The Blackened, Decaying Rose

A tale about a lover who lost their love due to the accusation of witchcraft. They have no other to blame than their self but there was also something sinister about their love.


1. The Blackened, Decaying Rose

I know you'd put me through hell, put my life in jeopardy!


It was my life I gave to thee,

A futile sacrifice that was too sweet,

And now I lay down the blackened, decaying rose,

Should I have left you dying?

Too snark and prideful to hold, I suppose,


My blood now is slower than ever as it runs cold,

The mourners had naught to say or so I was told,

Forgotten is the moment of your agony,

Should I be crying?

It was but the red-robed cardinal who granted my soul eternal amnesty,


No words left unspoken,

The silence we shared in darkness has been split and now shares your frozen grave unbroken!


I did not chase the rains of pure gold!

I was born unto sin,

We were feasting on the wretched old!


Left to spoil the wet soil, we were meant to burn!

Chained to the pain, now it's your turn!

I've left that damned rose to finally put you out of my mind,

Should I have never kept trying?

Now when I finally die will I fly towards the shining, midnight sky and from this world unkind,


Our sin too great for man and his twisted dreams,

If you need a name to claim, then hunt for me by all means.

Take me now to the crimson, glowing ark,

I'm sorry I kept on lying!

This lonely land alone will soothe this soul until it's stark,


You tried to make me your wife in this life,

But all you got was a trail and the hidden knife,


Blinded and bound,

Our love was a sin,

Take now your heart and wear it as a crown,


Now I've lost all the games!

I bear no lovely name!

Hiding in the dark,

Until I learn my part!


I held you down until you couldn't breathe,

Now it's the mercy above that I must believe!


I will keep our sins secret, I will keep your burning memory.

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