Ciel Phantomhive x Reader

See I told you I'd write smut >:3


1. a beautiful moment

You're Bio, You're a 13-year-old girl that has a body of a fox, a humanoid per say(I don't like to say furry) that worked at the Phantomhive manor (THERES SMUT!!!)

"[NAME]!!!!" Said your master

"Yes Master?" You say as you walk into his room in the dark (it's nighttime) "I...I had a nightmare" said Ciel "I want you in here with me.." You? Of all people, 'I can't understand this..why doesn't he just ask Sebastian?' You thought as you slowly got into the bed, you wrapped your fox tail around his waist "[n-name]" said your master as he wrapped his arms around you.

MWAHAHAHAAH CLIFFHANGER!!! It's gonna take FOREVER to finish this story but eh....whatever oh and Ciel here is gonna tell us something :Ciel:ugh...Frost doesn't own Kuroshitsuji or it's characters all rights are to Yana...Tosabo was it? I don't care..JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS CAT SUIT!! Me:NOPE!! *lets Sebastian hug Ciel*

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