The Eden project

Rhea wakes up in the back of a moving van with a mysterious boy called Eden and neither of them can remember how they got there or where they're going.

When they are thrown into a twisted project run by a underground gang they will be pushed to their limits. Their lives are at stake at every moment.
What will happen when they begin to plot their great escape? And will they sacrifice others to save themselves?


3. day 1

A key sliding into the cell door awakens me from the 20 minutes of troubled sleep I managed to grasp.

Eden is quick to his feet and I follow his lead, pulling my tired body up slowly.

A man -around the age of 30 - enters the room, in his hand are two handcuffs.

"Orion wants to start teaching you straight away" he explains as he steps closer to us cautiously.

Our hands aren't tied, and I feel that Eden may try to fight him; I think the man senses that too because he watches Eden very carefully.

"What do you mean teaching?" Eden says as he takes a step back.

The man with the handcuffs stands still and looks at me briefly.

"You'll find out. Now hold out your hands."

My curious eyes wander to the open door, where a larger, older man stands firmly.

Eden shakes his head, taking a further step back. "I'm not going anywhere with you" he says as his jaw clenches.

The second man steps into the room and moves quickly to Eden, who sharply throws a punch to the man's jaw. A scowl crawls onto the large mans face.

I suddenly speak up "Eden just do what he said."

All three pairs of eyes turn to me as I stand with my wrists facing upwards.

The first man steps over to me before sliding the handcuffs into place.

He then turns back to Eden.

"See, the girl knows what to do" he smiles.

Once Eden has been cuffed, they lead us out into a large room that I hadn't seen yesterday. It's concrete walls and ceiling are bare and 3 targets have been placed on the far wall, each peppered with bullet holes.

"Rigel will teach you how to shoot" the man who had been addressed as 'Archer' yesterday explains.

I turn to watch the man with the shaved head in the centre of the room, who spins a pistol in his right hand.

"Why are you teaching us how to shoot?" I ask as I look from person to person.

Rigel approaches me and looks me in the eye sternly.

He speaks surprisingly softly -

"You ask a lot of questions."

Archer pulls out two chairs and Orion watches us from the doorway as if he is assessing our every move. How the hell did I end up here.

"This is a 9mm pistol and this is what you will be using" Rigel speaks as he holds up the gun.

Why are we using guns?

"See this button here" he says as he steps closer, his finger placed on a part near the trigger. I nod.

"Press this to eject the magazine."

As he does so, the bottom part of the gun falls down, allowing him to place 3 gold coloured bullets in the top.

"Always place the bullet with the round side facing the front of the gun" he says, demonstrating as he speaks.

He then shows us how to reinsert the magazine and pull back the slide.

"Right now tell me what you do" he says as he turns to lean against the wall. I turn to look at Eden, who sits slumped beside me, his face emotionless and his eyes on the floor.

I can feel Rigel's eyes burning through my skin as I turn back to look at him.

I guess I'm going to have to speak first.

"You click the button to release the magazine.."

he nods. "Then you load the gun with the bullets facing forwards.."

Rigel does everything I say with the gun, his being hands placing more bullets in.

"..Reinsert the magazine to lock it in place and then pull back the slide."

Orion smiles. "You're a fast learner."

After going over that a few times we are each handed an empty gun. The cold metal is a lot heavier than I anticipated and it is uncomfortable to grasp whilst wearing handcuffs.

Rigel makes us go over the steps again; and again, and again.

I'm so hungry and terribly thirsty, the last thing I ate was a packet of crisps yesterday afternoon when I was at home.

Home. It seems so far away in this moment. I mustn't get used to the four walls of the cell. I cant. No matter how long I'm here.

"Lets see if she's got good aim" Orion suddenly says. Rigel stands up straight and looks at me briefly before facing Orion again.

After a nod is passed between Archer and Orion, the handcuffs are removed from my wrists. Eden looks at me attentively as I stand to my feet; free if any cuffs or chains.

"Listen here" Rigel says, his rough fingers snaking around my bicep.

"Don't try anything with us."

I circle my eyes around the room, counting the guns in people's possession and gulp hard.

Rigel releases me from his grip before pointing at a spot on the floor with his own gun.

I stand with my legs shoulder width apart and my stomach rumbles angrily.

The men take no notice.

Eden watches as Rigel takes the empty pistol from my hands and quickly places a single bullet in its chamber.

His hands place the gun in mine but guide my aim.

"Stand up straight" he says as he pushes his hand into my lower spine. My breathes are slow and shaky but my heart is pounding. It's rate increases as I feel Rigel push up against me, his chest against my back and his breath hitting the back of my ear.

As I pull back the slide I feel his hands slither to my waist, causing my arms to violently shake as I extend them forward.

"Aim...and shoot" Rigel smirks as he pulls my hair behind my shoulders slowly.

My eyes meet with Eden's for a moment and everything seems to stop.

Anger, sadness, fear and strength are reflected in his eyes and lips are parted slightly.

"What's taking you so long!?" Rigel says, suddenly nudging me causing my finger to swipe across the trigger.

I whimper pathetically between hollow breathes as his hands wander over me.

"I..I can barely see the target" I murmur, my bad eyesight causing the target to look blurred. Rigel grunts angrily.

"Just fucking shoot!"

Before I can blink my hand presses the trigger backwards, sending a bullet flying to the far wall with a sharp sound.

My hands jolt back due to the kick of the gun and I realise my eyes are closed.

No words are spoken. My eyes open and search for a fresh bullet hole, finding one on the bottom right corner of the target.

"Not bad" Orion says as he takes a step forward and leans against the wall.

The bullets journey closer to the centre of the target as I have a few more practices. Orion seems mildly impressed.

"Hand it to the boy" he orders.

I turn to loon at Eden, who seems very unpredictable, sitting there like a grenade, about to explode at any moment.

Thankfully, Eden doesn't try and shoot one of the men. Instead he fires a good shot into the target each try.

I sit with my cuffed hands between my knees as I watch him in detail.

His arm muscles twist under his t shirt each time he presses the trigger and his eyes never stray from the target.

Archer's eyes drift to me when my stomach begins to rumble louder, my body aching for food and water.

I turn to him, feeling surprisingly confident in myself as I ask when we will be given any food or water.

Archer offers no answer, but instead turns to Orion who looks at me.

Please don't be mad that I asked.

"Castor" he speaks, a young man with a neck tattoo turning to him after he says so.  "Do you think they deserve food or water yet?"

Well I guess that means I shouldn't have asked.

"Not yet, make them work for it" he smirks sadistically.

Orion lowers himself in front of me as I sit in the chair.

"You may be a good shooter, but you need to learn to keep that pretty little mouth of yours shut.." he says in an over exaggerated soft tone before clenching his jaw.

Eden's shoulders drop and raise noticeably as he breathes heavily through his nose.

Orion stands back up; "Put them back in the cell."


"How the hell are we getting out of here?" I say gloomily as I sit on my worn mattress.

"I don't know okay?! I don't know" Eden snaps, his arms flexing and his jaw clenching.

My eyes quickly avert themselves to the floor and I swallow slowly. I really need to stop asking questions. I'm gonna get us both killed.

"Look I'm sorry" Eden says in a much softer tone as I sense him looking at me. I don't look back at him.

"I'm sorry I shouted at you."

We sit in silence for a while, his eyes still on me as I fiddle with my shoelaces.

"You never told me your name" he says quietly as he places himself down beside me on the mattress.

I reply quietly. "You never asked."

His eyes watch my fingers that dance between my laces.

"I'm asking now" he says.

"My names Rhea."

I look at him, his face still bloodstained and his hair still messy.

He nods. And I look back at my shoes briefly.

"You should get some sleep" he suggests. I know he's right.

"So should you"

His lip curls at the edge creating in almost-smile.

"You go to sleep first and I'll stay awake "

I look to him. "Eden we can both go to sleep, we'll wake up if they open the door". He doesn't say anything.

"You need rest too" I add.

He shakes his head and stands up before making his way back to his bed.

I have gathered that he can be very stubborn, and so I decide to say no more.

My head meets the bare mattress material as I lie down on my side.

After a while of lying there in silence, I finally fall under.


I wake up to see Eden asleep, lying chest down, his broad shoulders rising and falling rhythmically.

Despite the lack of liquids I have recently consumed i feel the need to go to the toilet, and so I take this opportunity to do so.

My feet tiptoe across the room carefully and I wince as the chain begins to scrape along the floor.

I curl my hands around it and lift it slowly, making sure I don't wake Eden.

Once I have reached the dirty, broken looking toilet I place the chain back on the floor; my eyes stay plastered on Eden the whole time.

I unzip my jeans as fast as possible and hesitate when I begin to lower myself down. Great, I forgot it had no lid.

After successfully going to the toilet I creep back to my bed and sit down.

A few minutes pass before Eden awakens with a groan.

"How long were we asleep?" He asks as he stretches his arms.

"A few hours I think, maybe like 3 or 4" I answer. He replies with a tired nod as he rubs his eyes.

My stomach continues to rumble and we begin to make conversation about how hungry we are.

"I really just want some pizza right now" I groan as I fall back on the bed.

"Ugh same, with dough balls and a coke" he agrees.

"Oh god yeah, that sounds so good."

To our joy, a bowl of rice and two slices of bread are passed through the door around 7pm.

We sit on Eden's mattress and chew at the thick bread ravenously like starved animals. It doesn't take long before we are both scooping rice into our mouths.

"Here" Eden says as he eats the stray bits of rice off of his fingers, handing me the bowl.

"You can have the rest."

I look at him and he looks back.

"Hey no, its to share"

He shrugs his shoulders.

"You are hungrier than me."

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