By the way mere upar film banayi hai to mera acha welcome bhi karna okay. Heheheheh. Ek lambi si car aani chahiye mujhe airport pe pick karne ke liye and tum hone chahiye waha with a bouquet of 100 red roses. Hehehhe. Just joking by the way. I am missing u a lot baby. Can’t wait to meet you and spend these days with you. Chlo it’s take off time of flight. See you in Mumbai jaan.” I suddenly received a reply from Ishant saying, “I love you baby. Waiting for you. Have a safe and happy journey.” The flight took off and my restlessness level was also rising a lot. I know Ishant loves when I write poem or shayari for him. So I decided to write one shayari which I will narrate to him after the premiere of the movie. So after thinking for a long time, I wrote, “Zindagi ka matlab tumhare aane se samjhi, Tumse door hoke tumhare pyaar ki keemat samjhi. Har pal yaha yahi ek sapna dekhti hoon, Tumhare saath ki zindagi kabhi na badle.” Thinking about these four lines took me almost three hours. Heheheh. I am not a professional writer. After writing I slept. Well I have a very specific way of sleeping. First I will turn on some romantic hindi songs in my phone. Plug my earphones. Open my phone album, choose my favorite picture with Ishant, keep my phone near my heart and after sometime I will sleep automatically. So in the flight also I did the same thing. I was in such a deep sleep that when flight landed in Mumbai I was unable to know. My co passenger woke me up. As soon as I woke up, I started shouting that Ishant I reached, I reached, where are you my baby. Everyone else in the plane started to stare me. It was an embarrassing moment but I was damn too excited to meet my love. I immediately started to go out of the plane and then I reached my luggage belt no.12. We reached Mumbai at 1 in the afternoon. I must tell you, I hate these belts. Man I don’t know why they have a very strange problem with me. My luggage always came out at the end. That day I was lucky I guess. I immediately got my luggage. I picked it up and then turned the airplane mode of my phone off. I came out of the airport. As I was about to call Ishant, Akshay came to me. Akshay – Hey Anya. Kaise ho aap? Anya – Are Akshay tum yaha kya karre ho. Mai to achi hoon, tum btao. Akshay – Mai bhi theek hu Anya. Are mai yaha tumhe pick karne aaya hoon. (I got worried and upset that why Ishant didn’t came to pick me up.) Anya – Oh! Ishant kaha hai? Wo mujhe pick karne nhi aaya? Akshay – Sorry Anya. Ishant nhi aa paya. Wo basically shaam ko premiere hai na to uski he taiyari kar rha hai wo. Tum to janti he ho kitna kaam hota hai aise events me. Anya – Yeah I understand. But. Akshay – Are don’t be sad Anya. Shaam ko milogi na tum Ishant se. Acha abhi chalo mai tumhe Ishant ke flat le chalta hu. Uska new flat. Anya – Okay chalo. I was very upset and angry from Ishant. Who do something like this to their love. I was so excited to meet him and he didn’t turn up to pick me up. As we reached the parking, Akshay asked me to wait as he went to bring the car. After a few minutes he came back in a Mercedes. He stopped the car near me and then came out of the car with a red rose bouquet. It was a huge bouquet. He gave that to me and said, “Ishant asked me to pick you up in this car as you have asked him for the same. And this bouquet also from his side. He really wanted to be here.” I was really happy that he even completed this wish but I was sad that he was not here. I asked Akshay about how his life is going, his career, and what’s he is up to now as his 2 yrs. Contract with karan production have ended now. He told me that now he is working with Hrithik and Ishant only on Dreams of love. After half an hour we reached the flat. Akshay took me to his flat. On reaching there, Akshay gave me the flat keys and asked me to open the door as it was Ishant’s wish that the first time the door of this flat should be opened by Anya only. I was awed by this. I wanted to hug Ishant right then. When I opened the door, the wall directly in front of the main door, had a wallpaper of full wall size which was mine and his picture. My tears got filled with tears. I knew Ishant loves me a lot and he never let the opportunity to prove it go off. He always tried his best to show me how much he loved me. As I entered the flat, I saw there was a side table on the corner of the flat which had a photo frame with our photo. On entering more, there was a small lobby joining living room with bed rooms. On that lobby, on one side there were glasses and on other there were my pictures. Just mine solo pictures. It was a 2bhk flat. When I entered the Master bedroom, there it was a plain white colored room. A huge room with a projector but no television. On the wall which projector was facing, there was a design in gray color. I was unable to understand what it was. I said to Akshay, “Ye kya bana rkha hai is wall pe. Pkka Ishant ne apne artistic talents dikhane ki koshish ki hogi.” After this I started laughing. Akshay smiled. He came inside the room, he made the room dark by covering the black curtains of the room. The grey colored design started to built up into something. I was still unable to understand what it was. I again asked Akshay about it. He gave me a remote and asked me to turn on the projector. When I turned on the projector, on the wall a picture of Ishant and mine came up. I was shocked. The grey color designed was overlapped by the Ishant of the picture. I again turned off the projector and then noticed that the design was actually the boundary of Ishant. It was so romantic. It was a little different but it was really beautiful. I said thanks to Akshay for telling about this. Akshay told me that he is going now, and will come after an hour to pick me up for the premiere. He left the place but while leaving he told me to check the wardrobes, something is kept for me there. As he left the place, I locked the door and ran to the wardrobes. When I opened the wardrobe, there was a beautiful dress kept, with a note on it saying that “my dear princess please wear this dress on the premiere. You will look really gorgeous I guess. Love Ishant.” I really loved the dress. I took it out and kept it on the dressing table. I was damn tired so I decided that I will sleep for half an hour and then will wake up to get ready for the premiere. I slept off. After waking up, I immediately got ready for the premiere. I must say that Ishant’s choice really made me look very gorgeous. I was in so much love with myself while wearing that dress. The black colored backless dress with some red color design on it. Suddenly the doorbell rang. On opening the door, it was Akshay. He asked me whether am I ready or not. I told him to wait just for 5 mins as I needed to wear my heels. He said to me that there is some new pair of heels kept by Ishant for you in the shoe rack. He wanted you to wear those. I immediately searched for them and wore them. With every such thing, I was being more and more confident that Ishant knows my choices very well and he also knows how to make me fall for him even more by every passing second. We both started for the premiere. The location was 20 minutes’ drive from there. I was getting more and more restless as I was about to meet Ishant. I had planned to slap him as a punishment for not coming to pick me up to the airport. When we reached the location, I was stunned by the way the the theatre was designed. It was looking really very beautiful. When I came out of the car, just near the red carpet there was a huge poster of the film saying, “Dreams of love, a love story not a saga. A film by Ishant.” My eyes were continuously looking for Ishant. The screening was about to start after half an hour. I asked Akshay that where is Ishant. He remains quiet. Now I was loosing my temper a little. I again asked about Ishant to Akshay. He told me that, “Anya. We are sorry. Ishant America se nhi aa paya hai. Uski workshop khatam nhi hui. Wo nhi aapaya. Hum log premiere postpone karne waale the but phir Ishant zid karne lag gya ki ab release nhi hui to kabhi nhi hopayegi isliye please ab kardo release. Mai nhi aa paunga to kya hua meri taraf se Anya aayegi. Jiske liye maine ye film banayi hai.” I was shocked. I was unable to understand how should I react. After saying this, Akshay left the place. I was really very upset. I never thought Ishant would do this to me. My all excitement to watch the film got lost somewhere. I immediately called Ishant but he didn’t pick it up. Again I received an audio clip from him saying, “Sorry, sorry, sorry. Gaali dene ka mann hora hoga na. Delo delo. I know meri galti hai. Bahot badi galti hai. Ho sake to maaf kardena. Acha suno na baby sorry call pick nhi kar skta hoon meeting me hoon. By the way I know tum us dress me bahot khobsurat lag rhi hogi. Acha baby meri baat dhyaan se suno. Please upset mat hona and premiere enjoy karna. Please please. Jitna marna hai tab mar lena jab milenge. I am seriously sorry. By the way I hope flat acha laga hoga. Love you my baby. Take care. I always miss you.” I was damn angry on him. I again called him but he again didn’t pick it up. Then I received a text from him saying, “Anya please call mat karo I really can’t pick it up. Please jao and premiere enjoy karo. Ye meri wish hai Anya tumse please jao na. I love you a lot baby.” Now I was in no mood to watch the film. All the excitement for the movie was lost now. It was baseless for me to watch the film without Ishant. I just wanted to go back now but then Akshay came back to me that Anya please come and attend the film premiere. I know he has done wrong by not coming here but please complete his wish of attending the premiere and being the few first ones’ to watch his first film. I was in no mood now but I decided to attend the premiere because it was one of the most difficult thing for me to say no to any of the wishes of Ishant. He is my life so I can never say no to him. I agreed to attend. We both entered the hall, it was a beautiful theatre. Akshay took me to the seat. That seat was especially designed for me. It was the most beautiful seat on that hall and at the most perfect place for the best movie experience. Within few minutes, the movie started. Just after the disclaimers and all the sponsors slides, there came a black screen in which a special message came out written, “For me love is undefinable. All love stories are different and special. Some become romantic sagas but this story is just a simple romantic story of two hearts living together. -Ishant” Just after that a special thanks to me was given. After that a few production houses logos came. As soon as the title of the movie came, I started whistling. I was really loving the background score which came at that time. I was getting more and more excited and happy as at last Ishant’s dream to make a film was complete. As the movie was progressing, I was reliving all the moments of our life spend together, without each other, memories. There was everything in the movie. I was feeling like the movie was a tribute to our love story. In all the scenes I was feeling that Ishant has kept his heart out to make that scene work. The dialogues were so poetic that they were staying back in your mind. Each frame was getting recorded in my mind. My life was playing on screen. I never knew that Ishant would be able to portray so successfully that what am I doing in London. And the best thing was everything which was the part of the movie, I actually used to do. Towards the second half of the film, I was shocked. I was shocked because through the movie I got to know the reason that why Ishant didn’t accepted the offer of Karan production and came to London. So the scene was :- When Ishant came back to Mumbai, after I left for the hostel that day my parents got to know about our relationship. After few days he received a call from my mother. The call was, Anya Mom – Hello Ishant bolre ho? Mai Anya ki mom. Ishant – Oh hello aunty. Namaste. Kaise ho aap? Anya Mom – Mai theek hoon beta. Aap kaise ho? Ishant – Mai achi hu beta. Anya Mom – Busy to nhi ho na beta. Ishant – Nhi nhi aunty bilkul nhi. Aap btaiye. Anya Mom – See Ishant. Tum bade ho and mature ho compared to Anya. Please uski life ko spoil mat karo. Ishant – But Aunty maine uski life kaise spoil ki? Anya Mom – Dekho Ishant. Abhi wo choti hai and uspe itni akal nhi hai ki wo apne life ke decisions le sake. Tumse meri request hai ki please uski life se door chale jao. Ishant – Par aunty we both love.. Anya Mom – (Interrupting) Love? What love? Kya ye uski age hai pyaar wyaar karne ki. Ishant tum ache ladke ho par iska matlab ye nhi hai ki mai tumhe meri beti ka future spoil karne dungi. Uski life se nikal jao. Ishant – Par aunty hamne kuch galat nhi kiya hai. Anya Mom – Ishant mujhe zyada behes nhi karni hai. Tum logo ko sirf attraction hai ek dusre ke taraf. Ab sidhe sidhe meri baat samjh jao. Agar ab tum kabhi bhi Anya ke paas jaane ki koshish karoge to beta mai uska career kharab kardungi. Saari padai likhayi band krwa dungi and that’s my warning. Ishant – Aunty meri galti ki saza aap usko kyu doge par? Anya Mom – Beta galti kisi ki bhi kyu na ho par aaj ke baad tum bhul jao ki Anya naam ki koi ladki tumhare likfe me kabhi bhi aayi thi. Ishant – Aunty meri baat to suniye. Anya Mom – Ishant please behes mat karo. Tum dono kabhi saath nhi ho sakte ho and that’s my promise agar tumne kabhi bhi uske paas aane ki koshish ki na to mai tumhe to kuch nhi karungi but Anya ka career khatam kardungi. And ye mera aur Anya ke papa ka mutual decision hai. Apna khyaal rakho. Hame tumse koi problem nhi hai beta par Anya ko bhul jao bas. Acha chalo bye. Ishant – Aunty… (Call Hung up) After this conversation Ishant was totally shattered. He wanted to spend his life with me but not on the verge of problems in my career. He loved me a lot and wanted to see me very successful. After this call, Ishant opens the phone and opens the picture of him and Anya. He is just looking into the picture and sobbing. He was totally shattered. After few minutes he got another call but this time from his own mom. Ishant Mom – Ishant kaise ho? Ishant – Mai theek hoon mummy. Aap kaise ho? Ishant Mom – Ye chodho. Beta abhi mujhe call aaya tha tumhari friend Anya ki mom ka. (Ishant was totally shocked. The phone falls from his hand. He knew the things are going to turn out worse now. He picks up the phone back) Ishant – Anya ki mom ka call? Kya hua kya bol rhi thi? Ishant Mom – Beta mujhe sach sach bta ki tum dono ek dusre ke dost ho ya use kuch zyada feel karte ho. Mujhe btado mai tumhe kuch nhi bolungi. Btao. Ishant – Mummy ammmm… Ishant Mom - Ishant beta bolo chup mat raho. Ishant – Ha mummy. Mai Anya se pyaar karta hoon. Ishant Mom – Beta ye tum kin chakkaro me padh rhe ho. Abhi tumhari age apne career banane ki hai. Waha focus karo. Tum jaise jaise age badoge apni life me pta nhi kitne logo se miloge, usme pta nhi kitni ladkiya hongi and ptani kiske liye kya feel karne lago. Par beta abhi apne career pe focus karo. Ishant – Ha mom mai career pe he focus kar rha hu. Ishant Mom – Beta tumhe meri kasam hai aaj ke baad tum Anya se koi contact nhi rakhoge. With time jab tum logo ki baat nhi hogi eventually ek dusre ko bhul bhi jaoge. But Ishant tumhe meri kasam hai tum use koi contact nhi karoge. Ishant – Mummy kasam? Kya? Kyu? Baat karne me kya problem hai? Ishant Mom – Ishant tumhe bhi pta hai yahi sahi hai tumhare liye. Pehli baat to abhi apne career pe focus karo. Secondly tum dono ka koi future bhi nhi hai. And agar bahot door ka sochre ho shaadi wagerah ka to mai sidhe bta du jitna jaldi use bhul skte ho utne jaldi bhul jao because tum dono ke beech kuch match nhi hota hai even religions tak alag hai. Ishant – Mom aap kaha shaadi pe pahuch gye? Please baat karne do na and apni kasam wapis lo. Ishant Mom – Ishant ab bas bahot hua. Behes karna band karo. Tumhe kasam hai to hai. Ab tumhare muh se mujhe kabhi bhi Anya ka naam sunai nhi dena chahiye. (Hungs up the call) Ishant was totally completely blown apart after these two calls. There was no one with whom he could share this. He was missing Anya a lot. He took out a notebook and was writing letters for Anya. But after writing a page every time, he was just tearing it out. He was sobbing like hell. These calls were the reasons that Ishant decided to never come in my life as he never wanted me or my career getting affected because of him. Thus, he refused the offer of Karan Production as he had to come to London for that and if Anya’s mom would have come to know about it, they would have called her back to India and stopped her studies. One thing which he was unable to do was stop contact from me.” I was shocked to know the reason. I was totally shaken that Ishant didn’t cared about his career and refused the offer just because he wanted me to become successful in life. I was sobbing in the theatre. I never thought love can be so unconditional and pure. I always knew that Ishant love me a lot, but after knowing this I was completely stunned. I never thought that love can be so pure. He really proved to me that for love he can go to any extent. Suddenly I felt a slight wind blew wiping my tears away. I felt it like Ishant removing those tears from my eyes. I smiled a little. The climax of the film was so beautiful when Anya and Ishant are standing on a hill top, together, as they are married now, both the parents have accepted them. And as soon as both of them kiss, it comes written “A film by Ishant.” Everyone in the theatre starting applauding. I was standing on my chair and whistling-clapping. Everyone was looking so happy after watching the movie. I was so proud of Ishant. He really made a journey worth living. For me he made the dreams of love and it’s characters immortal. Yes, its possible that it’s our story so I was much more attached to it so I must be feeling a little extra special but without any doubt it was one of the best romantic movies ever made. After the screening ended, I ran to Hrithik and thanked him for giving this opportunity to Ishant. I immediately called Ishant but the phone was coming engaged. I texted him saying, “Ishant mere liye tumne itna ab kiya. Itna pyaar karte ho mujhse. Mujhe hmesha se pta tha ki tum mujhe kabhi nhi chodhoge par Ishant aaj jo pta chala uske baad shayad mai khud ko kabhi maaf nhi kar paungi. Ishant I will make sure ki is movie ki ending ki tarah he hum dono bhi saath honge. Saath saath rahenge ek dusre ke liye. Aur tab koi hame door nhi kar payega. I love you a lot Ishant. I love you a lot.” I was waiting for the reply when suddenly Akshay came to me and said me, “Anya movie kaisi lagi. Acha chalo mai tumhe flat pe drop kardeta after having dinner.” I said okay to him. As I was having dinner, I was hearing to people talking about the movie, and everyone was just praising the movie. I was getting so excited and happy. I was so proud of Ishant. After having dinner, we after meeting everyone there, came back to the flat. As I entered the bedroom, I received an audio message again from Ishant. I played it. It said, “ Dear Anya, It is a moonlight night, My princess is sleeping tight, Your face has a different glow, Because its your best show, You know how to love. You will tell me about your dreams, With me or without me I don't know, It makes you more beautiful, Because you taught me how to love. Your eyes have an immense beauty, Which makes me fall for you, Your face is something which I can never forget, Its in my heart as always, Because you taught me how to love… You make me feel special, You make me feel alive, You retrieved my faith on love, Because you taught me how to love…. Your smile is what I love, Your hairs are what I admire, Your nose is small and cute, You are like an angel, Because you taught me how to love…. It’s a time when cold is at peak, But your dreams give me heat, I love you, Because you taught me how to love…. I will wake up tomorrow too, With a desire to meet you soon, You will always stay in my heart and mind, Because you taught me how to love…. Your innocent face makes me flat, Your adorable beauty makes me flow, When I close my eyes I find you, Because you taught me how to love…. I love you is what you should know, I dream of you is all I know, Your presence makes me alive, Because you taught me how to love…. I hope achi lagi hogi poem. (laughs) Anya sabse pehle to sorry ki aaj mai waha tumhare saath nhi hoon. Seriously dil se bolra hoon. Anya I know movie dekhne ke baad tumhe kai jawab mile honge par Anya mujhe pta hai tum mujhe dhund rhi hogi. Do me a favour. Sabse pehle projector on karo. (I turned on the projector) Anya do you ye kya hai? Hehehe tumhe lag rha hoga mera pagalpanti hai par Anya wo mai hoon. Tumhe pta hai maine kahi suna tha agar khud kahi na hou to apna ek ansh jaroor chodh jana. Mai apni parchayi chodh ke aaya hoon Anya us grey colored design me jo wall pe hai. Anya you know what har pal mai apne aap se puchta tha ki kya mai Anya ko deserve karta hoon. Wo jitna mujhse pyaar karti hai kya mai bhi karta hoon. Par hmesha ye sochna tab band kardeta tha jab bhi tumhare muh se sunta tha that you love me and you will always stay with me. Anya tumhe bhi pta tha tumhare bina mai kitna adhoora hoon. Tumhe pta hai Anya, jis din maine ye film banani start ki thi na, us din socha tha ki tumhare saath, tumhare bagal me baith kar tumhare haath pakad kar ye film hum dono saath me dekhenge par mujhe nhi pta tha Anya ki us khuda ko meri ye khwaish manzoor nhi thi. Meri use bhidti to rehti thi hmesha par mujhe nhi pta tha ki wo mujhe itni buri tarah hara dega. Anya….. Aapki nigahe mujhse baat karti hai, Choti moti ichkale bhari shararate karti hai. Hontho ke lafzo se zyada meethi uski awaaz hai, Mujhme unme khone ke liye betaab karti hai… Haatho ki lakero se judh gya hu mai,, Unki komal adao me kho chla hu mai. Jab jab pakadte ho mera haath aap, Apnepan ka ehsaas ho chlta hai har baar…. Ankhon me aapki ek adaa hai, Masumiyat aur pyaar ki wafa hai, Mujhe dikhati hai wo raahe hazar, Apse milna ek intezar hai bs yahi ek khata hai…. Anya ye intezar ki khata jald he khatam hogi ye chahta tha par shayad meri galtiyo ki saza mujhko mili. Anya tumse door rha jitna ho saka. Tumhare career ke beech na aau uske liye jitna ho sakta tha utna try kiya. Par tumse baat kiye bina kaise reh leta Anya. Tum me to mai basta hoon, and tumhare bina he agar koi jeene ki baat kare to kaise maan leta. Tumhare saath har ek pal bitana chahta hoon, par kaise Anya har pal bas yahi sochta tha. Tumhe pta hai Anya, Dreams of love ko aajse theek ek saal pehle release hona tha. Wo taiyar thi Anya par meri wajah se wo postpone hoti gyi. Wajah btani padegi ab kyunki shayad iske baad mauka bhi nhi milega. Anya aajse theek ek saal pehle January me while I was shooting the film, mai bahot weak sa feel krra tha. Mera migraine ka pain us din kam hone ka naam he nhi lera tha. Jaise taise us din ka shoot over kiya and jaise he I was about to enter the car to go back to home, I fainted. Akshay and Hrithik immediately took me to the hospital. There various tests were conducted. Jab mujhe hosh aaya tab mai ICU me tha. Mai bahot he zyada weak feel kr rha tha. Tab Akshay mere paas aaya and wo bahot sad sa lagra tha. Maine use mere paas baithne ko bola. Jab wo baith gya tab maine usse pucha ki hua kya hai mujhe? Wo chup baitha tha par kuch der ke baad wo khud ke aansuo ko nhi rok paya. Usne mujhe bahot tightly hug karliya. Mujhe samjh nhi aa rha tha ki ho kya gya hai ise. Mujhe lag to gya tha ki kuch bahot galat hai par samjh nhi aara tha exactly kya hai. Jab maine Akshay ko bahot force kiya tab usne mujhe btaya ki jisko aaj tak mai Migraine ka pain samjh ke avoid kar rha tha wo Migraine ka pain nhi tha balki Glioblastomatha. Mujhe to samjh he nhi aaya tha Anya ye hua kya? Hota kya hai? Par phir jab Akshay ne btaya ki Ishant agar simple words me bolu to ye ek type ka cancer hai and Ishant ye itna zyada badh chukka hai ki ab ye non -treatable ho chukka hai. I was shocked Anya. Ek pal me meri puri duniya badal gyi thi. Meri galti kya hai Anya aaj tak samjh nhi aaya. Kiske saath kya galat kiya ye bhi samjh nhi aata. Mujhe kis cheez ki saza mili mai yahi sochta rha. Bahot soch soch ke jo mujhe samjh aaya wo ye tha ki shayad meri galti thi pyaar karna. I don’t mean tumse pyaar karna par meri galti ye thi Anya ki maine hmare pyaar ke samne kisi ka dhyaan nhi diya. Are kisi ka kya yaar maine to unki baat tak nhi maani jinke wajah se mai is duniya me hoon. Anya jab meri mom ne mujhe mana kiya tha na tumse koi bhi contact rakhne se tab shayad wo ek pal tha jab rab mera imtihaan lena chahta tha. Mai usme fail hogya Anya. Socha tha sab ko hara sakta hoon tumhe paane ke liye par us khuda ne bta diya Anya ki mera pyaar kaafi to tha par mera mere parents ko neeche rakhna mere pyaar se wo us khuda ko manzoor nhi. Are khuda ke roop me hame parents milte hai aur maine toh us khuda ka he vishvas todh diya. To maafi kaise milti Anya. Well Anya toh jab mujhe pta chala about my disease Glioblastoma, maine Akshay ko turant bhej kar doctor ko bulaya. Maine doctor se sidhe pucha ki please mujhe sach btaiye ki mere paas kitna time hai. Unke jawab ne mujhe khamosh chodh diya Anya. Unhone bola ki wo kuch nhi keh sakte par itna hai ki mushkil se zyada se zyada ek saal wo bhi tab agar proper medical care ki jaaye becauseGlioblastoma tumors make their own blood supply which makes them able to survive and destroy human mind and mere case me wo already bahot zyada fail chuke hai. I was speechless Anya. Us time movie 80% shoot ho chuki thi but 20% bachi tha. Sach to yahi hai Anya ki mujhe khud ki koi fikar nhi thi yaar mujhe sirf yahi fikar thi ki kaise wo movie complete hogi and tumse kiya hua promise ki mai tumhare se kiya hua promise ki mai tumhare saath zindagi bhar dunga, hmesha tumhare saath rahunga ye kaise tootne se rokta par Anya maine poori koshish ki yaar. Jo mere haath me tha maine wo sab kiya. Bade se bade doctor ke paas gya, best se best medicines li Anya par kismet mera saath chodhti jaa rhi thi. Kharab health ke wajah se shoot bhi nhi ho pa rhe the. Anya mai ye baat tumhe bahot pehle btana chahta tha par kaise btata yaar. Har pal ye baat dara deti thi ki tum kaise react karogi yaar. Tum waha akele thi. Tum kuch galat kadam na utha lo. Anya tumhe pta hai har pal ye darr satata tha ki kahi ye mera aakhri pal na ho. Tumhe pta hai Anya kis tarah se maine ye last ka 20% shoot kiya. Shayad har pal jab bhi darr lagta tha tumhare baare me soch leta tha and ek wajah mil jaati thi ladne ki. Is bimari se ladne ki. Ladte ladte Anya ye shoot to complete hogya par 11 months’ lag gye Anya. Tab tak doctors ne bhi bol diya tha ki ab koi hope nhi bachi hai. If you really want to try and think about any miracle, then mujhe America jaana chahiye. Isliye Anya tumko workshop ka bolke mai nikal gya tha America. Mujhe pta tha Anya ki hopes kuch nhi hai, mai bas ek aisi hope ke saath jeene ki koshish krra tha jis hope me he hope nhi thi. Isliye ye sab plan out karne ke baad mai gya America. America me doctors ne dekhte he bol diya they can do nothing in this case. The brain is 80% damaged. Anya pta hai us pal mai dukhi nhi hua. Bahot der ho chuki thi na Anya dukhi hone ke liye bhi. Maine Akshay ke saath baith ke tab ye saara plan banaya. Anya aaj jab tum ye message sun rhi hogi na tab samjh jana meri death ko 13days ho chuke hai. Aaj tervi hai Anya. Aaj tumhare is movie ko dekhne se and mere London na aane ki wajah janne ke baad I hope tum mujhe maaf kardogi. Iske saath he mujhe mukti mil jayegi Anya. Anya mai aakhri saans tak lada. Sabse lada par khuda ne hara diya. Anya from the past 13 days, mere phone se Akshay tumse chat kar rha tha. All the voice messages maine apni death ke pehle record kr diye the. Thank you Anya premiere pe jaane ke liye. Meri last wish poori karne ke liye. Anya humara pyaar to amar hogya hai. Koi kuch bhi kahe par Ishant and Anya saath hue and saath rahenge. Maybe real life me nhi but reel life me toh haan. Dreams of Love hamare pyaar ko amar rakhegi Anya. Anya mai har pal tumhare saath he hoon. Ab us grey design se he baate kar liya karna. Usme mai he basa hoon. Anya please rona mat jaise theatre me ro rhi thi. Mai shayad har baar hawa banker ye aansu na poch paau. Anya mujhe pta hai mai hmesha tumhara andar zinda rahunga. Anya please ye sab janne ke baad koi galat kadam mat uthana. Tumhe pta hai hum saath na ho paaye to kya hua, hum aaj bhi ek dusre se utna he pyaar karte hai. Is janam me shayd saath itna he tha par waada karta hoon jaldi se ek dusra janam lunga, wapis tumhari life me aaunga, bas pehchan lena. Is baa raise aaunga ki koi hame door na karpaaye, kisi pe koi wajah he na ho.Ha tab tak tum buddhi hogyi hogi par phir bhi mere liye duniya ki sabse khobsurat ladki tum he rahogi. Anya ek aakhri baat. Tab tak jab tak mai wapis nhi aata, tab tak mujhe agar apne saath zinda rakhna hai to yaad karo ek sapna dekha tha humne ek saath, use poora kardo. Anya mere liye meri aankhri saans me bhi bas tumhara he naam tha aur rahega. I really love you a lot Anya. Meri life tum thi, ho aur hmesha rahogi. Zindagi ne mujhe adhoora chodh diya, Tumhare pyaar ke liye hamne zindagi chodh di. Tumse door jaane ka darr tha itna, Ki hamne paas hona he chodh diya…. I will always be yours Anya. Ishant and Anya are immortal. Akshay se mobile le lena and use apne paas rakh lena. Meri yaad aaye to use he gale laga lena,(In Sobbing voice) Bye Anya. Your and only yours, Ishant. (Muuuuuuuuuaaaaahhhhh)” The whole world turned upside down for me. My Ishant was no more alive. I was unable to understand how can he leave me like this. The phone fall down from my hands, and with it I also fainted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It has been three years of Ishant’s death. I don’t know how but I am surviving. Maybe he is keeping an eye on me every second. Today on his birthday, I have completed his wish. The wish which we both saw together. I have adopted a baby boy. I am not married. The boy’s name is Ishant. I am alone but sometimes I feel Ishant’s soul is always around me taking care of me. I will love him till my last breath. I still feel someday Ishant will come back, stand in front of me, will laugh and say Anya I love you, Sorry it was a joke that I am dead. Then I will beat him a lot and then we will spend life together forever. Please Ishant tell me you are alive. Our love was really like a dream but I never wanted this dream to end.
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