Sinner of Sins

A free verse poem about a woman who has no soul and therefore she consumes others up until the point of setting on a lonely and isolated throne, her kingdom is a hollow one, practically non-existent. She expresses her frustration through her tale, sometimes the meaning of horror lives inside of us and begs for substance.


1. Sinner of Sins

The Sinner of Sins, the Mourner of Man,

Devourer of the Sinful and Decrepit,

On the soul, I feed with talons clawing deep,

Feared by all whose soul and flesh is weak,

For none will take the vow to stand,

All bow down low, ready for show,

The harrowing turn of a lost soul,

Did I even deserve to die?

Why did they all even try?

For the shadows haunt me down the hall,

A creature from the other side, it's been walking by my side, all this time,

I'll save my last dance for me,

All who carry the mark,

Damned and left crucified to the ark,

Am I dead or just asleep?

Did I dive into the deep?

Maybe I'm just lost and found,

Wandering lost in forgotten plains of doom,

I lay down and allow the dark slithering in me to bloom,

Born unto this waking world I weep from bleeding eyes,

Seeing through the veil,

Denying the death that haunts my steps,

It is vengeance that'll be mine,

It's burning but won't kill!

Tonight I will prevail!

The Day had run dry and so the blood ran,

Through and through this Endless Night,

Dethroning the Gods of Old,

Proclaim the Abyss, assume control,

Sinner from the start,

You and I are not so far apart,

None are safe, none shall leave this show alive,

For the dark wishes not of weak, those who bend the knee so quick,

Decay is the only answer for man will always seek blood,

This land is stricken with the murdering sick,

So it is I who will be the one to abide,

I've lost myself,

My spine distorts,

The face you've known morphs,

To today I say farewell to sanity and all sin,

Tomorrow's sundown be my only respite,

Unearth the spirit of laws and slay that monster,

Face it, kill it,

And I'll be free!

Hunted through the dark like the animal I am,

Freedom means nothing, a throne means nothing,

When you've slaughtered all subjects,

Lost and lonely souls,

Without the Gods of Old,

You and your kin are sold,

Left in despair,

Begging in the cold for one to care,

A rusting sword split open throats and cuts the bloodied hair,

You can't escape your destiny,

Grab it by the horns and embrace the end of days!

I've left you all here to slowly succumb and cry,

I will end this hell tonight.





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