Camp of Legend Part 6

A year has passed since the campers arrived at Camp Crystal Lake. When Lisa Graham and her friends arrive there for the summer, they come meet Jason Voorhees who still wants revenge.


1. The Crystal Lake Diner




Lisa Graham stared at the old Diner. The words: Crystal Lake​ wasn't on her mind. "I heard that the camp's cursed", Billy Kane said. He was looking out of the passenger-side door of the blue 2008 van. As they headed outside, an old man in his sixties smiled at them. "Camp Crystal Lake is cursed". He didn't smile, as he opened the front door, Lisa didn't want to be scared. By ten o'clock in the early morning, she felt the hot summer sun beat down on her face. 


Inside Lisa focused on the group of diners who were eating their breakfast. They saw the couple in their late teens gaze at them. "Excuse me. How long is it to Camp Crystal Lake?", Lisa asked them. A middle-aged waitress in her mid-forties shook her head. "About four miles. Are you two going there?". Lisa nodded, as by an answer.

"We're the new camp counsellors", Billy said.

"Not many people go there because of Jason Voorhees". 

"Isn't he dead?", Lisa enquired. 

"No. He can't die. He always comes back from the dead. I'm Martha". 

"Lisa. This is my boyfriend Billy. Can we have some coffee?". 

"Sure", Martha stated.

And Lisa smiled.


Harry Zach Ives, Jr., drank a bottle of whisky. He walked towards the ancient cemetery. Written in stone were the words: ​PAMELA SUE VOORHEES. JUNE 13, 1930-JUNE 13, 1979. AGED: 49​. He drank fast. Then, as a hot wind blew in his face, he started to shiver. Suddenly he heard the sound of heavy footsteps. He glanced to his right; he screamed as he saw Jason Voorhees. 

And the nightmare of Friday the 13th caused him to know one thing was certain.

That the camp of legend had claimed more victims.


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