Camp Kiwi H.S.

She was a troubled teen sent away by her parents.
He was a counselor at an all girls summer camp.
Falling in love was forbidden . . . but inevitable. Or was it?


2. I. Saying Goodbye is the Most Painful Way of Solving a Problem


One Direction as themselves

Barbara Palvin as Cheyenne "Chey" Bryant

Miley Cyrus as Melody Bryant

Pepi Sonuga as Kiera Jones

Lucy Hale as Brynn Sharpe

Emeraude Toubia as Demi Dargot

Aly Michalka as Ginny Alhurst


Chapter One: -Saying Goodbye is the Most Painful Way of Solving a Problem-


    "Wait, you're telling me that they actually went through with it?"


    I nodded, confirming my best friend's suspicions. Her and my other best friend, Liam, sat perpendicular to me on my living room floor. We were crossed legged, huddled together in a circle as we tried to make the best of our last night together before we have to say goodbye for an entire summer.


    "Ginnifer, it's total crap. They act like I'm Satan, for crying out loud! All I want to do is have a good time and I have to be constantly punished for it," I whine as I reach over to grab more popcorn. We decided to stay in and watch a heart wrenching movie to tear our attention away from our actual sadness. None of us were actually paying attention to the screen though so it just served as ambience.


    Ginny offers a tender hand upon my shoulder as a way of comfort. She speaks softly, "I know, Chey. It's completely unfair. What did your mom say to you again?"


    I shrug, straining my best efforts to remember mother's exact words. "That I'm ruining daddy's image by sneaking into night clubs with his clients all the time and that if I don't step it up in school I won't be able to graduate next year."


    A snort leaves her red lips. "That's a load. I'm sure your dad would be able to pay the school off." She laughs while removing her contact from me to take a giant sip of our bottle of white wine. We were going to end our escapades with class, after all.


    "That's what I said!" I joined in on her hysterics, trying not to choke on the food in my mouth. We had adjusted the lights to their lowest setting, leaving just the faintest hint of dimness so that it wasn't entirely pitch black. I never had a thing for the dark. It's not like I was afraid per-say, but I would much rather be surrounded by the light.


    Liam, who had remained quiet for the length of the night finally chimed in. "Don't you want to be able to graduate honestly, though? You still need the grades to get into a good art school." I tried to take in the sight of how adorable he looked with his dirty blonde hair mussed along his forehead but it was hard to when he was scolding me.


    I place a hesitant hand on his bare shoulder. I loved it when he wore these sleeveless wife beater shirts. It just accentuated how well his toned body mixed with his perfectly tanned skin. "Oh, Liam. I have the grades where it counts, like spatial design, drawing, intro to sketching, English. It's just the math and science departments that could use a little . . . monetary interference," I explained, eliciting another bubbly chuckle out of Ginny. She was definitely drunk already, that lightweight.


    "But still Chey, that's cheating. That's not right." I admired Liam for his nomadic views on my educational future but the advice was unsolicited. I removed my touch from his, faltering awkwardly. I didn't want to be nasty to him, especially since I had been pathetically crushing on him for a while now, but it was in my nature.


    "Don't worry about it. I have it all under control," I snapped, taking a deserved swig out of the wine bottle. I was barely tipsy, I really had built up an unfortunate tolerance over the months.


    Ginny's hysterics are cut short when she pipes up, "Speaking of under control, have you thought of a plan yet?"


    "Plan?" Liam inquires, the look of disdain on his face growing with each passing second. I winced at his expression, did he expect me to stay locked up and watched all summer?


    Ginny turns to him with an answer, "Yeah, her ultimate escape plan. How are we going to bust you out?" She flips her blonde curly locks out of her way with a whirl.


    "I have no idea seeing as how I'm going to be a two hour plane ride away!" I mope, slumping my posture to emphasize my point. I haven't been privy to the horrible confinement yet so there was little I could do to already be scheming for a way out. I'm sure once I'm there for a week and I feel out my surroundings, something brilliant will come to me.


    Ginny pouts out her bottom lip, making a sad face. "You poor thing. Having to go from the city that never sleeps in the beautiful Empire State to a place that's known for it's gophers. How degrading."


    "Wait, what? Gophers?" I gulped while immediately bolting up from my slouch. Wild animals were not something that had even entered my most terrifying thoughts yet. I've been trying to block it out of my subconscious that I'm going to be out in the wilderness. There's bound to be all kinds of scary nature-y things that I'm going to have to get accustomed to. Like bears and bugs and catching fish and even worse, no air conditioning.


    I shuddered; this is going to be harder than I thought. I was a city girl, not a suburban princess.


    "Minnesota is a prairie, they're known for their gophers. There's going to be all kinds of different animals there. See, paying attention in geography has it's perks," Liam remarks harshly with an attempt to insult my intelligence.


    My ego isn't hurt as much as my heart is. What has gotten into him lately?


    A ruthless comeback pops into my brain and before I can stop the words from flowing out, they leave their jarring imprint on Liam. "At least when I do pay attention in class, my mind isn't entirely fixated on Mrs. Elling's mouth around my cock."


    He scrunches his features together tightly, causing his nose to wrinkle up in revulsion. I can tell that I've hit a nerve with that one, he's only ever confessed his deepest secret to me. He had been fooling around with Mrs. Elling for a few months now, splintering my sanity with every shredded detail of their latest sex-capade. Now I've just exposed him to Ginny whose mouth is even bigger than mine and uncovered his most vulnerable indiscretion.


    I'm a great friend.


    I make an effort to memorize every crevice of his wary visage, fearing that this will be the last I'm seeing of him for a very long time.


    In a desperate plea for forgiveness, I whimper, "Liam, I didn't—"


    "You're disgusting, Chey! You know, I'm glad that you're being sent away. Maybe it'll teach you how to be a decent human being and actually knock some sense into your thick head!" His yell erupts, cutting me off and standing up from his spot on the floor. He grabs his things on the table behind the couch hastily and rushes out of the front door all in one quick movement.


    Ginny's subdued tone breaks the silence of the recently chilled air. "Okay, wow. You didn't tell me that Liam's been banging our fourth period teacher." She leans towards me, expecting the gossipy details to just roll off of my tongue.


    I pursed my lips defiantly. There was no way that I was going to hash out all of the dirty details of Liam's 'Mrs. Robinson' debacle. Clearing my throat to push down the sob threatening to unleash itself, I murmured, "That's because I didn't even want to say it out loud. It's . . . " I trailed off, unable to finish my sentence without having an embarrassing voice crack. I can't believe I had outed my best friend like that but I knew that it was coming. I had this pent up hostility towards him, resenting the fact that he would be with some middle aged, married, mid-life crisis type woman before me. And not just any older woman, but our teacher nonetheless.


    Ginny pushed a light brown strand of stray hair out of my line of vision and patted the top of my hair in the most soothing matter. Her light gray-blue eyes held a glimmer of hope for me, that I was going to make it out of this alive.


    "Shh, it's going to be okay. He'll come around, the three of us are inseparable! In the meantime, you still have me, and I'm not going to give up until you're released from that glorified prison." She offered a gentle grin to accompany her empowering mini speech.


    I beamed at her, resting my ear on her shoulder while nuzzling further into her neck. She always knew exactly what to say to make me feel better. A trait that nobody, not even my own parents had acquired over the years. "What would I do without you?"


    "Well, for one, you wouldn't have an endless supply of fabulous liquor!" She squealed, commencing another outrageous cacophony of giggles from the both of us. I sat up and arched my neck back, enjoying what could possibly be the last moment of a shared laugh with my best friend for a long time.


    "No, she most certainly would not."


    I whipped around in order to place a face to the owner of the icy begrudging tone that interrupted our fun.


    It was none other than my mother.



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