Underneath / H.S / AU

"I'm broken and all of the pieces of me are scattered. I think you're the only one who can find them and put them back together. And I can do the same for you."

I could see the pain I was causing her but I couldn't help it. If it escalates farther I know that I will ruin her like I do everything else.
If only she could see the tortured man who was terrified of losing her buried underneath the hardened exterior.
Maybe then she would love me.


6. //s i x //



One Direction as themselves

Cara Delevingne as Noelle Wynters

Madelaine Petsch as Aubrey Bordeaux 

Dylan Sprayberry as Jaxon Wynters

Lilly Collins as Camilla "Millie" Hinton


            I lay motionless after what was now the fourth time I’ve had sex with Harry Styles and I have yet to plan my getaway. I can’t believe I’m even still in his house and that I made a conscious decision to let him sleep with me. I turn my head towards him and steal a look at his seraphic face. Two beauty marks parallel to one another rest on the side of his cheek near the edge of his earlobe. His chocolate waves splayed across the silk pillowcase and as I took in his side profile, I could see why he keeps landing the lead in all of these films. I won’t admit this to anybody, but after our encounter at the campus, I couldn’t help but google him.


            He had begun acting at age ten, landing a supporting role in a teenage version of Titanic entitled Titanic: the Revival. The film, in my opinion was a complete doozy. There’s no way that anybody could ever remake the original or even attempt to give it a sequel or anything else of the sort. This acted as a prequel, telling the tale of the separate lives of Jack and Rose while they were children and eventually, adolescents. Harry had portrayed young Jack and after that, the roles just kept on coming in for him.


            He was absolutely loaded.


            “If you’re going to continue staring, you might as well just take a picture. It’s true what they say you know. That thing about how they last longer,” his tone is teasing but still carries the dark sarcasm.


            I take the pillow behind my head and smack him in the face with it. He opens his mouth in shock and before I can do it again, he engulfs my wrist with his large hand to stop me. “What were you really doing on my campus yesterday?” The question comes out before I can even stop myself from asking.


            He shrugs. “This new film, I wanted to check out the location before I agreed to do it.”


            I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “Why?”


            A smirk automatically forms upon his lips. “Because it’s being entirely shot in one place.”


             “St. George's?” My voice comes out shaky as he nods once. “You didn't accept though, right?”


            Before he answers, he jolts out from under the covers and shakes his hair out. He bends down to retrieve his boxers off of the floor and pulls them up quickly. They’re so tight that when he turns around to face me, my attention lands on his bulge. He’s such a vain prick but I can’t seem to peel my gaze from him and his perfectly crafted abs. Why are the assholes always the most attractive?


            “Of course I did.”


            He turns to the closet and reaches up on the shelf to get a towel. Just as I think he’s going to interrogate me next as to what I was doing at St. George's, he says instead, “The paparazzi are on their lunch break. As lovely as this little sex-a-thon has been, I think it’s time for you to go.”


            He throws the towel over his shoulder and I copy his actions from earlier and emerge from the bed. I debate on making a comment about his rudeness but decide against it as I fumble with my clothing.


            Once I have all of my things, I make a show of strutting to the door and get one last look at him. I say from over my shoulder, “Gladly.”

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