My Bitter Heart

A love so great and lover so obsessed has taken the other's life in this twisted tale of murder.


1. My Bitter Heart

I loved you once,
I loved you twice,
And I'll love you through this sorrowful night,
When we meet again, I'll give my wings for your flight,

If I had my life to spare I'd only die once again,
Through this void, I carry grief unlike any other,
Though who can say if I can take the pain?
To ride along towards unreachable victory,

I've borrowed your soul for it was mine to kill,
I've exhausted your will,
And I'll feed until I've had my fill,
When we meet again, I'll have you as my bitter pill,

It was selfish to say that I'm your one salvation,
Forevermore we dance in this perpetual cycle,
Is there any way to cure this hunger?
Burrowing under the hidden lights I crouch,

I'll keep our secrets to death,
I'll hold down till your last breath,
And I'll cherish the dagger in your breast,
When we meet again, I'll recite my vows at your behest.

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